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  1. Ghost8565

    S1 KOS Vybor - 8/11/2016

    The reason i logged out 7 minutes after was that my dad was asking me to go watch the election and was getting angry i went as far as i could push it be he actualy threatended to ubplug my computor
  2. Ghost8565

    S1 KOS Vybor - 8/11/2016

    Me and my Friend Greg Larsky followed a man into a two story yellow house. The guy went upstairs and we decided that we were gonna rob him. I walked into the room and he was standing still so we waited like eight seconds and i pulse checked to make sure that he hadn't logged. Which i know isn't allowed but i had forgotten then he moved and i used the OOC typing to apologize. I then initiated and said put your hands on your head. he didn't respond and took out his AK. I didn't shoot him imidiatly but then he put a mag in and i shot him once in the head.
  3. Shawn Murray POV: We were driving in our offroad heading up through Pustoshka, it was Me, MichealScofield, Greg Larsky, and Lincoln Everett, who at the time was asleep in the car. We stopped at the bus/train station station under Vavilovo to look for a tire iron and some more car parts. I was in the consruction site when my friends said they saw someone they one up Lincoln and i move up from the west and hid behind some buses to provide back up if needed. After a second when my friends had the guys hands up i moved in behind with some rope and tied him up for our safety and so he wouldn't getaway without being released. After i tied him i went onto the roof with Lincoln while Micheal and Greg started doing there "thing". Me and Lincoln watched for a bit then heard shot i first saw Greg fall over with brains on the pavement then i saw Micheal go done with a gush of blood from the arm. I heard the hostage yell "OH WHAT THE FUCK" but i didn't sound realistic so i knew it was his friend who shot. I wanted to help them but i had to identify where shots came from first. I started looking around for the origin of the shots but then i saw the guy we were robbing on the ground trying to squirm free. When he broke free he started looking for my friends gun so i put him down for what he did to Greg. I the looked at the construction building and saw the shooter. I took a couple of shots but missed i told Lincoln where he was and he fired also. Lincoln got hit in the arm but he also hit the shooter too, i saw the shooter fall over. so i went to check out the body to make sure i finished the job. But he was dead from a shot to the arm and a bullet to the head.