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  1. As someone who recently started running again, I get the pain. I used to be pretty good, clocking about 15km a week. So I took out my running shoes, went outside and almost instantly my lungs and legs started screaming bloody murder. So far for that, huh? Well, Glad to say there's already been progress as I'm back on 6km runs after three weeks. Most of that progress I have to thank "Zombies, Run," a semi-interactive podcast, for. I've found that if you run long distances and listen to music, you start counting in songs (only three songs 'till I'm home, etc...) and it becomes really tedious. So I tried out the app and really got into the story they presented. So hey, maybe this will get you into not passing out while jogging as well! https://zombiesrungame.com/ PS: The passing out, if true, seems to be because you ran on an empty stomach. Never run on an empty stomach.
  2. He lies. He did in fact bite. Welcome, Fern! Hope you'll have a great time in the community!
  3. Well, Day two on this zombie-infested place. And I have to say day one was pretty successful! Irvin needed to meet up with his traveling companion, Markus, in Polana. Though he might have gotten turned around a bit, even though you'd never hear him admit he was lost. It was all just part of the plan. On his road to Stary Sobor, Markus contacted him and let him know that angry clowns were on a robbing spree in said city. So naturally, Irvin tried his best to avoid the place. He went away from the beaten path and tried to follow one of the many dirt roads. That's where he met Simba, the friendliest plant on earth. You know what they say: you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Well, Simba's ghillie-covered gun pointed at Irvin's back left quite the impression on him. Thank goodness Simba was friendly and even decided to eventually guide Irvin to Polana. After meeting up with doctor Markus and saying his goodbyes to Simba, Irvin and the doc took of to fix an old car they spotted. After a couple painstaking hours of both searching and hauling three wheels back to the car. They finally got the scrap-bucket ready to roll... But they didn't account for Markus' driving skills. He shifted to the wrong gear, drove backwards and got the car stuck. Lovely day, lovely work, no progress whatsoever. Never trust Markus' driving skills. Ever.
  4. Thanks for reaching out, Attela! I'll send you the full story on how we got our rugged band together somewhere tomorrow, along with some experiences we had with integrating newer players. I've found that the main issue with a lot of people is to get over the stereotype that D&D brings along with it. At any rate, expect a message from me soon™!
  5. Irvin's looking for his partner who he got separated with during the outbreak. And while chances are high she didn't make it, he's clinging on to the last piece of hope until he either finds her or finds out what happened to her. But since he doesn't really have a clue where to start, he just roams from town to town on the off chance that he might find something and get one step closer. Hoping to meet you in game too!
  6. Yeah. Only here you won't have a battle tartare to cheat and still lose.
  7. Not this guy... Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone! Can't say I'd have expected anything less.
  8. [video=youtube] A little music to make the introduction that much more enjoyable. Hey there! The name's Kysilar. Only just submitted my whitelist, so I said "what the heck, let's go say hi to the people of this community." So... Hi! I've been writing for as long as I remember. And while I didn't pump out any masterpieces, it did help strengthen my Roleplay when I started about 3 years ago. My main experiences are from D&D 3.5, which is still my favourite tabletop RPG to this day. So if there are any 3.5 enthusiasts here, UNITE... I guess? Still a big jay! I'll be playing as Irvin Murray, a more nomadic type of character. One who has a singular goal, only he doesn't know where to complete it. So he'll be out and about, looking for clues and companions to spend his meals with. It'll hopefully take me around the place, help me get the hang of the map and meet some of you folks! (Please don't eat me, I really don't taste that well.) Anything else about me? Well, I'm a part of team Yellow in Pokémon GO. So beware Blues and Reds, 'cause I want to be the very best. That's about it! Feel free ask more if you're really that curious. Hope to see you all in game soon!