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  1. Chris is a bank robber not the best but not the worst but he knows how to launder money. So his not illegal job is is an angel investor, so he invests in small businesses and launders his money that way. He first came to Chernarus as the outbreak was starting up and UN was sent. The reason Chris came was he saw that funding for the UN was moving through the banks so he planned the heist, but once he was there things had gotten so bad he couldn't rob a bank but he had to survive. Since then he's been trying to find a way out of the place but no luck so far.
  2. PitifulPuitn

    S2: Invalid initiation/Attempted RDM in Kabanino - 27/08/2016 23:20

    I honestly thought that the black bandanna was a group thing that's my bad but the group who had robbed us the day before said they were made up of a few groups(some with clown masks some with red bandannas and some with black bandannas) so we thought it was group thing didn't know it wasn't thanks for informing me that so that was why I thought I knew who you were that's my bad, now James I guess misunderstood me when I said that you were wearing clothes of the people from the day before so that was a mix up there it was only the black bandanna also there was a girl at the robbery the day before and I assumed that was you might have been might not have been doesn't matter that was another mistake on my behalf however I did try to talk to you James didn't do much talking but he did say hello I did the rest of the talking but we tried a normal conversation then I gave demands and gave you 10 seconds to answer me or I'll tie you up, and as we all know I got no answer but what James did by poisoning you was completely not allowed I know that but I guess he forgot that rule so I am truly sorry about that. (I do not have any video nor does James sadly both are computers can't handle video and to play dayz but i would still like to see 2 minutes sooner in fallingfriendly's video because it starts just after I restrained her so it's not showing if I did talk or not.)
  3. PitifulPuitn

    S2: Invalid initiation/Attempted RDM in Kabanino - 27/08/2016 23:20

    you were wearing the black bandanna that your group wears so we didn't know for sure if you were there the day before but we knew you were part of that group so we wanted revenge and that's why we planned to kill you but since you were afk I decided not to kill you and just take your stuff. What James did i had no clue about and also the video I notice that it starts after i have just handcuffed you so it skips the where we could have even talked and tried to get a reply regardless of if we did or not so I don't find it to be of any help with this situation.
  4. PitifulPuitn

    S2: Invalid initiation/Attempted RDM in Kabanino - 27/08/2016 23:20

    So it started when I was picking apples and James tells me that some girl is standing in the field not doing anything so i come to see and I say that girl is part of the group who had harmed us the day before. So at that point we had planned to rob her so we went to talk to her and she wouldn't answer so i started yelling and still no answer so i yelled for her to get on the ground with her hands above her head and still no answer so James told me we should just kill her and take her stuff and i said that's to mean lets just rob her and leave her alive. So i tied her up with metal wire and we took stuff (I had no idea James poisoned her) but then once i was done i was going to let her free so i took out the knife to let her free but i didn't know you can't cut metal wire but then as we left that's when she came back and me not knowing James had poisoned her I just ran and he came with me.
  5. The survivor Chris Thomas has seen some horrible things but haven't we all. However he was just a 19 year old boy who backpacked across Canada and when he made to the east coast he heard about the infection and how bad it was. By this time it had made way in the United States and him and his new friends Gervaise and Randy knew that the infection would soon be in Canada. So Randy being rich had a yacht and all 3 got on and set sail for the UK. Once they had made it to the UK it was overrun so the group spend the next month killing zombies and surviving till they had gotten their yacht refueled. Now that it was refueled they set sail for Chernarus. Now that they could see land they were about to get closer when a group of 6 on a smaller boat had pulled and got on the yacht. Chris and his group tried the reason with them and they ended out shooting Gervaise in the leg and throwing the 3 on a life raft and sending them out. As they drifted towards shore Gervaise died of blood loss and the raft wasn't getting closer to land. So Randy and Chris made the choice to swim to land, but when Chris made it to land he found that Randy was gone. Now Chris wonders on land hoping he's in Chernarus and hoping Randy made it to shore.