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    Winston Clark ; Winston was a photographer,who was sent to Chernogorsk by his agency,Right after the infection was noticed.Winstons job was to take photographs of infected people,And share it with the entire world to show them how dangerous it was.The first day he arrived to Chernogorsk was quiet silent.He only saw a few infected people who were already in quarantine.Officers wouldnt let him take photos at this point,He had to try his chance outside.On the second day,he packed his bag and he was ready to go to the northern side of Chernogorsk,where it believed there were more infected people.He was scared,but he was only thinking about the money he would earn for few good shots.Unfortunately there were no vehicles for him to use,So he had to walk.The trip was dangerous,He reached Rogovo at the end of the day,What he saw there was unbelivable.Dead bodies were everywhere,And infected people were all around.At this point,he realized that he made a huge mistake by going up North.He started running back to Cherno,but he was exhausted and thirsty.He was left in the middle of the danger,all alone. And this is how Winstons adventure began.