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  1. Hey all, im looking for some sweetfx presets for DayZ Standalone. All types from colourful to dark would be appreciated. maybe we could drop the Config files below
  2. Thanks a lot ill be sure to do that
  3. Oh alright, Ill bear that in mind, i was hoping to just add the additional media from my adventures surrounding this post to this ... post....
  4. Politics my friend Politics, it seems like all the warring groups passed by my and told me who they were etc, so I just spread it around. Along with the fact that people enjoy my tales as well.
  5. Well today, i decided to sit down in between Stary and Kab, and just trade some things and tell stories, it got to the point where i got to watch 3 firefights, be involved with the groups on all sides, make new friends, and even started a little trading post I think I'll do for some time now. To anyone who showed up today, thanks for being so awesome and recognizing that the Yellow man is always ready to help and tell of what hes heard! It was great seeing some people take a break from their groups to come sit by my fire and have a chat with me, or those people who would come up and donate some water or food to my cause. Thanks everyone for a great day [attachment=3221] Pardon my 4:3 and the crappy picture quality, heres the Steam Community link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=726723837 Tomorrow I plan to record my adventures on the road, I'm actually very excited
  6. I believe a good mix of military and civilian clothes is awesome for that insurgent look! I prefer a black tracksuit jacket and Gorka pants or the respective opposites