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  1. Mandatory Character Benching on Death

    Yours' unique, don't worry. Still, one of my points was I don't agree with people incorporating the respawn mechanic into their playstyle because they do lots of fighting. If they're getting killed in-game, then they shouldn't be able to fight so much. I agree it should've been in from the beginning though Hey Smithy, that exact suggestion was brought up by hebi further up this page Take a look.
  2. The Deal With It Attitude

    Off-topic for the original post but this has come up proceeding it. I'll save myself typing up an entire post because I'm on mobile: •Admins are the most trusted members of the community, appointed by the owner himsef. •Admins have certain responsibilities and privileges that come with their rank. •R4 is there to be used by admins under admin discretion. •Admins have earned the right to use this ability at their discretion. Been an admin(not here), am an admin (also not here), got the experience, seen and dealt with these situations before. The people who say "it could've been done differently" have a point, but @Rolle's judgement on the matter was final and a discussion is gonna be held anyway, so people have been heard and if your point is right, you will be told so and things will be done differently in the future.
  3. Mandatory Character Benching on Death

    Ah right, I haven't seen that thread before so thanks for that. Giving players options is one thing but I'd prefer if everyone had the 3-death casual option you suggested, since my whole gripe is there being no consistent consequence for death. I don't see why anyone would pick one death over three when they could commit to that sort've masochism themselves by not playing that character, with the added option of eventually coming back to it if they wanted to. I do prefer a permadeath system but I'm against it because I find benching a better net-all solution, because: Note: When I say it would bring the RP benefits permadeath does, it was in the vein of the pain and anger you'd feel about a close friend of yours coming this close to dying being similar to them actually dying, especially in-game in the moment where there's no distinguishing permadeath from grevious injury until the person respawns and is seen again. Grief of what had and grief of what could've been, you understand. If we can find something that will make dying meaningful and either: A) Encourage variety in Roleplay B) Please the community then we'll have something good.
  4. Teamspeak and Discord

    It's insane to me that people have had so many problems with Discord. I've used it for a while now as a Skype replacement and I've only ever had problems when my internet screws up and Discord has its "caught off guard" moments while trying to reestablish connections again. Other than technical difficulties though, I see people preferring TS over Discord and some preferring Discord over TS and I've realised it's probably just whatever people are used to. I don't like TS that much, I find it kinda finicky, but I don't use it that much either, whereas I do use Discord. Most likely scenario is people liking whatever they started using first or happened to prefer if they started using both around the same time. For that reason, if nothing changes about TS to make it stupid or nothing changes about Discord to make it God-tier, go with majority preference.
  5. Not enough crazy sadistic people.

    I'll throw in before heading out for the evening because I seem to love talking about this topic. Few points to be made: There was an excessive amount of HostileRP happening in months prior which stunted other's RP, causing them to hide, hence began the dislike for HostileRP everyone talks about. There was an excessive amount of PVP happening in months prior which stunted other's RP, hence the dislike for HostileRP everyone talks about. The quality of the RP tended to be bad from some people's perspective, further turning them against HostileRP. Some (private) events were in remote locations were interrupted by HostileRP/PVP, further turning people against HostileRP. Then: A lull happened, the people stopped being hostile, there were no major Hostile/PVP groups. Other groups rised up and flourished because of this. Suddenly, some dynamics appeared, like the cult, and some of the newly risen groups turned hostile. This then affected the groups that hadn't turned hostile/attempted to create settlements, who were ran out of town and now hide again. Now: Some people forget that their actionshelped cause the points you read above^. Anarchy is now around, having an effect. Some like them, some don't for the reasons above. Other independent HostileRPers have sprung up, like Mademoiselle with Diadora. She's had mostly positive feedback so far. Analysis: A rough patch came through where the amount of bad HostileRP and outright PVP was deteriorating the health of the server, which Rolle has commented on: Note: the last quote comments on the state of the server during the lull vs. how the server was two years ago, as the PVP-centric groups had archived recently. We hit a lull and things calmed down, settlements and such picked up. And now there's more hostility, which has already affected two recent settlements, the Valentine's pub and Severograd, and while I don't know about Severo other than that it is being manned and that propaganda broadcast has been spread, I do know that San Valentino are currently in no position to be doing anything as their constant under threat of attack. The funny thing is, though, is that San Valentino are under threat by other groups and (currently) dyanmics, which is causing a major problem for them, and they're under attack by Mademoiselle's Diadora, which has been great for roleplay. You see, because with Diadora, twisted and sadistic roleplay that has a massive effect of the morale of in-game characters isn't necessarily affecting their ability to roleplay altogether, it's enhancing their experience. Attacks from all of these other people are affecting their ability, since they can't get anything else done while under threat, such as reopening the pub or opening the clinic. I'd go as far as to say that San Valentino have been looking forward to the breaks they get inbetween bouts of bad HostileRP and PVP-centric issues so they can continue RPing with Mademoiselle, who's actually providing a great experience to them. Conclusion: We don't need more evil people, more HostileRP, more PVP, or anything like that. We need it to be good and not inhibit other's ability to roleplay.
  6. Mandatory Character Benching on Death

    Well, it is a rule, 9.2, just I don't think it's ever been enforced. I think it's supposed to act as a buffer between hostilities, but some people don't do it. Personally I've had Cody recover from a compound fracture after an ooc week in a cast and treated another character who recovered from his chest surgery in three days so I'm not gonna moan about anyone recovering too quickly within reason, more so that it doesn't do anything when people don't follow it, hence the suggestion for a consistent consequence. Anyway, to anyone else, I've acknowledged the consensus near the bottom of the first page and explained my reasoning already, if that interests you. I'm okay with keeping this open in case people have questions about "what could have been" and such.
  7. Question about community

    You're gonna get various opinions depending on who you ask. Best answer I can give you is that the community is currently in some form of transitory period due to recent changes and the dust hasn't quite settled yet. There's no lack of debate or disagreements on the forums but mostly things seem pretty jovial, apart from when they're not. Hopefully other answers can shine more light for your other questions.
  8. Characters escaping death.

    ... This, uh... Woulda been a good response under the "tweak it" poll option on my thread. Not mad, just like, in the future feel free to respond to other's topics with alternative suggestions, save making your own brand new one, since there's now two similar suggestions made within 11 hours of one another. Edit: Oh right I asked people not to talk about permadeath... I'm not a hypocrite, just forgetful, honest.
  9. Mandatory Character Benching on Death

    Hi guys, I don't time to reply to every comment but I have read them all and fair enough, the consensus is clear, people have viable reasons not to do it (I did include a tweak check-option for that purpose) and it's not possible anyway, as Rolle said. Thanks for taking the time to read it offering your feedback. I personally don't like this suggestion myself, but I'm more interested in roleplay and community health than my own likes and dislikes. I threw it out there because I've watched it work magically in other roleplays I've been involved with and really felt it could help out here. Suppose DayZ just isn't the game for this kind of conduct and the community isn't a fan, I understand that. @Mademoiselle It was just a jokey-joke about how you wanted to play Diadora but people kept booking appointments to donate blood with Faith.
  10. First and foremost: This is not a thread about permadeath. Please keep discussion of permadeath out of this thread. The mere mention of whether or not it is a good idea springs chaos. I'll reference it because it's my thread and this idea is an alternative solution, so I kinda have to talk about it. Credit to @Pain, this idea I originally got from his thread, read it if you want: That said, let's begin. Some people don't like permadeath, fair enough, but as it stands there's no consistent effect that in-game death has on a character. It affects some more than others, as some characters will hide away to lick their wounds and recuperate, while others grab the first gun they see after sprinting from the coast and carry on like they just materialised from a New-U Station. Ya'll probably tired of reading me say "excessive PvP" and I'll try not to talk about it too much, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't inspired. Onto the idea: The bit I latched onto was this: Rolle already thought up a preliminary idea: In the event that a player dies in-game, or meets a specific amount of deaths, their character should be benched for a few days. In the mean-time they can wait out the timer or play someone else. This is to discourage consistently performing actions that would compromise a character's safety by adding an effective consequence to failure. Captives who fail to comply and get their teeth kicked in will have to spend a few days putting their teeth back in place and bandits who continuously hold people up will find themselves regretting their decision while they tend to their bullet wounds, should one of their victims successfully fight back. Bandits won't find the guy they tortured just yesterday walking around feeling fine and robbery victims who won the draw won't find the bandits they gunned down just yesterday no worse for wear. This is all about the other side of the NVFL rule that should be there but isn't: Consistently choosing to put yourself into dangerous situations when you don't need to is not valuing your character's life, especially when you've respawned because of it. But because respawning is such a non-issue for a lot of people, they can come back and carry on like nada hap. With character benching, people won't risk their safety as often because there's a consequence to it. Not all about fighting though, everyone dies for various reasons in this game, and their characters should be benched too. Why? Variety. Lot of complaints about people finding the game stale, meeting the same people doing the same things, etc. If you're playing a different character to your regular for a day or two, you've got a forced opportunity to try something else, and a lot of people will use it. With all those blood donations I'm sure @Mademoiselle would've paid someone to shoot Faith in the head so she could roleplay Diadora. Now, I don't know how the mechanics and specifics of this would work, that's up to Staff, and I know there'd be an issue with people drawing up inconsequential characters just so they could continue going around, blasting fools and getting blasted, and there's only really two ways to deal with that: Character approval and reports. Say a staff member noticed that your two characters have pretty similar attitudes and there isn't really any variety in your flavour, they might flag it and tell you to be a bit more creative. It'd be the same for me if I rolled up a second medic, you know? It was easier to say "You can't have two characters in the same group" when we could be in multiple groups, but I digress. My point is, I know that there'd be problems with people working around the system, but I'm sure the admins could come up with something to deal with that if they wanted to take this idea on board. So, all in all, people who die in-game have their characters temporarily benched, which simulates recovery time. This helps inhibit excessive risk-taking which can disrupt the flow/balance of RP and promote variety in roleplay. Let me know what you think.
  11. Thanks, I appreciate it. ... Do you wanna talk about it?
  12. Events "Protection"

    Shameless plug for my old thread. Okay I'm a little ashamed. Still, I've suggested what you said before, but some guys have an aversion to any kind of planning. No, naming a time and a place for characters to meet and see what happens doesn't kill all of the suspense and surprise of a situation.
  13. Mass

    I don't get to spend today with my beloved, which is a shame. She's been through a lot of stuff, like me, and she tries to help out and look after people, like me. So, in honour of Valentine's day, I'll show you the symbol I had a friend make for her last year.

    Meet Velocity


  14. Gonna take this chance to say that if anybody wants a private ear to talk about stuff, whether you feel it's too personal to put on here but you need to tell someone or if its too serious to be taken lightly on a public forum, you can PM me. <<< That there's the Empathy symbol and I take it very seriously, it's one of the few things I can trust not to let me down. Not in the spiritual hoo-hah that comes with it, but my daily life consists of understanding and helping people when others with problems when others can't help them. After the life-altering shit I've been put through, how almost everyone I'd known for years turned on me and the complete lack of support I had at the time, I'd never want anyone to feel like they're alone in the world. I'm open to talking about what happened to me but I'm not gonna put it here because I'm not looking for sympathy. If you're looking for empathy though, I can help you.
  15. Community Opinions and the Sort

    Simple enough to understand. How would a bandit group manage to move a hospital anyway? The problem with trying to control a medical centre is how anything you do will just end up hindering the medical personnel and preventing them from doing anything. The most you can do is stop other people from coming in and stop the medics from leaving, but how says they'll co-operate? Who says you'll be able to defend the hospital? And then you can only keep it for as long as that RP session lasts for, because those captives you have will be gone the next day and they're not going back to that place. An hour of hostility is all it'd take to ruin a MedicalRP hotspot. So nobody did it to control them, they just attacked and destroyed every medical centre that's been proposed in the last 7 months. Realistically people wouldn't immediately turn on each other like they do here: They have the freedom to do it here because it's a game, resources are plentiful, surviving is easy and there's no consequence to killing or being killed. In an actual apocalypse, rarely will you find the common man able to withstand the negative effects murder would have on their psyche, and this was happening days after the infection started too. It's almost like the majority of people who managed to survive were just caged belligerent psychopaths, just waiting to let loose, or, you know, a bunch of young gamers emulating what they think would happen in an apocalypse, influenced by all the movies they've watched. The problem is not that we're roleplaying survivors of an apocalypse, but we're roleplaying survivors uncharacteristically because we know we're really playing a game. The UN started taking massive hits, both externally from the other lore groups/bandits and internally from people with the wrong mindset playing as the UN. Hell, you had a private committing war crimes within two weeks of the apocalypse starting. None of this should have happened, but staff wanted to allow the RP develop dynamically and didn't correct mistakes when they happened, so the basis for the rest of the wipe up to the present was founded on BadRP that happened in the first month. I gave extra detail to help out, but it's almost like she answered most of your statements before you said them. There's a few problems with some people playing their injuries and others not that comes into what I'm about to say but I won't cover it now, maybe another time: CampfireRP, by nature, can't be a problem because it's a passive form of roleplay, it doesn't hurt anyone and you can choose not to engage in it. HostileRP, on the other hand, is an active form of roleplay and you can't back out of it without breaking rules. If you don't like the peace, you can engage in hostility to mix things up. The problem is when people are so hostile that nobody else can do anything publicly, lest they gain the attention of the wrong people and have everything they've worked on demolished. That's why you had people hiding in the far North when Fangs were around, or San Valentino hiding away right now because people are out for their blood for no reason. I'll say it again: If HostileRP is all you do when you're on the server, then try something else for once.