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  1. lwilkinson98

    Carnival Looking For Female Act (Open Frequency)

    *Frankie hears a strange man talk over the radio and pushes down the PTT to reply* "You clearly don't understand what we mean we are a travelling circus looking for a female act to make our circus more diverse instead of just men acts, i have no idea why you'd think we are saying that being a women is an act that's quite strange friend" *you hear Frankie sigh* "Anyways if anyone is out there and can hear this male or female and has been previously in a circus and feels lost now with out one look for me frankie of my companion oliver fox, Thank you" *releases the PTT*
  2. *Squincy Turns on his radio and pushes down the PTT* "To whom ever was looking for me earlier i am unable to come and speak in person" *you hear fear in squincys voice* "im afraid i may have got myself into a bit of a pickle" "it sounded like it was regarding the plantation and all i ino about them at this point is that they have all gone dark u have heard from none of them" "Anyways contact me on.... "They found me !" *You hear gun shots and the radio goes silent"
  3. spinning out a car and hitting a tree get out of the car and it glitches in the air and lands on me
  4. lwilkinson98

    How did you name your character?

    i got my fiance to think of a name of the top of her head
  5. lwilkinson98

    Servers too full.....

    I think this is the time when a load of people stop playing because they get bored of the patch it will get crazy again when 0.61 comes out
  6. lwilkinson98

    Post your battle stations

    Have fun building the first time you turn a new build on is amazing
  7. The beta was lit. Pitty it ended so soon.
  8. lwilkinson98

    Official World of Warcraft Legion Hype/Discussion Thread

    Server: Outland Character Name: Erían Class/Spec: feral druid Level: 110 Professions: mining herbing Item Level: 820 Guild: none
  9. Hey and welcome Buddy ! You should check the guides forum and also think alot about the character you wanna play it saves making multiple characters
  10. Welcome to the community man, id say just make sure you read the rules and know them cause alot of new people dont read them fully, they just skim over them
  11. lwilkinson98

    Server 3 has been closed

    lotta mixed feeling about it but on the up side both servers are nearly aways full
  12. *Squincy stares at his radio in silence and grabs it pushing down the PTT* Hello anyone listening im broadcasting this to anyone that may know the where abouts off my friend Antonio Lorenzo *You Hear A sigh* Please anyone that knows where he is respond to message i fear the worst Right now *He leaves PTT on and sets his radio down grabbing his cassette player playing a Tape* *You hear foot steps walking away* [mp3]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/275273912/Soud%20of%20silence.mp3[/mp3]
  13. lwilkinson98

    S2 RDM, Meta Gaming, Bad RP, Racist RP, Unnecessary OOC, OOC Harassment etc.

    i dont understand the racist part of this i am from northern ireland where the term taig and fenian come from and i dont find them offensive. i have a video of these people telling us that they are not offended by the words so i dont see how they can report us for it. it is just stupid. they are just trying to get us in trouble for any silly thing also in the video of me gator and devin talking to them just know i believe that we were verbally harrashed by them. they told us to fuck off, fuck up and called me a dickhead and the whole time the three of us were not rude to them at all.
  14. lwilkinson98

    Profile Props

    gators profile pic is pretty funny
  15. lwilkinson98

    Official World of Warcraft Legion Hype/Discussion Thread

    i was 110 on the first day. power level like foock boooii gotta go fast