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  1. Found this thread, wish I hadn't. Reminds me of the countless other people who did the same and eventually got banned, bored or moved on. I know it's effectively a joke thread but still it's bragging about getting third person peek, spray and pray kills in a roleplay server? At least be somewhat creative, if you're going to brag about killing other groups, do it in a way that actually has some value here.
  2. Damn Macyn, that's a name I haven't seen in a long time. Welcome back. It's fun to get back into the servers, mainly to just explore for now. I doubt we'll get some of the old gang back and things have changed too much to make anything substantial work. Hopefully see you around though.
  3. *squints* Trying to find a point in there other than just negativity. It's about increasing natural RP engagement across the map, making the map the tiniest bit smaller is just a step towards trying to promote that. The map for 80 players roleplaying is too big. I think the reason why people congregate in areas like Cherno is because this is seemingly the only place where there's anything of interest happening. As I said almost 3km square per person assuming the entire server is full. That's too much space. Either make the map smaller or increase the population of the server, the latter isn't possible right now. The ethos is about creating more opportunities to run into people whilst traversing and exploring naturally, as you seemingly would. I'm excited to see what Rolle and the rest of the team have planned, it's a change, one which hasn't come for a while. Let's see what it has to offer.
  4. I'm sorry but the opinion that the map needs to be any bigger, especially for a roleplay server is a little ludicrous, especially when the max population is 80 people. That's almost 3km squared per person, assuming everyone is online. There's only so much sightseeing of an almost 6 year old map you can do. While it is a beautiful map, we need more natural and organic meetings with players again and making the map a little smaller isn't a huge sacrifice for a higher player density. Personally I'd love to see a map almost the quarter of the size of Chernarus with the current population or even an increased population again. Once Namalsk is ready, I feel the addition of that as a second server as well as Chernarus would be great.
  5. So everyone loves Chernarus, or at least we have no other option right now in Standalone. Max 80 people, even though Bohemia recommends 60 for stability, on a huge map means a lot of wandering and dead time here. Obviously you could look to the forums, try and find where the hang outs are and exclusively go there, there's obviously the main traffic ways too but it's a lot of space to cover for so few people. My main question is, is there a way to make the current map smaller? I'll list some reason, thoughts and questions as bullet points. - Would making the map smaller improve server performance? Creating a divide between a part of the map and chopping it off, make it lore based (at least for a short period of time perhaps as a test). - If so, could we then increase single server population? This would help increase interaction server wide as well as the smaller size. I feel with a smaller map, more people per server and a little more server performance to play with, there's a lot of possibilities for lore based PCB's or overhauling DayZRP to be more creative. Maybe entering "a new age" as more features come into the game such as more vehicles and weapons to allow the core experience to evolve. A bigger focus on co-existing, common cause, new community type feel with a city/town walled off and modified to be a central hub. I feel there's a large scope here to move passed the vanilla experience while creating something really unique. I wouldn't want a life server with a currency system and effectively everything boiled down to drug running etc but it would be great to create an environment where being a civilian-type character has more reward and value and the fighting PVP aspect really means something. Got carried away but I'd love to hear people's thoughts.
  6. 2013-12-05_00022.jpg.086fd28b1b6634e90a709956206fb984.jpg

    1. Major


      Can you like not dredge up nostalgia that makes me long for days of yore?

  7. Loved these points particularly from Shiro. Would love to see loosened group rules again to promote some more variety again. I wonder how often the average member changes their play style, the type of character they play and the people they play with. Mixing things up yourself, trying a different approach to playing the game can do a lot. Too many people come from playing regular DayZ wanting to be an alpha type character, have the nice guns, feel like a tough guy in an RP world. Instead of wondering whether you have kills rights and when you can blow someone's head off, maybe try a different mindset. No amount of lore events or changing of the lore is going to stop a game becoming stale eventually. I'm personally not a fan of a loremaster, I like the landscape to be shaped by the hundreds/thousands of people actively playing in the community, creating experiences for others that resonate throughout the server, even for a short amount of time. To me, big shifts in lore or manufactured events that are pushed into the server artificially are a detriment to the experience of playing here. PCB's were a fantastic addition back in the day for RP, they came with challenges but bases like the Ravens Nest, Haven and Kotei Shima island live long in the memory for me as memorable places that served as a great focus for the groups to not only defend but to make influential server wide.
  8. The Cutting Room Floor The thundering sound of rain striking the rickety roof is all that masks Vincent's rummaging through the desk drawer. His still damp fingers prise a journal from the very back of the thin drawer. It's worn, just like everything in sight but it will surely do. Vincent flicks through the pages, being careful of the fragile binding. "Perfect," he mutters under his breath as he reaches the end. Carefully he reaches into the inside pocket of his tattered beige suit jacket, pulls out a small selection of photos and places them on the desk with a small roll of tape. //The aim of this thread will be to simply collate images and videos captured in the wilderness, things that my character Vincent Miller (WildernessTV) hopes people will see but knows is unlikely to be found. Will look to set up somewhere in Chernarus as a base of operations, some place that could pass as a studio for filming. I'll then use that place as a background for these images in the future as well as random journal postings.
  9. Thank you Hofer, maybe bring back my old Imperial Dragons character Yaguro? Maybe Honda & Yaguro shall wander Chernarus once again Thanks! Derek Steel, that's a name I haven't heard for a long time. Good to see you still around.
  10. So it's just over 6 years since I first joined here and at least 2-3 years or more since I last played and because @Hofer can't stop talking about it, I guess I'll come back and give it a go. Spent 2 hours or more just wandering around, getting myself acquainted with the game again, it's been fun and I haven't even met anyone yet. I've missed Chernarus. Will be RP'ing as an old character called Vincent Miller from my old Wilderness TV days (link below). Adjusted my own lore to fit and can't wait to meet others. See you in the server.
  11. Using a MacBook and OSX is just a much nicer experience. Just day to day use of a MacBook feels better than the gaming laptop options that have been linked. Especially the trackpad, by god MacBook trackpads are the best. The portability and sleekness of a MacBook is almost unmatched in the Windows space too. Obviously the Windows route is far cheaper and will yield higher performance in games but on the 15inch models of Mac, you can do a decent amount of gaming, it's just not going to look as fancy. DayZ is just an unreliable game to actually use as a yard stick given it's in alpha and constantly changing. I would avoid Aorus laptop in particular, got one myself, massive regret. It has all the bells and whistles, quad core i7, GTX 1070, 32GB of RAM, fast SSD's and it's also very thin but I wish I had bought a 15inch MacBook Pro instead and built a PC system for home.
  12. I'm considering doing the same thing. I would be wary of the 13inch models as they're all dual core machines and will likely struggle much more than the 15inch ones that also have the benefit of a dedicated GPU's. I first started playing here on a 2011 MacBook Pro using boot camp. Boot camp massively increases performance and allows you to play anything Windows based obviously. Playing games natively on OSX is horrific with the mouse acceleration. Interested to know what work you're doing primarily? I'm a video editor, used Premiere Pro, hated it and looking to move back to FCPX. I miss my Mac.
  13. Excited to see a lore wipe. Would really entice an older member such as myself back so that's great. As much as I don't like the idea of events, enforced in-game things by staff, due to Chernarus being so vast (specifically this version with enterable buildings) it makes sense to at least have a settlement or place that people can go to otherwise it can put off many newcomers. Back in the mod, one of the most enjoyable times was being able to go to 5 or 6 player built settlements across the map. You would not only encounter great experiences at the camps but also many people on the way. I look forward to DayZ being at the point where something like this would be possible again. I hope the new lore opens up the opportunity to bring in more diverse groups again and I'd like to see the seriousness of the server dissipate a little because ultimately we all come here to have fun.
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