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  1. DayZ on a Mac?

    Using a MacBook and OSX is just a much nicer experience. Just day to day use of a MacBook feels better than the gaming laptop options that have been linked. Especially the trackpad, by god MacBook trackpads are the best. The portability and sleekness of a MacBook is almost unmatched in the Windows space too. Obviously the Windows route is far cheaper and will yield higher performance in games but on the 15inch models of Mac, you can do a decent amount of gaming, it's just not going to look as fancy. DayZ is just an unreliable game to actually use as a yard stick given it's in alpha and constantly changing. I would avoid Aorus laptop in particular, got one myself, massive regret. It has all the bells and whistles, quad core i7, GTX 1070, 32GB of RAM, fast SSD's and it's also very thin but I wish I had bought a 15inch MacBook Pro instead and built a PC system for home.
  2. DayZ on a Mac?

    I'm considering doing the same thing. I would be wary of the 13inch models as they're all dual core machines and will likely struggle much more than the 15inch ones that also have the benefit of a dedicated GPU's. I first started playing here on a 2011 MacBook Pro using boot camp. Boot camp massively increases performance and allows you to play anything Windows based obviously. Playing games natively on OSX is horrific with the mouse acceleration. Interested to know what work you're doing primarily? I'm a video editor, used Premiere Pro, hated it and looking to move back to FCPX. I miss my Mac.
  3. IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Excited to see a lore wipe. Would really entice an older member such as myself back so that's great. As much as I don't like the idea of events, enforced in-game things by staff, due to Chernarus being so vast (specifically this version with enterable buildings) it makes sense to at least have a settlement or place that people can go to otherwise it can put off many newcomers. Back in the mod, one of the most enjoyable times was being able to go to 5 or 6 player built settlements across the map. You would not only encounter great experiences at the camps but also many people on the way. I look forward to DayZ being at the point where something like this would be possible again. I hope the new lore opens up the opportunity to bring in more diverse groups again and I'd like to see the seriousness of the server dissipate a little because ultimately we all come here to have fun.
  4. Bring back old website features

    The new homepage looks pig ugly. The image in the background feels irrelevant and the layout is a mess. The rest of the website is fine so far but the main page looks amateur.
  5. Remember...

    They got baited by Rolle Magw33d got banned without warning, without points, without a report & with no chance of an appeal ever by Rolle. All Magw33d did was type "alright there fella" to some newcomers in introductions one night. So with that prospect in mind the others quite aptly kamikaze'd and ended their time here. Most of them barely play any video games at this point now. I know it's always said but this community hasn't been the same since those days. There was something different about the environment. We took it seriously without being serious about it. We RP'd knowing that it should be fun instead of what the community has become now. It's definitely become more hardcore but in a way that's alienated a lot of the original players & supporters. It's way too serious these days & I don't think it will ever reach that peak for me again. I've only come across 3 types of characters; mad men, cannibals or American ex-soldiers/supersoldiers. It feels like the server is just filled with them.