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  1. BigLittleShōrts

    DayZ on a Mac?

    Using a MacBook and OSX is just a much nicer experience. Just day to day use of a MacBook feels better than the gaming laptop options that have been linked. Especially the trackpad, by god MacBook trackpads are the best. The portability and sleekness of a MacBook is almost unmatched in the Windows space too. Obviously the Windows route is far cheaper and will yield higher performance in games but on the 15inch models of Mac, you can do a decent amount of gaming, it's just not going to look as fancy. DayZ is just an unreliable game to actually use as a yard stick given it's in alpha and constantly changing. I would avoid Aorus laptop in particular, got one myself, massive regret. It has all the bells and whistles, quad core i7, GTX 1070, 32GB of RAM, fast SSD's and it's also very thin but I wish I had bought a 15inch MacBook Pro instead and built a PC system for home.
  2. BigLittleShōrts

    DayZ on a Mac?

    I'm considering doing the same thing. I would be wary of the 13inch models as they're all dual core machines and will likely struggle much more than the 15inch ones that also have the benefit of a dedicated GPU's. I first started playing here on a 2011 MacBook Pro using boot camp. Boot camp massively increases performance and allows you to play anything Windows based obviously. Playing games natively on OSX is horrific with the mouse acceleration. Interested to know what work you're doing primarily? I'm a video editor, used Premiere Pro, hated it and looking to move back to FCPX. I miss my Mac.
  3. BigLittleShōrts

    IMPORTANT: Upcoming changes summer 2017

    Excited to see a lore wipe. Would really entice an older member such as myself back so that's great. As much as I don't like the idea of events, enforced in-game things by staff, due to Chernarus being so vast (specifically this version with enterable buildings) it makes sense to at least have a settlement or place that people can go to otherwise it can put off many newcomers. Back in the mod, one of the most enjoyable times was being able to go to 5 or 6 player built settlements across the map. You would not only encounter great experiences at the camps but also many people on the way. I look forward to DayZ being at the point where something like this would be possible again. I hope the new lore opens up the opportunity to bring in more diverse groups again and I'd like to see the seriousness of the server dissipate a little because ultimately we all come here to have fun.
  4. BigLittleShōrts

    Bring back old website features

    The new homepage looks pig ugly. The image in the background feels irrelevant and the layout is a mess. The rest of the website is fine so far but the main page looks amateur.
  5. They got baited by Rolle Magw33d got banned without warning, without points, without a report & with no chance of an appeal ever by Rolle. All Magw33d did was type "alright there fella" to some newcomers in introductions one night. So with that prospect in mind the others quite aptly kamikaze'd and ended their time here. Most of them barely play any video games at this point now. I know it's always said but this community hasn't been the same since those days. There was something different about the environment. We took it seriously without being serious about it. We RP'd knowing that it should be fun instead of what the community has become now. It's definitely become more hardcore but in a way that's alienated a lot of the original players & supporters. It's way too serious these days & I don't think it will ever reach that peak for me again. I've only come across 3 types of characters; mad men, cannibals or American ex-soldiers/supersoldiers. It feels like the server is just filled with them.
  6. BigLittleShōrts

    Constant robbery

    Best way not to get robbed is to not carry anything of value. My character is not a military guy, from the UK and has never used a gun before coming to Chernarus. He carries an axe for the infected and all the necessary things to survive. I want people to be hostile with me for reasons involving my character, clashes of ideological differences through prolonged interactions not because they need some attachment for their M4. I just wish less people had a raging hard on for getting the best gear in this game and more time creating a creative and interesting character to RP.
  7. BigLittleShōrts

    Things that DayZ should have and Public apocalypse compared to DayZRP.

    Yeah, I have gripes with this too. But that's just how the community is now compared to the mod days, there were only one or two places in the whole map that you could go for relative safety and chatter but even then it was targeted by big groups. I genuinely feared travelling alone because I knew that these big identifiable groups were around. Right now everyone is just a mesh of the same, there's nothing defining about anyone in-game, you can't fear those you can't recognise so you don't know who you're approaching. That's something that should effectively put someone on edge but when groups had outfits/skins that were defined it made for great moments where a feared group would appear on the horizon and people would attempt to flee in fear. The problem is that most community members playing have gotten used to being protected by the rules. The simple matter of the fact is that the only way to be feared is to have more members because that gives rule power, not essentially RP power in-game. That's the deception of "power" in groups right now. For example, if three Chernarussian military guys came up against 6-7 civilians then the Chernarussian military guys couldn't do anything if they were initiated on because it would be seen as NVFL even though in reality you would favour the ability of military trained personnel. I'd say it's NVFL for 2-3 civs to try and rob 1 person before even knowing who they are. If you're three civilians robbing a soldier for example then where does NVFL come in then? A soldier or someone extremely trained would be able to take out 2-3 average guys. But then again, most people I've met so far have been ex-marines, super soldiers, just crash landed etc. Big groups back in the day, because they were military guys and there was a broader variety of weaponry, it meant that these guys not only had the skills RP wise but also the weapons to pull off 2 v More than 2 robberies/hostilities and it wasn't seen as NVFL because people would submit due to them actually fearing the group as a whole and didn't want to make their lives in Chernarus more difficult. At the moment, when meeting people I'm trying to act as skittish and nervous as possible but when you come across 20 people who are acting like it's a set of a soap opera then it's very difficult to keep up the tone when it's just being brushed off so nonchalantly. When modding comes in, I'd love to see larger factions happening where there are territories/towns owned by certain people similar to a GoT/Walking Dead style environment. We're so long into the infection, the zombies in-game aren't an issue at all and with no military presence, it's just a little stale IMO.
  8. BigLittleShōrts

    Interview with SweetJoe

    Is it bad that I read it all in your voice? Don't usually read the interviews but how could I not this time round. Miss RP'ing with you. Had some great times on pretty much every character with you. Hope to catch you around.
  9. BigLittleShōrts

    Switching Games?

    The game has huge potential but the full servers are down to the resurgence of players from PsiSyndicate. The overall player base of the game is pretty low, the peak today being 9k concurrent players so far. That is lower than every "clone" that has come since: 7 Days to Die, H1Z1, Rust, Unturned. It has a quarter of the player base of ARMA 3. We're under this illusion because of Psi that everything is great and it's constantly improving because we have lots of servers and people playing right now. I just feel that more variety will help. I think the Tanoa idea sounds great and I look forward to it. However the mod died because of mass perma bans, the CTC lore that was introduced & a mod and servers that were running terribly. All of those thing combined made for a pretty bad environment to play in and so many people didn't want to. Then we had the rise of ARMA 3 life servers that took off hugely along with the rise in popularity of so many other games. Also generalising that the mod died because of people running up and screaming stuff like "Chicken! I'd love me some KFC right now" is unbelievably naive. People like that come into the servers and get banned within a week, just like some guy recently who RP'd shoving a gun up his arse and it smelling like corn. With regards to the suggested mod, it's a cool idea but in practice it simply won't work because of many of the reasons above. Copy and pasted legalities, nothing much to do etc.
  10. BigLittleShōrts

    Switching Games?

    I do know the responsibilities of staff well having been a staff member previously and having a slightly belittling attitude by posting a gif in response to a community member's suggestion, regardless of how frustrated you are of seeing it is just immature. Just calling it how I see it. I wasn't only referencing your response but I've just seen an increasing trend amongst staff with similar responses. :troll: I never said that the quality of RP was bad, I was merely arguing that the strict restrictions on groups has resulted in a far more stale environment comparatively to the mod. Right now hostile RP seems consists of cannibalism, spiritual/religious ideals, crazy people or GoT/TWD inspired groups. Very few break the mould and do something ever so slightly different. This is the reason why quite a few people in this community are looking at other options, a different angle as some people have been RP'ing in the same environment for 3-4 years.
  11. Back in the day I used to use Tapatalk. Not sure what state it's in now but it was great for iPhone users before flash/HTML 5 support & it's a more user friendly way to navigate.
  12. BigLittleShōrts

    Switching Games?

    Just because it's what you've always done doesn't mean everyone else is going to adhere to the same methods. The OP saw something, liked the look of it, wanted to see what others thought. You're a gamemaster, you have a responsibility here to be respectful & helpful and you failed on both counts. You can look on them in the way you do amongst yourselves but outwardly to the community and new members, that's a different story. Assuming I'm doing something wrong because I'm not having the same experience as you? That's a very naive way to look at it. Two nights ago I was down at Berezino I believe surrounded by around 20 people from different groups and there wasn't any sort of RP that engaged me in the slightest. It's all too comfortable, too mundane & ultimately too safe. We're not doing anything wrong, the environment here has just changed a lot. Not for the better or worse as that's immeasurable but it's different. The types of groups we see now are far less varied and from looking through the groups and experiencing a few in-game, it's all just a little stale. The previous lore with all the factions from around the world fighting over it gave Chernarus great importance. It was such a coveted area for so many wildly varied groups and that always made it fun. Hearing someone doing a terrible Somalian, Japanese or Middle Eastern accent was funny. It brought a bit of humour here without being trolly. Right now I think DayZ as a game is in a great place, I just wish we had this game in the mod days when things were just a little more relaxed. This is coming from someone who has initiated on one person in his entire time in this community and that was to stop someone taking an IC friend hostage. It's honestly not some rose tinted nostalgia, I have hours upon hours of footage back from the days of playing, I've looked back through some of it and it was fantastic. Every group had these really distinguishable characters, you wouldn't just be meeting a group with one leader and 5-6 mutes you'd be meeting a collection of some of the most interesting characters all under one banner.
  13. BigLittleShōrts

    The Gorka Times - [WIP] - Hiring!

    Congrats on approval! This reminds me of an idea I came up with and executed in the mod back in the day with a few others called Wilderness TV: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Wilderness-Television-WTV I'm still playing the same character Vincent Miller, hopefully I'll come across you guys and who knows what might happen. Good luck.
  14. BigLittleShōrts

    Switching Games?

    Yeah, I wonder why tbh Jul 2015 You will never know Part of me wishes I was new to this community again and hadn't experienced the mod because Standalone just doesn't compare in regards to the varied RP we used to have IMO. These days everyone looks the same, everyone has M4's, talks about their M4's & it feels right now that people are relying on a few "main" characters to drive the story here. Back on topic but some of the staff replies on here are a bit snide. I know what it's like to be asked the same question over and see the same topics spring up but I feel the first few replies here were a bit dickish. I've noticed this to be a bit of trend on quite a few topics as I've been lurking around the forums and ultimately those types of replies only serve to discourage the community from suggesting new things etc.
  15. At the end of the day this is a huge community and not everyone will get along. Most people will naturally find themselves and friends through the interactions they have in game and feeling a sense of belonging to a roleplay style or group of people. All of the people I've been friends with here have come from meeting them in game and enjoying their RP. I don't think we need more ways than we already have. No need to overthink things to such an extent either. We're all nerds, we play DayZ and roleplay. We're not all going to be friends but in game we're all cooperating and populating the servers to make this happen together. And lastly if a channel says newcomers then that's what it's for. Stop dithering and get in there.
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