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  1. *Yakov sat, staring at the campfire, the flickers of light glaring off the glass eye pieces of his gas mask. The fire only seemed to fuel the Wolverines' hatred rather than to actually keep themselves warm. Hearing Tony's voice angered them. Yakov looks back at the Wolverines and pushes the PTT.* "Listening to this, you probably already know who I am, but we, we are the Wolverines. We will not be your puppets. We will not do your dirty work. We are not cowards unlike you, Tony. The Wolverines shall rise from the ashes of The Burners. *Yakov snickers.* Tony, whatever happened to loyalty, huh? Whatever happened to building a civilization? You went behind all of our backs, betrayed everything that you stood for. The Burners, a group that grew into what they once despised. It’s sad, honestly it is. *Yakov pauses.* We are the Wolverines, and we will cross paths sooner or later." *Yakov releases the PTT, his hands trembling out of pure adrenaline. He raises his head and looks at his fellow group members. "Was that good?" He asked. *The rest nod.*
  2. Signatures?

    Got everything sorted out. Thanks everyone, especially Ender!
  3. Signatures?

    Hello to whoever is reading this. This is just a quick question about signatures. I'm having trouble setting up my signature because it apparently doesn't meet the guidelines. I haven't been active since the old website so I don't know if signature rules have been changed or anything like that because it worked fine before. I'm also a newb when dealing with changing dimensions of pictures so I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me out. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves during the holidays. This thread is basically me apologizing about an incident in which I was banned a few months ago. I wanted to say sorry because I feel like a massive prick, and I don't want to be seen as the heel/cancer of DayZRP. Sometime in October, I banned for five days due to BadRP. Long story short, I role-played a hostage situation poorly and I take full responsibility for that. After I was banned, I took a break from DayZRP due to me being busy with school and with other things going on. My schedule is still a little hectic, but I do want to be involved in this awesome community without looking like a total douche with a big warning sign on my profile page. I am sincerely sorry for my actions, and I do hope to learn from my past mistakes. Have a good one!