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  1. Before i start my tale i apologize for the poor formatting and punctuation writing is not my strongest talent. and i was unable to find whether or not ooc stories are allowed in this part of the forums so if they are not please let me know and i will remove it. My tale starts about a week ago when i was whitelisted here on dayzrp. a friend of mine was already whitelisted and had gotten pretty well geared. his character is a combat medic and my Superior officer Captain Matt Murdoch I am SGT. Jack Barker. we started with him finding his way to me while i wandered around aimlessly getting even more lost as i had never played the game before and knew nothing about the map. after we had found each other we started north, met a few people but had no major rp. we found a car somewhere on the cost between berezino and solnichniy, it was in pretty great shape needed a new tire if i remember correctly. after searching for and hour or 2 we found the parts and tools needed and all we needed was to fill a gasoline canister, i decided to do this. i ran to a gas station and was on my way beck when i decided to see if i could find any decent supplies in a house on the way back i ran up to a door thinking it was one i could open and hit f. i then proceeded to drink gasoline and then spam f a few more times in a panic trying to stop myself and probably drinking more because of it. so we continue on to the car me sick and losing blood and water and getting sicker we put the gas in the car and try to drive it starts up fine and drives nowhere,engine revs up and everything. we fumble around with switching tires for a few hours thinking it was a bug that my friend remembered from arma 2 and the mod (he had last played before the cars were introduced into the standalone). while we are trying everything we can think of i am sick as a dog and passed out 3 or 4 times during this process from blood loss. we give up on the care eventually and log off and go to bed. the next day we find 2 different cars near each other and proceed to do the same thing with both of them. i am staying in the area because i cant really move to far from a water source or i would go into dehydration and die even quicker. so my friend is busy running between berezin and solnichniy over and over again looking for the parts we need and med supplies to keep me alive(at the time we were trying to find charcoal tabs hoping they would help). we do this for hours and get the first car working and it does the same thing we think god dam buggy game and then get the second car working and the same thing happens we think god dam buggy game again(notice a pattern yet). in the middle of that i had found on the internet that puking can cure food/chem poisoning so i drink a shit ton of water till i puke and i appear to be fine so once the cars appear to be bugged we move on north. while going i see red text that will forever haunt me, you feel a rumbling in your bowls. i had caught cholera. so as we try to deal with this we find a truck in pretty decent shape that we never manage to repair fully. while trying i am sitting at a well and staying near it so i dont die of dehydration and try to survive the cholera my friend had given me 3 or 4 blood bags (some small luck we did have was us being the same blood type)and revived me a few times. we give up on the truck and somehow after sitting in berezino(i think) for a few hours i manage to overcome the cholera. the day is saved and my captain is now my personal hero (ingame and real life) and we proceed north towards the airfield we find another car repair it only to seemingly find the same bug and we give up on the cars completely while thinking what magic are we missing that other people are using to drive vehicles(we had seen a couple driving around) so we went to the airfield we found a cowboy that had been shot in the neck on the way there nice guy. we are pretty sure he is dead now because as we were leaving a car drove up and around us and appeared to be scouting for a group of 4 or 5 people so we ran as they didnt look friendly(weapons out and red bandanas and running straight towards us). we goto the airfield clear it loot it and then head back south. we get to the same place we found the previous cars and found another that was almost perfect (everything pristine only missing a spark plug) we run to berezino and solnichniy and find one after an hour or so and start it up, try to drive it ... only to find the same 'bug'. we are angry/frustrated/annoyed we get on the dayzrp team speak and speak to an mod/admin and he tells us to do the things we have already tried with previous cars switch the tire shoot it with an arrow and that stuff. so we switch the tires and nothing. we build a bow and some arrows and shoot it a few times (its supposed to make the car jump or something) and nothing happens car is still 'stuck'. im getting ready to shoot it again when some guy comes out of nowhere neither me or my friend had seen him coming he scared the shit out of us. he was very friendly we had some rp and tried to relay to him that it was bugged saying it was stuck in the mud to which he replies "have you tried putting it into higher gear". me and my friend say to each other no fucking way i go into the options and notice a bugged control in the bindings that says MISSING STRING STR_USRACT_CAR_SHIFT_GEAR_UP (and one that says down). i go to the car and hit e then drive FUCKING PERFECTLY. me and my friend then proceed to yell and laugh and massively break rp in amazement/disbielief at our own stupidity. after a few moments we explain to the guy in ooc text chat what happened i offer him my extra glock that is fully kitted out and a ride to wherever he wants he denies both and then says see you later and is gone. i cant even remember his name. we then proceed to drive around the map periodically yelling FUCKING E ALL WE HAD TO DO WAS PRESS E and facepalming. whoever you are mysterious guardian angel thank you for telling is how a manual car works and showing us our own stupidity.
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