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  1. Sadly i did not. Ill make sure to record in the future tough.
  2. At this point there is no point of answering you guys, i just ran back to my base and got everything i had beafore i died so nah i am really not upset about dying. Of course its getting annoying comeing upp whit new lies to prevent yourself from getting banned. Ive already given upp on you guys actually telling the truth so i guess well just have to wait for the verdict, you were in the wrong and now youve called all youre friends to join youre lies. Sadly i played alone so ITS just my Word against yours.
  3. I am not contradicting annything, i said i tried takling after i was shot at and i firer back but died whit no answer, you guys on the other hand said you recognized my voice beafore shooting me, but i talked after getting shot at. And the only shots i fired was in the Woods peacefully leaving the tents. And the zombies i decided to shoot (i shot zombies not people) and i am being honest about never being talked to, i logged in in the woods, ran to tents, looted and killed zombies, got hit by One invisible zombie, started bleeding bandaged upp finished Looting and then left. All whitout ever seeing annyone at the tents, all i saw was One guy on the hill wearing a white shirt Looking at me, but he quickly dissapeared. I then ran towards myshkino and upp the hill were two guys started shooting at me. Either you guys are just plainly lying to avoid a ban, or you just messed upp and killed the wrong person. I have nothing to gain from reporting you so why whould i Lie ? I lost nothing. I am here for rp not gear so i really didnt loose annything but my temper... Rdming is just ruining the experience of this otherwise brilliant comunity. So the only thing i gain from reporting you is a better experience. If you played like you were meant to i whould never report you.
  4. But i was never a hostage, how hard is that to understand? The server was full and you rdm'd me probably thinking i was someone Else, that is an understandable mistake but now you are just making upp excuses and lying and that is pissing me off. If i was lucky enough to have recorded it i will post it when i Get back home, and how can you ID me? Did you ever Get the name of lukes "hostage"? Cuse it sure was not matty scarewick.
  5. I said i never talked to them. They said i did, but i didnt. Not beafore i had shot back and gotten Into cover behind a tree. And i was playing solo so whoever shot youre friend was not me or annyone i know, so shooting me on the assumption that he was my friend is rdm.
  6. If it went down the way you said u whould have never reported it, i dont care about the death or loss of gear, all i want is to play in an rp server where people rp and dont kos, to make that happen people like you and youre mates need to Get punished and learn the rules
  7. there was noone in the camp sir. and where did my friend go then ? since noone left or entered ? where did my friend go ? and when did i hurt my legs ? and when did i get held up ? what is the point of playing on this server if you are just gonna play like its public, and just shoot at people running trough the woods. and you guys said i shot him in the leg, if you check the logs posted. i shot him in the leg and was killed instantly after. so that little encounter and robbery where i supposedly shot him in the leg, that never happened. i got killed about 20 seconds after my first shot was fired after you shot at me, so there is no way i shot at ur friend that robbed me.
  8. Then again, you and i both know that everything you say is a lie. i never did annything to provoke you neither did i see you beafore you decided to take shots at me for the simple fact of me running from a tent and somehow looking like some other dude you had ¨held upp¨ i was alone at the tents for solid 20 minutes and when i left, you guys decided to kill me. Simple Rdm and eaven if it was recongizable, you should never shoot a guy just beacuse he ¨looks like someone¨ there are limited choises of black clothing in the game. so eaven that just shooting at me for looking like someone is still rdm
  9. I was never in a tower and neither did i hurt my legs. and i did not have a friend. so if you held someone up. that someone wasnt me, and at the range you guys opened fire there was no way of you recognizing that person. and i only spoke after i was shot at and shot back. so there is no way of you recognizing my voice. this was a pure 1v3 Rdm where you guys will have the upper hand since you are 3 people and can just forge a lie together.
  10. That is a straigh lie. we never eaven comunicated so how did you ever rob me ? and the bleeding was from a zombie. i whould have gotten the confusion if you shot at me since i shot a zombie in the treeline and you migth have seen that as a shot on you, but i never comunicated whit anny of you and i never had a friend. so at the moment all you said is a lie.
  11. Server and location: S2 Myshkino tents Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME) 01:30 Daytime or Night-time: night-time Your in game name: Matty Scarewick Names of allies involved: - Name/Skin of suspect/s: - two people with Military clothing Suspects weapon/s: Ak on the guy that killed me, unknown on the other one. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): - Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): - Detailed description of the events: I was looting myshkino tents and saw two guys in the woods lurking. i finished upp looting and decided to run towards myshkino as i had lost sigth of them. i ran into the treeline and a zombie aggroed me, i shot the zombie and then i got shot at by two unknown people whitout being engaged on or even seeing them. i am pretty sure i killed one of them, or knocked him unconsious i then tried speaking and asking why they shot at me, then i was sprayed down trough the trees whitout getting a response from my killer. i dont know who anny of them was.
  12. do you have to post atleast once a month or do you just have to post once? Because at the moment i have no clue what to post, besides this. Seeing as i dont want to Get banned.
  13. [align=left]Hey guys, just wanted to stop by and say hello. Ive only played on dayz rp for a couple of hours but i have to say it is the best time ive had playing dayz since the mod and i am really Looking forward to playing it more and meeting more of the people in here. Have a Nice Day.