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  1. landshut22

    S2: attempted kos, excessive ooc, metagaming, NVFL/ 20-7-2016, around 18:40

    i called him a bitch because he was pathetic in that fistight,also i ignored your threathts beccause you guys are hilarious with that fake russian accent,noone can take you serious with that You didnt explain why you didnt let me go after that fistfight ,you cant just assume hes my ally and not keep your word:)
  2. landshut22

    S2: attempted kos, excessive ooc, metagaming, NVFL/ 20-7-2016, around 18:40

    first off, funny how your gamemaster friend didnt paste in the whole chatlog. also you guys wrote "say that you are a bitch and that you are going to run to russia" or something like that and i said "that you are a bitch and" second you shot me
  3. landshut22

    S2: attempted kos, excessive ooc, metagaming, NVFL/ 20-7-2016, around 18:40

    Daniel Jackson POV: I went to myshkino tents because i hoped to find a gun there and started looting when i suddenly saw a huge group of people.I thought they were trading so i didnt bother and decided to loot up first and join them afterwards.They initiated on me after they noticed me and took me hostage with the same lame reasoning as most chernorussian characters on the server.They forced me to go into the forest with them and started punching me (usual RP)while telling me to shut up while i tried to talk to them.I followed every single demand of those people expect for the "shutting up" part.Sometimes i couldnt hear them talking ingame because of lag or whatever reason.We roleplayed a bit and one of them challenged me to a fist fight but due to his lacking of meele combat skills he got knocked unconciouss.Ofcourse I provocated him a bit after that hilariously one-sided fight.Someone shot on those people .They complained about that guy and started being more aggressive after they killed him.Then after the server restart i logged back into the server asap and and they eventually killed me. Now to my OCC: "twitch.tv/landshut22" -to prove my innocent of not communicating with other RPers(the ones i was talking to in the channel were friends who just watched the stream,they arent even whitelisted) "really need to take a piss"-in case they`d shoot me while i was afk "honestly im really alone"-trying to convince hostage takers that i am really alone once again "everything recorded dont do bullshit or ill report it+"-i felt cornered and was reacting overaggressivly "wouldnt be the first time your balls are near ya face lmao"-unneccesary comment that i really shouldnt have typed and actually regret to have said The guy who tried to save me: I dont know him nor his reasoning for the attempted rescue mission.Its just rude that you jump to comclusions even though i tried to prove that im playing alone all the time.I wrote my stream link in OCC so they could see that i really didnt play with anyone.Just get some german mod and let him check my Teamspeak comms .I just talked with friends who watched the stream Yes i killed myself after shitty spawns and didnt value my life there because i was kinda tilted after that execution
  4. https://secure.twitch.tv/landshut22/v/79075405?t=02h35m51s
  5. Hey man , im new aswell and awaiting my whitelist result. Hope you will be permitted to play