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  1. Answer on that question is, 3. This is the third one. But i have to tell you that i have two different emails, i've created one account on my main email, and two on this one i have now. But the thing is, two of the accounts ( The one's i've got blacklisted from ) are gone, completely deleted. Now i only have one account and it's this account.
  2. Not at the time, i spoke to them today, as i couldnt whitelist and didn't know why, so i searched my account name on the forums, to find out that i saw one post in my name, the old account that i can't login to. I totally forgot about that blacklist, as it was as i said, over one year ago.
  3. I've got no idea why i were blacklisted from the beginning, probably something about the last whitelist application post. I guess it's something with copy and paste, as one of the community helpers thought so to.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://imgur.com/IOaSU7W Why the verdict is not fair: I feel like it's fair enough, back at that time, as it is over one year ago. 2015 - 06. But right now, as i tried to login to my account, zebbedebbe i couldn't, so i guessed that i've forgot the password. I tried to reset my password and all, but it said ' No account found on that email ' so i guessed that you have removed my account. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Well, it was over one year ago, i can understand y'all when you blacklisted me before, i totally understand that, but i want you guys to give me one more chance, as i'm one year older, i've become more mature. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would want to achieve one more chance by you guys, as i really want to play on a Dayz:RP server, i feel like i'm a good guy to play on a RP server, as the only game i'm playing right now is SAMP RP, so i've got alot of experience in roleplaying. What could you have done better?: Back in the days, i could've taken it better, not being a little kid, i should've accepted the punishment, and not make a second account to try again.