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  1. What's up everybody. My name is Mr. Bubbles, and I'm gonna introduce myself here or something. So yeah, a little about me. I'm a part time streamer (nobody gives a fuck) a voice actor (yeah right kid) and a gamer (I fucking suck at games). I like taking long walks on the beach, binge drinking household chemica- I mean playing my piano, and consuming unhealthy amounts of coffee. I know right, I'm pretty unique. Anyway, I suppose this is the part where I talk about how I have a sense of humor and blah blah blah...so does everyone to be honest. So, if you're not completely off put by my snarky attitude and general narcissism/self criticism (is that even a possible combination? I feel like its an oxymoron) go ahead and send me a message! I love meeting and talking to new people. So go ahead. Leave a message. Do it... Love, Bubbles <3