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  1. *Looks at the city crawling with infected from hill above slowly pulls out radio* This is Joel Grimes calling out to his brothers. *Sighs* I know the past few months have been hard... Loosing Bill, Umar and other brothers. I know how painful it is to see our vision fail to reach reality.... *Sighs*.... I understand we lost some brothers to clowns just today and I failed to be there to keep everyone together and focused. I feel like as if Ive let you down as a brother and a leader.... I cant do that again... I wont.... its time for me to step down and I know some may say this is weak leadership in our time of need but I feel Axel and niko are more than capable to lead the brotherhood to victory..... more than I am at least...... *breathes deeply one last time*If your looking for me Im already gone.... searching the land for some answers. If you need to contact me just take your questions to axel Ill be turning off my radio for the time being of my absence. I cant say when or if I am coming back but just know I appreciate everything you my brothers have done for me but I feel this is the best thing for the brotherhood. You will still always be my brothers and that bond will never be broken. Stay safe... this is joel signing off. *Stares back again at the city....smiles.....turns off radio......walks off*