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  1. Hello, dayzrp community my name is Alex. Very nice to meet you. And buying the game soon so I can play with the community, I absolutely love this game
  2. The Final Order - Media Thread

    Saving this to my bookmarks so I can watch the videos of the thread later on, great work guys
  3. DayZ "Voice inside my head"

    Man I want to see more of these videos, I think this was one of my favourite video I have watched yet of dayzrp
  4. ByReyt - DayzRP Series

    Will save this to my bookmarks, whenever I am boring will check out the videos
  5. Channel Trailer (Gaming Roach Entertainment)

    Nice can't wait to see the content
  6. [21] Traphouse Media

    Keep up the good screenshots
  7. McDugals' Stream and Media Thread

    Want to see more dayzrp Keep up the good work that you're doing.
  8. Chelovechki - Media Thread

    Loving the thread, keep up the good work
  9. Krizek Media Thread

    Great work guys
  10. Language Section

    Ugh-.. A moderator close down the topic please Was just a suggestion but ugh-.. I see where you guys are coming from and I respect that
  11. Language Section

    Hey, basically I was just browsing through the forum and noticed that there isn't a section ''Non-English'', I would recommend adding a section with all the languages that there is so people can have a conversation in their own languages, but obviously you would need special moderators on the sections for their own language. What do you think guys?
  12. You are surrounded - Crazy Gunfight!

    That was intense, nice video by the way
  13. Official CS:GO Thread

    Still play this a couple times.
  14. The Game

    Ez round easy game.