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  1. Hello, dayzrp community my name is Alex. Very nice to meet you. And buying the game soon so I can play with the community, I absolutely love this game
  2. Baxrez

    The Final Order - Media Thread

    Saving this to my bookmarks so I can watch the videos of the thread later on, great work guys
  3. Man I want to see more of these videos, I think this was one of my favourite video I have watched yet of dayzrp
  4. Will save this to my bookmarks, whenever I am boring will check out the videos
  5. Baxrez

    Channel Trailer (Gaming Roach Entertainment)

    Nice can't wait to see the content
  6. Baxrez

    [21] Traphouse Media

    Keep up the good screenshots
  7. Want to see more dayzrp Keep up the good work that you're doing.
  8. Baxrez

    Chelovechki - Media Thread

    Loving the thread, keep up the good work
  9. Baxrez

    Krizek Media Thread

    Great work guys
  10. Ugh-.. A moderator close down the topic please Was just a suggestion but ugh-.. I see where you guys are coming from and I respect that
  11. Hey, basically I was just browsing through the forum and noticed that there isn't a section ''Non-English'', I would recommend adding a section with all the languages that there is so people can have a conversation in their own languages, but obviously you would need special moderators on the sections for their own language. What do you think guys?
  12. That was intense, nice video by the way
  13. Baxrez

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Still play this a couple times.