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  1. How did you name your character?

    How I came up with my name was really a joke at first. It all started out after a friend and i were talking about an episode of WheelHaus Put on by the FunHaus YouTube channel. Within that video they played this POS mars simulator game where you had to control a team of scientists on mars. The reoccurring joke was that the american astronauts treated the Russian guy like a piece of human shit and called him Audrey instead of his actual name which was Andre and me and my friend thought that this was quite humorous. So it started with a name, Andre. About a week had passed since the initial laughs of the bit then we decided to hop on DayZ and just mess about on the coast and get some cheeky coastal banter on a private hive. While deciding to name ourselves my buddy though it funny to be the Andre guy from the video and I be his obnoxious cousin. So we had 1 name but a basic story, So i got my creative juices flowing and thought what if I was his American cousin that was only in chernarus because I had a stupid (to the character) "Slavic" name. And the name i cam up with was Ivan Muffinov. The ivan comes from the fact that it is a pretty damn "Slavic" sounding name and Muffinov came from the fact that my name on steam at the time was Muffin. TLDR: Name inspired by A funhaus video, a friend, and the want to give some character to a Non RP server. The above mentioned video: