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  3. The Automotive Experience In DayZ SA in 7 Easy Steps

    1- Ages searching for car

    2- Ages searching for parts

    3- Ages searching for tools

    4- Drive the car for 3 Km

    5- Hit barely visible tree fallen across road 

    6- Repeat steps 2 thru 5

    7- Tear hair out

  4. Foreign Rabbit

    My Misc Pretty Screenshots

    I was recently taken aback by how pretty this buggy POS of a game can be so, I'm going to put misc pretty screenshots here. so far these are decently well composed so, enjoy I Guess.
  5. WIP/Not Finished Finn O'Reilly was born in Long Beach CA, USA while his parents Hertrech, and Maybel were on vacation to the United States. He was born into a family of professional mechanics and racers, Finn spent most of his childhood around Motorcycles, Cars and ATV's. When he had turned 14 he began racing dirt bikes in a local youth league where he saw varying degrees of success. When he turned 16 his family moved to Nova Scotia Canada, and Finn had moved on to other hobbies than mortorcross. After the move his father had purchased him his first car which was a 1993 Nissan Skyline GT-ST, which had opened up the world of drifting to the young Finnigan. Throughout 2012-2014 Finn had slowly moved his way up to get his Pro-AM Drift license until his career ended abruptly after clipping the wall at FD long beach causing Finn to wreck causing him to no longer feel comfortable being behind the wheel of such high horsepower cars. Throughout the rest of 2014 Finn went into a deep depression doing nothing but sleeping and drinking. Until his family and friends had convinced him through means of isolation and intervention that he needed to make a drastic change in his life, so he did. In June 2015 Finn moved to Chernarus and set up a tuning shop in the village of Khelm where he wrenched on whatever vehicles people brought him (mostly Lada's). Throughout the years of 2014-2017 Finn had spent his time traveling between his shop in Khelm, Berezino, and occasionally to Novigrad for more obscure items he needed for his shop. After the wedding bombing of April 2017 Finn had opted to stay in his small village and just keep busy at his shop. By July many if the inhabitants of Finn's village had fled west leaving him alone. {To be Continued}
  6. Hello everyone! I'm Dan. I used to frequently play the game a few years back (two years), and I just stopped having the time to play. I never really gave myself the chance to properly get involved with the community here, like I knew almost everyone and what was going on but no one really knew me with exception to a few people. I had my small group of people that I would talk to and blended into a larger group as just another face in the crowd, or another body in a fight. BUT hey that was then now is now! I'm looking to be more active here and get to know and befriend more of you than ever. With this I do need some people to hold my hand as I restart my journey into this community. So any replies or PM's are greatly appreciated! I hope to see you all in game soon. -Dan (or rabbit, or Ivan)
  7. Foreign Rabbit

    How did you name your character?

    How I came up with my name was really a joke at first. It all started out after a friend and i were talking about an episode of WheelHaus Put on by the FunHaus YouTube channel. Within that video they played this POS mars simulator game where you had to control a team of scientists on mars. The reoccurring joke was that the american astronauts treated the Russian guy like a piece of human shit and called him Audrey instead of his actual name which was Andre and me and my friend thought that this was quite humorous. So it started with a name, Andre. About a week had passed since the initial laughs of the bit then we decided to hop on DayZ and just mess about on the coast and get some cheeky coastal banter on a private hive. While deciding to name ourselves my buddy though it funny to be the Andre guy from the video and I be his obnoxious cousin. So we had 1 name but a basic story, So i got my creative juices flowing and thought what if I was his American cousin that was only in chernarus because I had a stupid (to the character) "Slavic" name. And the name i cam up with was Ivan Muffinov. The ivan comes from the fact that it is a pretty damn "Slavic" sounding name and Muffinov came from the fact that my name on steam at the time was Muffin. TLDR: Name inspired by A funhaus video, a friend, and the want to give some character to a Non RP server. The above mentioned video:
  8. Ivan Muffinov here, a member of the group in question. We had all left the camp to meet some people that had passed by on the street, and NO bear traps. Everyone had left the camp. By the time we had returned. Bear Traps. Now, how come you would put down to a camp that you were visiting looking for a person in? Also, earlier on in the day you had met one of our members and claimed that you had a friend who was kidnapped, and had 8 to 10 minutes to find him, then left the camp. That member of the group had then followed you out and back to the camp where you preceded to dismantle a tent then log off. He had already reported you for abusing game mechanics.
  9. Foreign Rabbit

    Mental Health Care Professional: Looking For Work [Open Frequency - 87.8]

    *A slightly distressed Ivan hears the radio offer and scrambles to find his Radio* H-Hello, My name is Ivan. I have a friend named Nick and as of recently his mental state has deteriorated. *Exhales deeply* He has a previously known mental disorder, but I have no idea what it is. I could seriously use your help, as today he has attempted to take his life. If you could respond quickly it would be greatly appreciated, then we could Schedule a meeting. *As he releases the PTT as crash is heard and the name Nick is heard being shouted by Ivan*
  10. If you have knowledge of tonights events, do not let evanthebruce know. It is upsetting him that he is out of the loop. Thanks
  11. Good Morning (Day, Afternoon, or Night) Everyone, I am currently waiting to get whitelisted into the server and was wondering how did you all get started in the community. By getting started i mean meeting people, making friends, and joining groups. Also, what should I do when i first spawn. I hope my application gets accepted, because I see the care and effort that everyone in this community outs into creating a better DayZ experience, and I am totally stoked (<--- totally out of date word) to get accepted and start playing with you fine people.
  12. Hello everyone! I have just finished my whitelist application and am currently waiting aproval. So, I thought I would take the time to introduce myself to the community. IF my application goes through i hope to see you all ingame! -So Have a good Evening, Day, Afternoon, or Night!