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  1. Neal Davis

    S1 Abuse of Game Mechanics Metagaming 10-08-2016, 06:27

    Neal Davis POV: I was heading back to the plantation to begin making food for the boys returning from their adventure looking for a car when Gator said their were men at the plantation looking for Donny. as soon as you guys took him hostage he muted his ts and didnt say another word til the firefight was over as you can see in the video, he never gave us any kind of positions of you guys besides theirs 5-7 of them outside the piano house before u initiated on them, I sat there watching you guys waiting for the rest of my squad to return and aid me.Due to me Being within the 500m of when u initiated on him i had KOS rights as to why i was the first to shoot.I sat there in the town north of the plantation waiting to get eyes on your group and when my friends closed in I begain to move up and get better eyes and thats when I noticed you moving him into the woods. I waited til they were in postion and I opened fire and then was shot by Donny by mistake died and that was the end of it for me.
  2. Neal Davis

    S1 Abuse of Game Mechanics Metagaming 10-08-2016, 06:27

    Will post view in the morning its 3:30 am here and im about to go to sleep
  3. No none i do not and to the best of my knoledge they do not
  4. Me and my friend Devin I belive his name was were traveling in his hatchback heading south in search of netting and a Black cowboy hat when i was afk in the passanger seat he crashed the car and he went in search of supplies in the near towns to repair our car I comeby and talk to a passerbyer who did not leave his name he told me that their were some crazy people with white arm band a ways down this road killing and eating people. So we continued our search for our car supplies when we come into the town of Lopatino and continue looking for a car parts,While searching we found a pile of bones on the floor near the big red Tin and from what i heard before I feared this was the site someone died at. We came across a group of people in the town and when we decided to hold them up and question them, I was hiding behind a building when I overheard them saying something about having a StongMan compition or something and i belived they were doing something to what i now see as the sick man and not a hostage,but when the 2-3 of the people put their wepons on their back we decided if we were going to quetion them this is the time. As soon as we walked up to them a ghilli guy and another man in a red coat were behind their building that i saw was not with us. so i searched for them after a couple seconds or two after they responded to our demands, Devin and his freinds questioned the people and as they were questioning them I put handcuff that i found from the ppl on the floor backpack and i prosseded to restrain them, As this being my first quetioning/robbery I took most of the stuff from them due to me only being geared with a magnum, due to me knowing handcuffing someone gives them my name i rp'ed it and told her my name and decided that they were not the people i head about and realesed one person to realese the rest and continued on our search for car supplies.