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  1. uSx

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    A big shout out to @Ducky, your friend (didn't get a name), @Craig and @Roman for the top-notch RP last night. Better late then never, the situation was tense and good. Can't wait to see the development.
  2. uSx

    Suggestion to edit Rule 4.7.

    Why not use the hostage as a gateway for a conversation? Take his radio, get up his mates trying to save him, tell them if they continue to shoot, hostage dies. After that you can start negotiations and do something unheard of: roleplay. If the moment people start taking shots they could just kill the hostage, it's essentially just PvP. There is no roleplay to be had in that scenario. Edit: just to clarify, that was a simple example. If demands are made in anyway with the hostages life at stake, and they are not respected, I'm fine with the kill. Simply executing the moment you take shots I am not fine with.
  3. uSx

    1.0 Countdown

    So I played on pub a bit: 1 - Game crashed on first launch 2 - 2 fps constantly 3 - Zombie glitched, attacked me from 20m away, and then ran off towards the sea 4 - Server crashed 5 - 2 fps 6 - Server crashed again Pretty fun game, 5 years worth the wait.
  4. uSx

    1.0 Countdown

    Less FPS, all I could ask for. Can't wait to hop ig for some awkward gear RP. I'm really excited about this 1.0 release. It's going to be a massive shitstorm
  5. uSx

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    This looks nice. Can't wait to drink with you lot. Good luck with this
  6. uSx

    S1: ABOGM/Potential KoS - GM/Summer Camp - 11/12/18

    As mentioned by @AndreyQ , you are not really involved in the situation. I do hope at @Nightwing makes a report if he is unpleased with the RP he has received. Please stop trying to push this report onto something else.
  7. uSx

    NToxRP’s facial stupidity

    Not Hitler looks kind of like Hitler.
  8. uSx

    Campfire Collection Version 1.

    I'm really enjoying that we have devs and get to add new items to the game, that is pretty awesome, and good job on all the hard work. I do have some concerns however about all of the bright colors, cyan, pink, violet variants for almost everything in this set. I'm a bit worried the loot tables will be flooded with these bright colored items that very few want to wear. It depends on the ratio I suppose, but still, slightly worried. Also not a fan of the OOC shirts, obviously. I hope we get an even more realistic variety of clothing soon, and can't wait to see some screenshots of the new items. (this triggers me)
  9. uSx

    Make clothing indestructible (ex. hats, glasses, masks, shirts, gloves, pants, and boots)

    I agree with this, don't remove the system, revert it back to when clothes wouldn't get ruined every few minutes. I'd also be happy with no ruined state, but no opposed to keeping it. Just reduce how quickly these items deteriorate.
  10. uSx

    S1: ABOGM/Potential KoS - GM/Summer Camp - 11/12/18

    You did not wait an appropriate time to come and attack us @Nightwing , this hostage wasn't even in yet, this wasn't even 2 minutes in. This was clearly taking advantage of the server restarting, attacking immediately after a few of yourself were logged in. I don't see how posting a report is "hiding behind rule armor". I suspect a rule-break, I post a report. There is no rule armor here, we did not use rules IG to our advantage in any way. I'm simply reporting broken rules, I'm sure this is what reports are intended for. Please tell me if I'm wrong. It's normal to look at the person you are going to report and get a clear view of the situation beforehand. We generally try to discuss these matters out before a report. It's quite difficult to do so when the hostage is not back in game. We would have been able to continue to RP and try to communicate with you during the attack, if we could have. Yes, this is your bad. It is your responsibility as a group owner to keep your CP up to date. From what I saw, this member was not in your group. It's a pretty simple case. I am astonished by your response here. It was quite clear on the IG chat that he had crashed. The fact that you do not see how we could be frustrated by this situation is quite surprising. You could have chosen to provide some quality RP, maybe killing one of us and trying to communicate, maybe re-initiate, anything else besides this, somehow actually roleplay. Instead, your group took advantage of a situation to run in and down everyone moments after a restart. It's clear to me what your intentions were. I'll let staff decide on a verdict. I'm sure logs will clarify this situation quite well, hopefully, you'll be able to understand my frustration.
  11. uSx

    Should drugs give you extra HP?

    No. I'd prefer to see soft skills like addiction kick in, shakes, etc.
  12. uSx

    S1: ABOGM/Potential KoS - GM/Summer Camp - 11/12/18

    Server and location: S1, Green Mountain - Summer Camp Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7:00 Your in game name: Xaver Kurnov Names of allies involved: @AndreyQ (Benedikt Farkas) / @Ron (Jiri Lanik) / @neom (Vania Bozik) / @Terra (Branka Hnat) / @DerrickStorm (Karel Landa) / @Finn (Dominik Reznicek) Name of suspect/s: @Nightwing (Raul Mendez) + 24th Blvd and Progorodki Street XII Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): (Footage provided by @DerrickStorm) Detailed description of the events: POV: We had taken @Nightwing hostage over at Green mountain after some hostilities with his character. We then brought him down to summer camp to further the RP. During this time, the server crashed. Moments after logging back in, we were waiting for @Nightwing to log back in since we noticed in chat he has crashed. During this period we cleared out the camp of zombies, and while we were still waiting for him to log back in we started taking shots. I heard over the radio that @Terra was being shot at. Eventually, we all started dying 1 by 1. I died trying to get one, don't think I hit him. My take on this: KOS: I see @Nightwing is not on the group CP. I don't see how the group could have gained KOS rights. Maybe dynamically, but we cleared the area pretty well taking the hostage, and saw no-one. ABOGM: While we were waiting for the hostage to log in, we get shot and killed barely 2 minutes after restart. We had also cleared the camp on arrival and saw no-one. Obviously waiting for someone to come back and RP we weren't even prepared again for anything, even though before the crash we had people checking most areas.
  13. uSx


    Everyone should be voting for my man @AndreyQ

  14. uSx


    AndreyQ is obviously the best, as it's a natural, unedited shot.
  15. uSx

    Require both text & VoIP initiations on vehicles

    Problem is, people initiate on vehicles that go 80km/h, + expecting them to stop. This generally won't happen. I don't feel text initiations is going to change anything to that. I'd argue that it makes NO rp sense to initiate on moving vehicles, as the driver, actually driving at "normal" speeds, would not hear people speaking outside. Maybe a vehicle moving extremely slowly is debatable, and I'm fine for text+voip in that specific scenario.