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  1. Dead Batteries [Recruitment Open][Active]

    Dead meme tbh
  2. Vova Kromski

    Vova and Matylda met many years ago in their home country, Poland. They both lived in a small trailer park outside of Warsaw. A few years later they were married, and had a single son, Iwo. Prior to the outbreak, Matylda had a dream about things related to Charnarus. The two packed their bags, took their son and headed to Chernogorsk. For weeks before the outbreak Matylda, Vova and Iwo spent their time outside of the town hall, protesting that "something" was going to happen, whilst profiting off of Matyldas psychic abilities with the locals nearby.
  3. Tomek Kyat

    Tomek Kyat has been a drug user for many years, living on the streets of Chernogorsk. He was obviously involved in numerous crimes in his drug abuse years, mainly in dealing heroin in the dark alleyways of Dubky. Now after weeks of being locked up in a squat he claimed as his own, he is ready to leave and face the new world.
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    Legend? Seriously?

    You don't deserve that title, I mean, who the hell are you anyways?

    Fiesta Parrot

    1. Oliv


      Finally, some one that agrees with me

    2. Rolle


      Please stop flaming my dear friend Staggs.

    3. Unknown Entity

      Unknown Entity

      I wasn't aware that Staggs had friends. Weird.

    4. Oliv


      “He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends.” — Oscar Wilde

    5. Stagsview


      Wow, frenchie go suck a cock you (insert politically correct way in insulting somebody as a homosexual).

    6. Unknown Entity

      Unknown Entity

      Image result for gay seal meme

    7. Stagsview



    8. Unknown Entity

      Unknown Entity


    9. Stagsview



  4. What We Can Do

    I keked.
  5. :PartyParrot: :SiestaParrot: :ImoutParrot:

    Rip Staggs. <3 (no homo).
  6. Well this is awkward

    So, the past 2 days have been very eventful. Although I'm sure many knew it was coming. I now officially know barely a handful of people in this community now, and haven't even played on the servers in the past 6 months. I have had a lot of fun times, good memories, and the best online experience I will ever have. And no I’m not joining the ban wagon, no memes here. I was going to write a lot of shit about DayZRP and how it should not focus on the $$ etc etc, but there is no real point honestly, it’s all downhill from now. @Shirothanks for making the family. We have our issues and will most likely never speak again, but still, a huge thank you. @Emile love you bud. @Staggs stop trying already, it’s over. It’s time to go meet Buddha. @Lankin get back on civ with us nerd. @AndreyQ See you on vinerp lolololol. @Pebbles I don't know how I forgot you, we gave you your name. I'm sure you'll spam me when you're lonely <3. A huge thank you to the Inmates / Broken, especially @Neszy, you all helped create a wonderful experience for ourselves and everyone else on the servers. Liska , buddha will always be in our hearts. I doubt there will be a lore-wipe version now, let’s keep the good memories we had. Don’t forget to have a glass of juice. New Era, we tried briefly, had some amazing moments, unfortunately this place was already dying and it didn’t work out. To all of those of March 1st, I hope your message gets heard. I do hope the personal attacks on people's physiques etc does stop though, that's just not cool. Goodbye DayZRP, this time I won’t be back. DayZRP is dead.
  7. Unknown Entity

    Theme song for the day:



    Damn, I thought no one gave a fuck about vehicles. How long did it take them to fix those? 2 months? More?
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    So you become Admin, and suddenly 13 people rip. Coincidence? I think not.

    Go back to being a useless LM plz kthx.

    1. Buddy


      Image result for there was a firefight gif

    2. Rolle


      Can confirm, it's all Staggs fault.

    3. Stagsview


      Aww dear.

    4. Unknown Entity

      Unknown Entity

      #BlameStaggs #Staggs4LM

  9. Unknown Entity

    Wow, wake up to mass suicide. Rip rip.

    All the good ones are almost gone.

  10. New website Premium perks

    I would like to see gifs disabled in mobile tbh. I never go on DayZRP anymore as long as I'm not on a wifi network. Even on wifi the speeds are horrible.
  11. Server 2 change

    No. Campfire RPers will get bored after a while, sure a nice safe haven where you can talk about your backstory in peace might be cool for 10 minutes, after that it will be extremely boring. Secondly, for the PVPers out there, they also enjoy RPing. Even with the campfire guys. However, if it's just hostile group against hostile group, people will get bored and hop on pubs or battlefield. All in all no safe zones or PVE server should never exist. We've had safe zones in the past, and they were shit. Separate the community even more is a sure death of these servers, especially since they're not doing the best right now. Suck it up, and learn to RP with hostile people, otherwise, the environment and lore you are provided is useless.
  12. Server 2 change

    So having a safe server is better then getting people to play on the same server? Nah. Every camp fire RPer would flock to S2, leaving S1 for pvp and banter. That's not what DayZRP needs.
  13. Important security announcement!

    Don't use the same password for random gaming sites and gmail etc :). Also @Rolle, is there no way to force people to change it? Like a prompt next time they visit the site?