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  1. sadface


    1. Unknown Entity

      Unknown Entity

      Thanks @Roland for the gift.

    2. DerrickStorm


      Well hoooow abooout youuu playyyyy. Miss ya...

    3. Unknown Entity

      Unknown Entity

      I tried to play 4 days ago, couldn't loot anything correctly (after spending 20 minutes trying to kill my female skin).


    4. DerrickStorm


      All I'm hearing are excuses! 😞

    5. Craig


      Hi friend

  2. Using OOC for RP. Not good. Also an easy way to metagame "Oh hey I want to raid X base, are they online?" "Hey lads, they are online, let's go prepare a trap around their base".
  3. Unknown Entity

    corpo 2.jpg

    What an amazing screenshot, good job, can you share your graphics settings?
  4. foca-gay.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    1. Ron


      woah woah woah. 

    2. Stagsview


      Suck my gay cock.

  5. Cool, I have a reason to start playing again. Thanks to the competent DayZ devs.
  6. And back to hibernation for the next year. glhf

    1. groovy patz

      groovy patz


    2. Stagsview


      You where not on hibernation? Kekke

    3. DerrickStorm
  7. Can't believe I wasn't chosen for the jail cell. I was mentioned once, so good interview.
  8. ur groovay

    1. groovy patz

      groovy patz

      Ur unknown tho

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