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  1. Unknown Entity

    Unknown Entity

    And back to hibernation for the next year. glhf

    1. groovy patz

      groovy patz


    2. StagsviewRB


      You where not on hibernation? Kekke

    3. DerrickStorm


      Who dis?

  2. Unknown Entity

    Interview With A Community Member: StagsviewRB

    Can't believe I wasn't chosen for the jail cell. I was mentioned once, so good interview.
  3. Unknown Entity

    • Unknown Entity
    • groovy patz

    ur groovay

    1. groovy patz

      groovy patz

      Ur unknown tho

  4. Unknown Entity

    Domorodci (Recruitment Open)

    tl;dr Best of luck nerds
  5. Unknown Entity

    Post your setups and specs!

  6. Unknown Entity

    Compensation for Unjust Bans

    "Financial" contribution will never happen. I agree with @neom and @Bot Elmo. More punitive actions towards staff who mess up. We all make mistakes, that is fine, but when you repeat the same mistakes, than there is clearly an issue. Appeals could also be handled quicker. It's a joke to be banned for 3 days, getting an appeal approved after 4 days. If anything, appeals should be prioritised over reports imo.
  7. Unknown Entity

    Failed Robberies Thread

    Yoinked, but you forgot to yoink all the gear.
  8. Unknown Entity

    • Unknown Entity
    • Craig

    Pls follow up on your memes ty

    1. Craig


      Sorry fellow Roleplayer uSxRB.

  9. Unknown Entity

    Community opinion

    I see multiple issues from both parties in all honesty: 1 - Neither of the two being initiated on showed that they were in any threat, sure, this can be justified by knowing a group has there backs, or previous interactions how they went etc etc, but in the end, you have a gun to your head. Some emotion is needed, unless everyone plays the same kind of character who has none. The "fuck you" was well funny, just maybe not the best reaction in that scenario. 2 - Both parties were clearly waiting for backup. Hence the chase, trying to meetup somewhere. On an OOC level, everyone knew it would turn into a firefight, that generally imo has a negative effect on the RP. 3 - Having one person running around in circles isn't realistic at all. It almost feels like your trying to communicate with a randomer on a pub server. The same goes for running around in circles right before initiating. That's pretty low, and I would consider that bad RP. 4 - The executions were a bit hasty in my opinion. It's quick and easy to say things like: "If we start taking shots, you are dead tell that to your guys" (paraphrasing obviously). It's a nice card to play, but maybe after some actual RP. Letting tensions build in these kind of scenarios can move the RP forward. Instead of killing one of you for speaking, a quick beating with a gun to the others head could have been more interesting, putting the both of you on your knees in front of the others in the bushes to see, trying to communicate over radio, etc etc. The kills just seemed to be the easiest path, once again, because everyone knew a firefight would break out. 5 - False report is a bit much here. In a case where there are clearly no rule-breaks sure, however the RP received (and given) is questionable, and needs to be taken into consideration. I fully understand why this behaviour was reported. 6 - Having a friend of the accused handling the report doesn't help. It would have been nice to see a non-biased staff member (if possible) do that report instead.
  10. Unknown Entity

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    From reading some posts on this thread, I'm getting this kind of vibe: - "Bandits" complaining it's hard to find people to roleplay with - "Survivors" complaining of constant hostilities/robberies/repetitive bandit behaviour. Up to now, this is the age old debate of hostile/non-hostile rpers. Nothing new. What I do also see though is that, thanks to base building, survivors are doing what they do best: hide away from high pop areas and survive. This means hostile rpers don't get to find as many survivors, making the server seem dead. Where is the issue? Of course people who constantly get robbed, killed, or worse, end up in hiding. On an ooc level this obviously means more internal rp, or rp with specific other like minded groups. I think this is a great thing, if anything, it makes sense and feels real. As for the hostile rpers, what is preventing you from changing your approach? Instead of roaming around in large groups looking for prey, why not split up, act innocent, gather information on settlement locations, alliances etc? This would lead to a potential attack on a settlement, hopefully for you with a surprise, and generate some great rp for both parties.
  11. Unknown Entity

    • Unknown Entity
    • Finn

    Clearly you are shadowbanned from DayZRP.

    1. Finn



  12. Unknown Entity

    Dead Batteries [Selective Recruitment]

    Wow no invite for me. Best of luck nerds. -- Age: 12 Country(Timezone): GMT+00 DayZRP Experience: Some experience Previous Clans: Shit groups, not worth mentioning Experience with Russia/Russian culture: I too would like to rule the world one day Explain to us what you understand from the lore: TLDR. I don't read the lores I write, won't read this one. What is your favourite 80’s track? Why would you like to join us?: Because friends Your activity in a week: None, I pretend to have a life Brief backstory: Jesse but Russian/Chernorussian (whatever works in the lore) Character skills: Drugs What role would suit you best?: Drug addict Suggestions for the group: Accept my application Extras: Love you
  13. Unknown Entity

    Unknown Entity

    This place grew, probably more developers here than on the actual Bohemia team.

  14. Unknown Entity

    What do you listen to ?

    @neom made me a massive fan
  15. Unknown Entity

    The Kirby Council

    I have been invited to join the council. I have proof if needed. Please do not hesitate to ask your questions, the council shall review them.
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