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  1. Still waiting for those pics, Maple They are reserved for me sorry fam. Too bad i've seen them first :^)))
  2. I can't even ya'll tryna roast me when the picture is a joke. Pls.
  3. Nice try doe. I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ hey im a white girl what do you expect :^)
  4. baltimore MD! last year of otakon there, next year is D.C Oh yeah I thought that was Baltimore, that was my favorite convention center I've been to so far. Went there a few months ago. I love it! That was last month I went and I've gone since 2012, love love love it. Are you going to next years? I was there :0 those pikachu's were so cute Ahhh are you going next year?
  5. Preeeetty sure I recognize that convention center baltimore MD! last year of otakon there, next year is D.C
  6. What kind of a dab is that? Dab game Weak. yo i tried okay pikachu's struggling too
  7. DaniDestruction

    I fell in love! ~Story Time~

    Story of the year. 10/10