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  1. Ban appeal | S1: POSSIBLE RDM/CL

    Thank you. I will keep an eye on the topic.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S1-possible-RDM-CL-18-07-2016-21-54?pid=1509090#pid1509090 Why the verdict is not fair: I just arrived back from a, sorry for offtopic, vacation in Italy. I get back and see that I've been indefinitely banned for not responding to a report. I have not been near a laptop, neither have I ever imagined I would get reported for my actions. Report: My side of the story: Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: In the situation I felt like I had to shoot to not be killed. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: If I am lucky enough that you can see the situation from my POV, I would like to get un-banned. I have never in all of my 1200 hours of DayZ had so much fun with the game, than with DayZRP. With my hours logged playing regular public PVP, I have evolved some reflexes, that I am really trying to work on, so my play-style fits RP and the friendly side of RP as much as I possibly can. If I get un-banned, you will NEVER receive another report towards me. I have re-read all the rules, so I can work on becoming one of the best RP'ers out there. What could you have done better?: I should have talked to the guy. I should have kept my cool, and talked the situation out. Looking back, I can see that my actions were wrong. But also, I must admit that in the moment, I did what I felt I had to do. If I get un-banned, I will try and work on keeping my cool, and speaking to anybody before judging the situation. I feel sorry for my actions, and wish to have many more hours to come on this well build community. Regards, Kristian "Captain Krelle" Jensen
  3. My first real DayZRP experience. God I love this!

    I agree. The intention was never to kill him, but to let him go in the direction we told him. I guess he didn't know we were watching his steps as he pulled out his gun.
  4. My first real DayZRP experience. God I love this!

    Thanks! Yea, I'm looking forward to do a lot of RP with people I meet. Thanks! DayZRP is a world of fun and experiences. This has opened a whole other world of playing for me. I'm looking forward to a lot of great hours, and a lot of experiences on here.
  5. My first real DayZRP experience. God I love this!

    You should be able to now. I had it to "hidden" for some reason.
  6. Hello fellow survivors! I just wanted to share my first ever DayZRP experience with you. It is a 1 hour long video shortened down to 6 min, and is basically nothing special. The quality is horrible because I was livestreaming it, but is fixed for future videos. This is my very first time trying to edit a video, so please bear with me. Just wanted to share this with you - there are a few funny moments. And for the record - sorry Abroom, but when you open fire against friendly-robbers, you get what you deserve! Thanks for watching, and I hope you like it even though the quality is beyond bad.