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  1. I think the comments of "Bring back the good old days!" were made just because it was exactly that. Maybe people have moved on from TS and maybe my narrow outlook on using discord needs to change as many comments were also made like " TS is dead and is old " and in that sense maybe I'm just comfortable with something that I've used for so long and have to get out of that habit. But no one can deny that it was the good old days where the community was all in one place and not separated into 500 discords. And in the sense of the comment of "If you want a tighter community, build one" this thread/topic is trying to do that. Trying to find a way to once again bring everyone into one mass VOIP using service and not be so separated. I 1000% agree with this. It had the feeling of people mingerling and just the outlook of the community being a community. +1 Maybe not a trail with TS then, as many people have moved over to discord and think that TS is dead which rightfully so is a fact. Maybe just and have people use the channels within discord a bit more as many people are craving that social aspect from the community once again. As someone within this thread maybe adds the group channels back to encourage the use of the discord channels a bit more. As stated throughout this thread people are not missing the TS but most of all the aspect of having a place for everyone to socialize.
  2. Fair enough I see your point, I just feel like at this point people have just given up on the fact that there is no longer going to be a TS because it's been shut down so many times just due to sheer fact that dikscord is free and people have just given into the fact there will be no change. I fully agree with you, and I feel like i said above thats out issue. People have just been denied something for so long they have given into the fact they can't have it. But if that's what the people want they thats what they want. Sadly Discord pros do out way the TS pros for sure and no one can deny that fact. But you can also not deny that TS was more used and popular with people. And also brought people together. I really do think having a trial phase and see how it works out is the best as people really wanted it before and now due to being told no some many times they have given up. Fair enough.
  3. [ I know I went on a ramble but all information said is important ] I know the dreading topic of TeamSpeak has been spoken about plenty of times now and I just want to put forth some things that haven't been said within the threads that I was reading back in 2019 and I feel should be put forth to try and push for some kind of change and hopefully help the community to become more of a community that interacts with each other not only on the forums but by speaking to one another again. From the previous topic that was made [ That can be found here ] more people voted for yes then no, and from reading it seems people just said no but felt that TS had a lot to offer too and didn't mind either or just thought that discord had much more to offer in differnt aspects which I do not disagree with. But 65.98% of people that voted on that poll said yes smashing out the 34.02% that said no out the park but still there was no "test" or something put in place to see what could of been done to maybe see if things would of played out better for the commuinty if TS was once again used. I just wanted to make some vailed points in my eyes that would put TS on the map again and hopfully be used as religiously when I was around. [ Commuinty Interaction ] [ RP through TS ] [ Rules and Regulations ] [ Pros & Cons ] [ Payment ] Community Interaction when TS was around back in the day was at an all-time high. When I went on there early in the morning or even late at night there would always be someone in there ready to talk and jump in an open room with to strike up a conversation and make friends within a community that has a huge player base. This is how I got the group of friends I played with at the time and it just sailed smoothly from there on out I was introduced to a lot more people and we all played together, now this cannot happen as no one is in the discord to talk too and also everyone has there own little TS servers or Discord severs that they use now, which in retrospect is pulling the community members into a mass number of places and not as a unit or in other words not as one which in hindsight is also not what a community is. Our core values and what staff strive for is everyone getting along and playing within an environment that everyone can talk and express there thoughts and feelings. Not using a place to openly speak and have a conversation with one another but only through the means of text how is one supposed to get fully involved like as much as when TS was around and people could have a conversation and "sort" things out as easily as when TS was the main hub for people to speak to one another. If people have finally found someone to talk to OOC this only allows this said person to be pushed to one of the many corners of the community, meaning into someones private TS or Discord server and to only communicate to others through the means of the forms. I don't like the sound of that I would much prefer it to be once again were people that can jump into TS and you can see who's in the open channels sitting there and just like before see that the person you only have met IC is on TS, you wanna say that you had an outstanding time in-game so you jump into the room and strike up a conversation and from this, I truly believe this will bring the community back together slowly but surely and once again have one dedicated place for people to speak to on another. This also allows new players to meet other new players and not stay within their little "clicks". Overall I truly saw TS as a bridge to interact more with people of the community. And I do feel and so do many others feel like that bridge has been torn down but for what reason? RP through TS might be a random section to place here but trust me it's valid. As stated by many people around the community from a mass number of topics and status updates that I briefly came across they miss the RP that they could have through TS. I have been on the end of a hostage negotiation from both sides, and there is nothing like the feeling of jumping into a group TS channel full of the opposing faction and speaking in the voice of your character to try and get your friend back or try and sell the other player off to the opposing side. This made for some outstanding roleplay within TS and made hostage negotiations that much more fun and intense to do. I miss those days and many of you do too. Also from doing some digging there had been many small events held in TS for big groups to come together, leaders and key people of that said faction, and voice there opinions on the matter of the land and act as a council. This could hugely work in the favour of bringing the community back together and also create even more RP through the means of TS. Things that are said and done within that " council session " could also have major effects on in-game. This could hugely impact the world that we play in if this was once again done and I can't see why we can't once again try it even if we don't get TS back. It's been a very long time since I've looked at the rules and regulations from back in the day, meaning around 2016, and I might get things wrong so I would appreciate anything I say wrong under this section be corrected by others. I believe back in the day you was allowed to talk to the others through TS only if you had a radio that worked on you just like the rules state to this day. But what made it even better is that if you were joining the sever it would be a requirement for you to jump into TS while playing, again if this wasn't the case then I truly believe that this should be the case just due to the nature of again bringing the community together and also helping the staff out with any ongoing reports and said people can be easily pulled or ask by the poking feature to come into a room. This made staffs lives from the outside looking in a lot easier as everyone is in one place. Things, of course, need to be spoken about if this could work but I thought I would place it here just to throw out some opinions and what could be done to achieve what the main goal is here and that is making a community a community again. Pros and Con's. Now, this section is all up for debate because people will have there own feelings about certain things that I'm about to say but all information will be taken from multiple websites that I will link at the bottom of this topic, so you can see where I got my information from and why I said the things that I did and also give my thoughts and opinions on the matter as well. I'm gonna try and cover most things that I think is important for the community and for the reason as to why people will or won't want to use TS or discord. Teamspeak helps with those people with lower-end computers out there just due to sheer fact that it uses a lot fewer resources to run then discord. It might not be a problem for all people but think that this could make a major difference to someone else's computer. Teamspeak also has a very basic UI to understand. Its looks may not be great but it's simple and easy to use. Voice in some way is similar to discord but TS allows you to change quality settings to a higher degree than Discord ( Discord is capped at 96kbps) - so Teamspeak is often higher quality. Many people have used TS already due to sheer fact that it's been around for longer so most people or maybe all are accustomed to using such service. Going back to UI and the simplicity of how it looks and functions of it can be of great benefit for new and old people using it. TS is some way straight forward and the rooms and things that TS provides is simple and pretty good, to say the least. The way the last TS sever was set up was well done and it was again simple and straight to the point. Teamspeak Con's is pretty also straight forward. It's not a free service over 64 slots. Which put's it at a huge disadvantage over discord. The UI can also come into play as a con. Some people don't like the simple look and much prefer the way that discord is set up and can offer a lot more in the way it looks and just the overall versatility of the colours and aesthetic it brings to the table. Teamspeak like stated above has a pretty much plain look to it and doesn't give off a very good aesthetic. Things also like GIFS and such are not allowed in the messaging system on Teamspeak. and the text playing filed is pretty lacklustre. Discord on the other hand has a lot to give. The sheer amount of more functions that you can do on discord outweighs the amount you can do on TeamSpeak. It's a free service no matter the number of people you have on your server which therefore saves @Roland money in the long run. It also has a lot more functions to give the community as shown by the photo below. Also, some say that it is easier to use. People have said that the way that you set up a discord sever / community is a lot easier and quicker than on TeamSpeak. Moving onto the cons of Discord, There is not a lot I can find on this other than that people want more features added to discord. But from the cons of a community member aspect, no one is using the open rooms and talking to another. Yes, people are using the other features like the community chat section and the fun section but these can all be moved to the website to have more interaction on the website and more people moving over there to do stuff other than discord taking that limelight away from the actual website. Overall for the section, I see why @Roland went over to discord because of the price and the way that discord function gives you a lot more to use and betters the community and its members in ways that TeamSpeak cannot. But from doing this I have seen a massive drift between players. New players can no longer sit in the newcomer channel on TS and have people come in and talk to them. If you haven't seen the massive change with this then I'm, not sure what to say to you other then you should have been around when TS was booming with hundreds of people a day. Payment is a touchy subject I get it but as a community, if something is wanted that betters the interaction between community members then there should be no hesitation of trying to make something work when most of the members want it. Once again people have said that they are willing to help give there TS channels up for the sever. This is how much people want this change and are dedicated to making the community one again. As @Roland is no longer paying for the service of TS this money is been used or held else where which is understandable and I'm not hating in any way for this being done as efforts needed to be focused elsewhere when TS was removed. But if payment is not an issue and the money once used to fund for TS is still in play then I can't see why we can't push for a trial run for a month to see if there is any change in the use of Discord and Teamspeak. And at the end of this month trail come back and see if people like or dislike the change and then this topic will no longer be needed to be spoken about as the community has come to a final decision. I appreciate you all reading this long post and I would like you to add anything that I have missed. And just overall see if you would also like a trail month period to see if everyone would wanna use TS again in the long run.
  4. I still see the point you are trying to make and think that the original statement that you made was clear and It might have been the way I worded it that may of confusing things. But I think I still stand by my point of that I really do understand that this might be an issue for you but for those people that are "new" or even in my case an "old" roleplayer around these parts I still nowadays get really bad anxiety when approaching players. Just like @Tewudin said across multiple posts on this thread that hesitation comes into play when approaching people and I stand with him on that point. To this day I still am super scared OOC to approach players or go to places that have a high population of people because I know that my heart will start going and my OOC anxiety will affect me IC, this is probably why I play a very scared sounding character that mainly keeps to himself and has a really bad stammer. I just overall feel like your opinion is valid don't get me wrong but some people just have really bad anxiety and I understand how that feels. You can't fualt someone in that aspect but of course if it comes into play with rule breaks then that's a different situation.
  5. [IGNORANCE , FEAR , LOOTING] I agree with the points that you have made, personally, I haven't had someone run past me as of yet just to get somewhere in a hurry. But I would understand as to why that would be frustrating just due to the nature of a lot fewer people on the sever nowadays and meeting someone in-game, from my experience, is little to none and encountering someone after a couple of hours of playing and having them say that they are in a hurry and trying to avoid you is pretty underwhelming. I would just try and grab a name and shoot them over a PM here on the forums and try and explain your frustration due to the fact of him/her just not wanting to talk and roleplay with you. I understand that you would probably want to report said player but I truly believe in just pulling someone aside and having a conversation before creating bad tension both parties involved. If you run into them again and they do the same thing then they haven't learned and, in my eyes, this would then be understandable to take it further. Gear RP has always been and will always be somewhat of a problem again in my eyes there is no way of avoiding it. Everyone that plays a game that you have to grind for you gear for hours and especially have certain things for your character to work out in RP situations of course someone is going to be pissy if they die or feel some type of way just because of the sheer amount of hours they put into finding that stuff. This is me not defending people that have the mentality that gear is everything because I don't get attached to my gear as I know I would probably lose it to being robbed or killed but not everyone is like that. It's just a thing that people with that mindset won't sadly change but instead, you can change it around and make or try to make some great roleplay out of these types of situations. Follow them and try to understand why they are in a rush Ask if you can tag along and then branch off when he gets close to his "group" Teach him a lesson about lying to you These are just random things you could do to try and make it more enjoyable for both of you. Of course, there is a lot more than I haven't said but that is up to the creativity that you wanna make. Within everyone situation, there is always a chance to make the roleplay a great encounter. [IGNORANCE , HIDING] With the situation with the 4 people that were looking at you, I just feel like you can't fault them for not coming your way just because there was only two of you. They might have been doing something or anything for that matter that needed them to stay in that location and to carry on the roleplay/storyline that they were having. Also, I wouldn't put it on the fact that they didn't want to approach you just solely on the bases of losing their gear, again they might have been doing something that didn't allow them to move from that position. I agree with that the fact that most people hang around the school and the bar. And I do also question where are the other 40+ people in the sever and where can I find the roleplay to carry on my storyline. There is no longer the "triangle" from what I've found out from talking to people and being in-game. The triangle was a place everyone would go and you would for sure find people roleplaying there and most of the time you would run into a hostile situation and then you would be dragged in on it, those were the good old days. But now everyone is spread out and lone people and sometimes big groups can't find each other or just don't run into people as often which could make it boring for some. [ SECTION 2 ] I can't say I agree with some of the points you made here. Newcomers have the right to jump into the game and be nervous to meet other people in-game as my first week or so when I was new I was shitting myself as I didn't know anyone and I was just coming to terms with how everyone played and sussing everyone out. They are new and they are gonna make mistakes and play in a playstyle for a little while that accommodates to them and after a while, they will break out there shell and become more comfortable. Give them time to find their feet. Pointing them in the right direction of guides & the newcomer guide will help them a lot. ( Still +1 on most of the points you made. )
  6. I personally haven't been in-game yet to "test" out the NPC traders, but from what I'm reading on here and just from coming up with my personal opinion I think that player-run trading seems to make more RP sense. Like the OP said in his original post "and not enhancing the RP whatsoever, more times, it is decreasing the quality of RP that I have encountered" I can see why this could be a huge issue. In the past, I've been apart of outstanding trading groups that have made places like green mountain hotspots and many other places around the map. These groups established compounds that had people coming and going whenever I was on, and I was on a lot. Further to add, most places had separate sections for different people to set up and sell and also medical sections for doctors to help those in need as these places were seen as hotspots. Just overall player-run trading created immense roleplay back in the day and mercenary groups would sometimes be founded solely on the purpose to protect these trading hotspots. Of course, issues came from having player trading but that's RP, I'm sorry to say that if you don't like being robbed for your things then I don't think you understand that these things would happen within the apocalypse. I can't fathom the amount of time's I've had some of the best roleplay from going into player-owned trading spots around the map. And also some of the best hostage roleplay as well. The diplomacy that was created from these player-run spots had a massive impact on a large portion of the sever around the time. I just love roleplaying due to the fact of interacting with others and the realisticness that comes from doing so. Lastly, if player-owned traders are not online then again that's something that you would need to wait on in-game. From a realistic point of view, you are not going to be able to find what you want when you want it. Wait for the people to come on and then go ahead and shoot your shot again. Maybe by putting one NPC trader would paint way for more player-run trading and overall just more people trading between one and other in-game.
  7. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Carrying the last name of a prestigious, Upper-Class family feels like carrying heavy silver platted armor, my weapon carried within my weak hands fending off the words my mother assaults me with. Within the shadows my father hides away, he himself scared of the assault outgoing. My plated armor once strong and solid begins to dull and show its wear. On October 11th, 1999 I was woken by the sound of my alarm. My heart pounding from my chest I felt every pulse vibrate through my body. As I sat up in bed my eyes adjusted themselves to the light gleaming through my window. I fumble for my glasses, checking the ground and also within my tangled bed sheets. My heart finally stabilizing itself, I can no longer feel it thumping on my ribcage as I feel my lifeline within my hands. Blurred vision finally becomes 20/20 I can see my room and the light that once blinded me. Finally coming to some consciousness I threw myself on the side of my bed, as I sat there for a couple of minutes I started to hear rattling and banging coming from downstairs. The noise felt so close I had no idea why I had such an obnoxious case of hypersensitivity. I clenched the banister as I slowly shifted down the stairs towards my parents. As I took the last corner and approached them the feeling of dread overwhelmed me, I paused and slight hesitation took over my body before entering the dining room. Once a place of love and compassion turned to a place of shadow and gloom. I remember as a child running through the large scale dining room with bruises on my knees from playing outside in the garden with my local friends. It was a place of solitude for most of the family and it was where we spent the most time with everyone that my parents invited over. From my eyes, as a kid, it was my kingdom and I was the King. Now in my teenage years, my crown has fallen from my head, I'm no longer the king but more like a traitor. As I take my last steps into the dining room I become visible to my parents. My father, Kevin Williams a man that lives and breathes work. Sometimes I felt like his work was more important than I ever was. Since I was young he would carry his backpack with many papers inside, sometimes overflowing and falling onto the floor. I once gripped a piece of paper that fell within my hands and read it before he noticed. My face turned red after reading and seeing the horror that was on the paper, I was in that much shock it felt like I was rooted to the ground. I didn't know what my father did for work it was always a mysterious thing. He would dress in a suit, looking sharp and in pristine condition at all times. His looks and the way he came across to people was of most importance to him. The paper I once held onto, snatched away from me. I knew I was going to be told off for doing such a thing, A child shouldn't have to brace themselves for a slap across the face but I knew that was coming. As I looked up into my father's eyes I begged with no words but an expression. He too knew what was going to unfold in a matter of seconds. The sound of heels across white stained marble flooring was the worst sound that I could hear coming towards me. One might describe such feeling as death coming closer and closer to drag you into the dark depths of hell and that's how it truly felt. My Mother Julie Williams, a woman who I describe as the ferocious grim reaper, the joker in a pack of cards a woman with a piercing look that could kill. A woman that wreaks havoc wherever she goes. The secrecy that loomed off my mother was unbearable to be around she would be taking a lot to her grave. The sharp sensation I felt across the back of my head felt like being hit with a belt, my mother's hands looked like they could give the love aphrodite gave to her children and lovers, an embrace that was so wholesome and compassionate changed even the most aggressive men. But little did people know that this was not the case, instead of using her hands for love they would be used for aggression and violence not only against me but my father too. That day she left for work she left me on the floor crying, she didn't have any sympathy for me she often told me to "Man up" or "What you want to do in life is weak, you should carry on the family business instead of doing what you want". A day wouldn't go by without her reminding me that I was digging the family name into the ground and she also had to sacrifice what she wanted to do in life for the greater good of the family. At that moment in my life, all I wanted was for her to disappear and leave me alone. Little did I know that was the last day I was ever going to see her walk back through the door. To this day my mind is conflicted on how to feel, it feels like a constant battle of mixed emotions racing through my mind a million miles an hour. Sometimes I can't stand or focus because my mind is so conflicted with itself. I still can't put pen to paper to write about what happened to her, maybe one day I will but today isn't that day. At the age of 33, I was working beside one of my closest friends and colleague at the time Dr. Kevin Roberts. I approached him fresh out of medical school at the age of 27 with my F-2 training under my belt. I was in London desperately trying to find a job within emergency medicine. I sat at home every day looking online and emailing hundreds of doctors a day to give me a chance to be an understudy and help progress within my career. I wanted to learn with my hands in my free time and do my studying alongside my physical training. He took me on thankfully and said that he saw something in me that he didn't see in anyone else. This was the first bit of luck I've had since my mother passed. Life wasn't treating me to kindly before this moment, it felt like some higher power knew how I was feeling and what I said to myself on that day of my mother passing and was throwing it back in my face to show how much of a horrible person I was for thinking those things. He slowly painted the pathway of my life for me and helped me immensely with being someone within The Royal London Hospital. I completed my training in different sections of the hospital. For my first 2 years, I helped within the ICU. I helped many critically ill patients with, at risk of, or recovering from, potentially life-threatening failure of any of the body's organ systems. I would normally help bring the patients in and set them up within a room. After doing so be able to talk and help with any ongoing emergencies or issues that they had. Within my time in the ward, I helped and learned about drugs that were used in certain situations. Saved lives by redressing wounds and helping infections slow down and flush out body. The job for me was hard but that's why I loved it, seeing people in pain is horrible, and packing my bag to go home on a 14-hour shift some days was hard. You leave that building every day not knowing if there is going to be an empty bed when you walk back in from a patient you were laughing and joking with a couple of hours prior. I broke down multiple times in the ICU. Things that you don't wanna see your face every day. In other words, your face your demons walking into work, and when you walk back out, It felt like having someone on your back and lugging around the weight of people's sadness, grief, and hopelessness that they most likely will never get to see there love ones again. I knew my passion for the job started when a woman by the name of Molly came in, She had been in a car crash and she was in the hospital for a couple of days now fighting for her life. When in a stable condition she was placed within room 104. Weeks passed and she had no signs of waking up any time soon. I was sitting at the desk at 2 am trying to keep myself awake and doing paperwork when I heard a faint hello come from her room. A pulse of adrenaline hit me and I ran into her, She started to breathe heavy and panic I had to sit with her and calm her down until 4:30 am and try and explain where she was and what happened to her. After reassuring her that she was in safe hands and that everything was fine she slowly started to go back to sleep. My heart was racing throughout that interaction it was the first time I had someone alone to look after. My shift ended and I packed up to go home, this feeling of uncertainty loomed over me and I felt like something was off. I went back into the ICU and saw 3 doctors in her room trying to save her life. It felt like I was back by my moms beside when doctors ran in to try to save her. I couldn't watch this go down and ran into the room trying to help but they said I was in the way and that I had to leave. I sat outside her room until the doctors finished, I was praying that she was going to be fine and stable. An hour went by and then two and then three. I fell asleep on the chair outside the room and was woken by the door opening, I was in a light sleep that night. All 3 doctors came out of the room with an expression that I will never forget. The expression of failure and death. I broke down as I felt it was my fault I could have noticed that something was off given her the right drug to help prevent something like this from happening. But I was reassured that there was nothing I could have done. It was just a matter of time before something happened to her. The first few nights were the hardest, seeing the number of people that were feeling ill and didn't know what to do with themselves was horrible and devastating. As a team, we helped as much as we could with the little that we had. Supplies were running extremely low and we couldn't keep up with the number of people that were coming in day in and day out. The government started to set up camps within the most populated areas and luckily enough we were based within a major city called Elctro. The city was that big that they set up multiple camps around the large-scale city and from that happening we were spilt around the city to cover as much as possible. I never seen anything like it before the flu that struck so hard and started to weaken people as fast as it did was shocking. The military would commonly walk around the camps and see what was going on, taking people out there beds to house for new sicker people to come in. It got that bad I started to step over people sleeping on the floor. We were working around the clock, some days until the early hours of the morning. News spread like wildfire around the city of Elctro and a local woman passed the information onto the team saying that borders were closing and people were not allowed to leave the country due to the widespread of the infection. The team went into a panic and started to call loved ones and was hoping that one day they could go back home and see their children one day again. Lilly had to bring the team together and reassure that we could leave when the job was done no matter what the government said. I felt slight hesitation from her voice but her words helped those that were in a state of panic. I pulled her aside a couple of days later and called her out on lying to the group, she promised me that the company that she was working for had strong power and could help us leave when the job was done. It left me with many questions to ask but before I could she said to not say anything to the group or it would just panic them again. Her expression on her face seemed off, I knew that she was a strong woman but on that day I saw that she was scared too. The government started to put more and more restrictions in place to help people stay away and not getting infected by this flu. The local shops we went to for our food started to close and only some remained open. Many shops were closed within a few hours of the information being said by the government. Many locals that wherein the camps seeking medical aid were set home as they were deemed safe to do so, I tried to stop one from going home as he looked very ill still and he seemed very weak but soldiers shouted and screamed in my face to let him go. News again spread around the city, people that were sent home started to become violent and were attacking soldiers and civilians alike. You can feel the tension within the air growing between soldiers and people within the city. It felt like everyone was going to turn on each other, I felt scared for my life and wanted to go to the comfort of my home back in London. By May 10th, Most of the doctors within our group were taken by military personnel into a safer place for us to work and do our job. Many of the camps that I was working in I saw being taken down and relocated with us. By the end of the month, the camp was once again filled with people, they started to have enough of the conditions and started to seek help elsewhere. Many people got separated from the group when being transferred. I was all alone and didn't see anyone from the group but I still help as much as a could. People started to become restless and those that were infected with the flu started to become violent. Military personnel started to be attacked and overrun by the infected people and gunfire started to go off. I ran for my life leaving everything behind. The forest seemed like a place of safety so I headed there. And here I am now sitting by a tree for the past week or so, I'm not sure how many days it's been now, to be honest with you, I've lost count. I'm too scared to see what the world has come to, what people have become. But I know by writing this I have to try and seek help and maybe start to help others again.... Adaptability: Medical: Leadership: Cooking: Fishing: Weapons: Survival Skills: - [STANDBY] - Establish a place of "safety" for people to seek medical attention. - [STANDBY] - Find a place to inhabit for medical personnel to work. - [STANDBY] - Recruit 5+ medical personnel to work at the compound. - [STANDBY] - Establish a trustworthy network of "Runners" to help those in need around the country - [STANDBY] - Find People or groups to aid in protection of said compound. - [STANDBY] - Insure a safe working environment for my medical staff. - [STANDBY] - Have a strong presence around the country. - [STANDBY] - Insure to have fresh food & water on site at all times. - [STANDBY] - Make sure all medical services are free of charge.
  8. Thank you Elmo, hopefully I run into you in game when I get whitelisted. Where does everyone talk nowadays TS seems to be gone Of course I’m gonna make a doctor character. I was hoping to bring back Dr.Stone with the new lore wipe but I’m not sure if I’m allowed? im glad you have lovely memories of my character lmao. That was a super good rp session. Hopefully I’ll see you in game and this time it’s not me getting my hand chopped off.
  9. Well, The title says it all really. I'm glad to be role playing with some new and familiar faces again. Some may remember me from playing the stuttering doctor called Dr.Stone. Cant wait to jump back into roleplaying after 3 years being away :D
  10. Can we all just notice that western is hitting the mcrossbar they load with beans lately. Who's making it ran on him?   

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      @Buddy why is it every status you comment under someone gets permed...

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      My path leaves a wake of death and destruction everywhere I go

      So who's profile should I post on next........ :trolle:

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  11. @SmartPlayerZ Like Elmo said and as i see this is the most voted answer so if you feel like your answers has been answered then please tick the big circle tick looking thingy by @Elmo's name or someone else and then if will show that this questions has been answered thank you.
  12. I don't understand? You say and i quote you from your own thread the following " this wasn't some fail roleplay, it was simply someone exploiting the game mechanics in an attempt to essentially troll my group. Something that I did not expect on a whitelist roleplay server " Now Buko can i remind you that this is the apocalypse that we are roleplaying in right? You take what you want when you want it from a real life standpoint if this ever happened. I will understand where you are coming from if said person came into your camp not talking to you at all and just going through your stuff but that's not the case. Yes like you said this is a roleplay server and in the past many people have put things in a real life standpoint or Point of view and this will happen no matter what this is called survival at its best. Yes this might of been shitty to lose some gear that you have found and you took time to set up these things but again the game and this rp server is not all about GEAR! Also like you said a rival group and you would not want to do this to someone else if they were your rival. Now just using @Western here because IC'ly is i found his base i would trash it and leave a note saying not mess with me again. This is building roleplay between that group and again if we are brining s real life standpoint on this thread then this would have happened to anyone leaving free shit around. At the end of the day is a game and this sever is about role play and yes you might say that the camp was for some good old campfire rp but come on you even said yourself you had a SVD in one of the tents and maybe countless other high powered rifles in there. Just have fun within the server and other people if you are rping right then you will know IC'ly and OOC'ly that there is always a threat out there.
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    Happy Birthday @Solo  

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      Thanks Bradlo :D 

  14. Red looks good on you! 

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    Congrats on the promotion! 

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      Sucking up gets no special treatment.

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      Post Parrots around on the forums...then you gain my favor...


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      When a parrot has been spammed...I grow more in strength.

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