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  1. @MrDolly, I believe this is you standing outside yours and Jacksons bar Supply Drop event for the group. @Lettuce & @IosephusQ Chilling by the campfire @Realize bullying @IosephusQ and stealing his Dax @YAKMOUTH, @HDragon, @AlkisLR, @Elrod, @cjackson821 The Coalition first meeting at the hospital @JasonBR, @BeanMama GM Attack.
  2. I voted yes to this tbh, I was apart of the programme and I feel like I have changed so much from when I first got banned that was now 3 / 4 years ago. Like the OP said people change and their actions back in the day should not hold them back from being a better person now. There actions of course should show through the means of player activity and interactions with other members for a long period of time. I would love to join staff and show that even though that I was a childish idiot back in the day that people can truly be different. I have spoken to many people that are in staff and out of staff about this to and have really shown a difference in how things have changed within the 3 / 4 years I was gone. Like others have said it should be a case by case situation and not everyone should be allowed in. But if you get enough people to say " yeah this person has changed enough to join " then I don't see why SOME people from the programme should not be able to join.
  3. * Dr Williams hears the conversation over the radio as he is sorting through the tents at the hospital. * Mr. Jason, Jackson ah yes Jackson that's your name good sir? You was a distraction for them? I'm very confused you seemed to be on the other side of the battlefield. How can this be? Hopefully this is not true. * He would let go off the PTT button *
  4. * Elijah would be sitting at his desk, looking outside and listening to distant chatter of the people outside, he would smile and adjust his glasses on his face as he hears a man's voice come through his radio * Hello Good sir? This is Dr. Williams from the Asclepius hospital in berezino. I have heard a lot about that place bad of course but I'm not the person to judge if I haven't seen it myself, I would love to come by and talk with you and others that attend. Will this be peaceful meeting or do I have to bring someone. I'm a peaceful person and the hospital is natural ground I'm not so sure about this Black lake from what I have been hearing. I just want to make sure myself and whoever I bring will be safe. Please come back to me with a time and I'll confirm with you if I can do it or not, I'm a busy man and taking time away from the hospital can be hard for me, I hope you understand. * You would hear him talk to someone in the background " What is this Chernarus United factions " The radio would go silent *
  5. Welcome @Inferno to the security team. And Congratulations to @Realize for being promoted to Security leader Welcome also @zizoline to the security team.
  6. @Scout thomas, don't feed @DrMax ego it's already big enough
  7. As the days passed by and the hospital was running low on supplies, the doctors joined together and set an idea in motion to discover if one of the radio towers would work to reach an outside source for support. Dr. Isaac Sutton, a well-established man within the country, knew that HARO, an organisation that formerly supported these lands with the virus could send supplies to assist the hospital in ways that no other individual could. For days they rested around a roaring campfire drawing up blueprints and assembling intelligence on radio towers within the country. The time eventually arrived to set out and seek aid and get in contact with the people in Moscow. As they were drawing up their designs, they identified many radio towers within the region that could assist in reaching people outside the country. Wire and gasoline were carried while travelling to the first location called Altar. As the doctors came close to command centre, they spotted an enormous number of infected around the building. A woman slowly emerged on top of the roof and cried for help. The infected banging on the doors and crawling at the brick to attack and catch the woman. The staff team and a member of security rained bullets down on the infected, clearing a pathway for them to establish contact with the woman. She seemed to be in distress and her clothes were shredded, merely leaving small volumes of fabric behind. The wintry weather was getting worse every day and the snow would creep at your skin if uncovered, the elements within this country can kill people within a matter of moments but as the cold slowly torn away at the woman’s skin she appeared not to be irritated by it. As we asked her to come down from the roof as all the infected was killed, she agreed hesitantly and forced her way down to the team. Dried blood painted the woman’s hands and gloves, and the feeling of sadness hovered over the woman’s head. No one from the medical team could pinpoint the reason but this could have been due to the infected and her condition. As words were exchanged and the period of getting to know the woman for a brief moment, she claimed her name was Jamie and that she had been stuck up in the tower for days now without food or water and only the noise of the infected to keep her company through the troubling nights. She disclosed that she felt sick from eating meat as she was a vegetarian and eating the meat was a last resort. The team quickly assisted in her recovery and got her back to somewhat of stable health, well so they assumed. The doctors explained that they were struggling to establish contact with an outside source to assist in there mission down in the town of berezino. The woman pointed out that this radio tower was not working and she knew of a nearby one that could aid us in our mission. The staff asked her if she knew the way, and she agreed that she did. But before heading out they tried using the radio tower that there were at, sadly things didn’t work out and sparks took to the air from the control panel and left the radio tower that much more useless. The team started to eventually take to the trail and continue towards a place called Krasno airfield, Jamie suggested that her and some of her friends alongside her husband restored the command panel there and she added that if we could get the generator working alongside fix a slight more of the control panel, then it should work. The expedition was rough for all of them; The snowstorm was growing in anger and the infected was everywhere. With the limited amount of visibility that they had, they would run into infected without noticing this leading into gunfire and fighting the infected off. Along the way, the woman appeared to exhibit symptoms of the early stages of the Frenzied Flu. Everyone stopped within an apartment, and an investigation was commenced by the doctors, searching for traces and confirming the speculations. After a brief moment with the woman the doctors came to the agreement that she might have the Virus and that everybody should keep their distance and wear masks. The information was not distributed to everybody to keep everyone level headed and ready for the still extremely lengthy journey ahead. They eventually got to the airstrip and started to set up everything they required. As soon as the generator was up a running and the command panel was tweaked a large static came from it and letting out a voice. The following radio transmission was noted down by the members of staff on site. They left with the knowledge and the equipment as quickly as they could as a horde of infected occupied the airstrip. The doctors made it into the woods, but the horde multiplied and took Jamie down. What seemed like hours passing for the team was simply 5 minutes of continuous gunshots. Jamie would be lying down covered in blood and gasping for air. She wept as she said that she couldn’t go on anymore and that what she did would hunt her for the rest of her life. As she struggled to her knees, she would take out out a dagger already drenched in her own blood and her last message that she echoed to the doctors was “ I’m sorry “. She stabbed herself in the neck, this forcing her to the ground bleeding out. There was nothing the doctors could do. A Note dropped onto the floor and so they took it. What it read would send shivers down the teams spines. Only if they realized that the meat she consumed would have been a peace of her husband.
  8. Welcome to our newest members @ToastyMedic + @Gurra welcome both to the team. Also some promotions to head of Departments - @IosephusQ - @Flavberg
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/15988-dr-bradley/warnings/6421/ Why the verdict is not fair: Verdict is fair as I joined back on the Amnesty Programme Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Since my return on the amnesty programme, I have contributed to the community on many different accounts, both in-game and on these very forums. I have recently started a Character Profile Customisation Thread, I have now worked with 7 members of the community to produce tailor made character profiles. This has taken significant investment of my personal time but builds relationships and shows how committed I am to the community and its members. I am the leader of an approved DayZRP Group, Asclepius Research & Healthcare which at the time of writing we have 13 members, from players whom are new to DayZRP to long-standing members. To ensure that every member of the group and the community enjoys their time, I have been working closely with Loremasters to create small and large events with a large event in the workings that I shan't post too much about publically. I have over 200 hours in the game over the three month period I have been back, and my posts on the forums show that I am not just committed to the game, I'm also committed to making a positive impact on the forums too. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to have my final warning removed What could you have done better?: From looking back I should of not followed other actions and taken a better look at the situation at hand and made my own judgment instead.
  10. Asclepius Research and Healthcare media thread. @Realize, I had to get you back @Solar Eclipse & @SnorlaxRae, Always giving outstanding RP, first major Drama at the hospital. @IosephusQ, Spreading the love The start of it all
  11. Welcome to @Lettuce as one of our Fellowship members And welcome to our newest security member @JITstained. Hope you both enjoy your stay!
  12. Welcome to our newest member @JasonBR, Glad to have you on the medical team!
  13. Welcome to our newest member @Kerkkoh as our Psychiatrist / General Surgeon Welcome also @Glutton as our General Medicine Practitioner / Cardiovascular Surgeon And Lastly Welcome @hunnahgames as our first Nurse Welcome to the medical team - Added Extra Goals - Moved completed goals into correct section
  14. Welcoming our newest member @Fuchs to the security team, doing a great job already keeping us alive.
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