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  1. Bradley

    Carry on the One Word Story thread

  2. Bradley

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    Can we all just notice that western is hitting the mcrossbar they load with beans lately. Who's making it ran on him?   

    1. Falk


      People love me :P *guys give me beans, i wanna be relevant* 

    2. Buddy


      Yeah.... this is not the path to relevancy, Western. Beanz don't mean a thing when you beg for them o.O

    3. MacMiller


      @Buddy why is it every status you comment under someone gets permed...

    4. Buddy


      My path leaves a wake of death and destruction everywhere I go

      So who's profile should I post on next........ :trolle:

    5. Falk



  3. Bradley

    Something new?

    @SmartPlayerZ Like Elmo said and as i see this is the most voted answer so if you feel like your answers has been answered then please tick the big circle tick looking thingy by @Elmo's name or someone else and then if will show that this questions has been answered thank you.
  4. Bradley

    Not Cool!

    I don't understand? You say and i quote you from your own thread the following " this wasn't some fail roleplay, it was simply someone exploiting the game mechanics in an attempt to essentially troll my group. Something that I did not expect on a whitelist roleplay server " Now Buko can i remind you that this is the apocalypse that we are roleplaying in right? You take what you want when you want it from a real life standpoint if this ever happened. I will understand where you are coming from if said person came into your camp not talking to you at all and just going through your stuff but that's not the case. Yes like you said this is a roleplay server and in the past many people have put things in a real life standpoint or Point of view and this will happen no matter what this is called survival at its best. Yes this might of been shitty to lose some gear that you have found and you took time to set up these things but again the game and this rp server is not all about GEAR! Also like you said a rival group and you would not want to do this to someone else if they were your rival. Now just using @Western here because IC'ly is i found his base i would trash it and leave a note saying not mess with me again. This is building roleplay between that group and again if we are brining s real life standpoint on this thread then this would have happened to anyone leaving free shit around. At the end of the day is a game and this sever is about role play and yes you might say that the camp was for some good old campfire rp but come on you even said yourself you had a SVD in one of the tents and maybe countless other high powered rifles in there. Just have fun within the server and other people if you are rping right then you will know IC'ly and OOC'ly that there is always a threat out there.
  5. Bradley

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    Happy Birthday @Solo  

    1. Solo


      Thanks Bradlo :D 

  6. Bradley

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    Red looks good on you! 

    Image result for congratulations gifs

    Congrats on the promotion! 

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      Sucking up gets no special treatment.

    2. Stagsview


      Post Parrots around on the forums...then you gain my favor...


    3. Stagsview


      When a parrot has been spammed...I grow more in strength.

  7. Bradley

    Birthday / Anniversary / Promotion / Donor / 1000th post

    @Terra Happy Birthday (Am i late? ).........
  8. Bradley

    WeeMans Media thread [Taking Avatar Requests]

    Thank you. i will be taking these
  9. Bradley

    Black Skull Media Thread

  10. Bradley

    Novaya petrovka Baiting Attempted RDM Server time: 21-02-2017, 22:05 

    @Caesar Give me second to fully update my post with picture and other key details.
  11. Bradley

    Novaya petrovka Baiting Attempted RDM Server time: 21-02-2017, 22:05 

    To the direct question asked. We let people leave and entire the settlement as shown in the video with @Steck he left to go get bear and he came back unharmed and everything was fine. To the tape that was put up around the settlement front gates itself this was to build the hostile rp that all groups had with each other. Like the statements said above there was little to no hostile or any type of rp provide from the other side only from @Steck abs with the bear been thrown at your character well why not? We weren't trying to egg anything on or bait for an hostile actions we were trying to build the no to that we were getting from the other side and like I said above from only one person. Even shown in the video there were was more OOC talk in TS than in game to build the rp further. So overall we weren't forcing them to stay in or out of the settlement. And also like @Jake said there are multiple entries around the settlement that may or may not have be used by other people within the settlement to get into position because again shown in the video they were getting ready for a fire fight. Now as you see in the photo there is some colors to show people were some main points are within the compound where you can leave and maybe entire from. I will be explaining all in great detail. Blue Now this area was at the front of the compound. This area is so big because this was were the main focus of rp was and this is where everyone was around. Now to the right of it are some little holes within the compound itself that people on the road could not see but only if they travelled down the road a bit further. Also in the Blue area was a little hole in another all that was hidden away behind a building to the far left of the compound this is a little out of the area of the blue circle but can still be accounted for. Cyan / dark green looking color Now these were whole that you have to travel down the road to see. These holes were big and multiple people could fit through and easily get in and out without anyone seeing them. Also within the holes were little things that you could crawl under, I think you know what i am trying to say, but there were multiple of these scattered around the Cyan location of the map. Red These areas are pretty big too these are because the first red location by the cyan colors had once more another hole in the wall but with this one I am not sure about but the second red one i am most sure about because this is where a open gate was that could be seen from the far north tree line where i was et up around. Light Green The light green one next to the red was another hole that was pretty big also where i saw someone run into when the firefight started to happen. The second light green one again i am not sure about but i think there is one there as well. Yellow Lastly The wall / fence that expands far around the compound. Once again there are many like 2 to 3 hole in the wall that people didn't even need to crawl under to get out. Overall Black skull was based around the blue area of the compound were we where told to leave and out of the area. Anyone from there side of the group / faction could've left by and we would of not even known about it. Like i said before if we were looking to fight then we would of been sitting all around the main hole and exist within the walls of the compound because then we would've known who left or not but this didn't happen. After the shots kicked off then we ran around protecting our lives like we would have.
  12. Bradley

    Any specific age you have to be?

    i HOPE TOO BUT YE 16
  13. Bradley

    Rules passphrase

    Hello @Lonate The Rule passphrase is unique to you and to you only. It's hidden within the rules part of the website. Here are some tips on how to find it. Take Breaks Read outloud And lastly don't look for hours and hours. All these will help you find the passphrase and remember to use the tips above these will help out alot when it comes to finding it. Good Luck. -Bradley
  14. Bradley

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    LOVE IT 10/10
  15. Bradley

    Karolis' art :d

    These look awesome I didn't even know that you have this open wow.
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