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  1. But like, where are we going to draw the line here. I mean you got the Cold Winter group which also clearly a racist group I'd say. Should they be allowed? I don't think anything IC should be offensive to anyone as long as it is truly IC. If it is trolly or not done to further rp it has always been a rulebreak under badrp. But if someone pulls off a incredibly racist/homophobic character in a good way then I don't see why they should be limited, not necesarilly by not being able to say one of these words. But because their extremist roleplay itself is not allowed. Not sure why being offensive towards one 'group' should be worse than doing it to others. Racism/discrimination can go both ways, just because one is more common does not mean that way is somehow worse than the other way around. I don't think anyone is that upset about three specific words being banned. But 'extreme' playstyles around the theme should still be allowed.
  2. Don't remember ever using these in roleplay. But i wonder why we pick and choose words that are now just outright banned regardless of context or it being trolly or not. There is countless offensive words and i don't see where to draw the line. Why is faggot more offensive than retard and stuff like that. I hope this doesn't become some safe space where everyone has to walk on eggshells hoping that they don't accidentally slip out a bad word and get banned for it.
  3. Not to bothered about whether I can use offensive words ic. But I don't think it will change much, the people who stream dayz roleplay maybe have like 10-15 viewers, most of them being from the same community. I don't really know of any large streamers or youtubers who still bother with dayz roleplay.
  4. don't need this, just send them a dm or something.
  5. Just use the dzsa launcher and it'll tell you how many people are online. I get the idea behind it but honestly, if people have little spare time then it's completly understandable for them to rather play something else when there is only 5 or so people online.
  6. If it increases the likelihood of me meeting people than yeah. Personally I would like to see the south coast removed the most, I feel like that's where the least people are at. Could be wrong though since I don't venture down there often.
  7. It's hot as fuck out, the only way i'm going in my room and sweating my balls off is if there is more than 20 people on already.
  8. Maybe it would be good to keep the video evidence only visible to staff untill the report is closed. This way people won't be able to watch the video of the opposing party and simply adapt their POV to it so that the end result will be a inconclusive report.
  9. image.png.fe409c12fc6ef535803bbd67db46131c.png


    1. UniiLR


      👌 be like dat sometimes

  10. HuskyBB


  11. It's not the bases that are the problem, it's the mindset of people who hide behind walls so they can stay safe and have internal rp. Remove basebuilding and they will probably just hide in some shack in the forest instead. As far as spawnrates go, stashing items hasn't effected spawn rates for quite a while now.
  12. I like basebuilding, but people don't seem to be able to handle the responsibility of it. Would be best to just remove it. Also felt the need to post this disgusting base we raided months ago.
  13. Not sure if this is fixable, chances are there is people who do the same thing by just dragging out reports by writing shitty unclear POV's and then wait ages to respond everytime so the staff team needs to ask for clarification multiple times and the report ends up taking longer. Some reports go on for days longer just because admins need to ask for clarification like 4-5 times.
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