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  1. I think for me one of the most demotivating things playing in a hostile group was that a lot of people will judge you without ever having interacted with you. They hear bad things about a group from their friends and when they finally do get to meet this group they have already made their mind up about them. Leading to situations where as 'victims' they already have no interest in roleplaying with the bad guys before interactions even started. A lot of times these people would make any kind of meaningful roleplay hard as it was really obvious that they had no interest in the roleplay and would do whatever they could to make sure things didn't go as the hostile group intended. In the end it usually lead to someone from the hostile group's side to get annoyed and executing the victim for not following orders. Abruptly putting an end to the situation and leaving the victim with no IC recollection of what happened making the whole interaction pointless. On the other side I think a lot of hostile characters are just too hostile. When interacting with them you constantly have to walk on egg shells because they will spin any minor thing into a reason for them to initiate. Even playing on the side of the group in which some people did this it made me annoyed because it leads to a lot of boring hold ups where most of the roleplay given from the hostile side is just asking standard questions to avoid being reported for badrp afterwards. Sure, you gave them sufficient rp, but was it good? no. I think this is mostly an issue for big hostile groups. In my own experience the bigger our group got the worse the average rp got. But then again trying to be a small hostile group is incredibly hard because a lot of times when you initiate on one 'campfire rper' within a minute you are hunted by a alliance of 20+ people. You can take all kinds of precautions to avoid them catching you, but let's be honest here, people metagame A LOT. You take someone to a random shack in the forest and 5 minutes later their group shows up. I think every hostile roleplayer has had countless of situations where you are almost certain the other party metagamed. But 90% of the time it's impossible to proof and just not worth the effort of making a report.
  2. SMART goals are stupid in my opinion. They just lead to goals like: ''Gather X amount of [insert item]'' ''Rectuit X amount of people'' ''Treat X amount of wounded people'' ''Make X amount of caches with guns/drugs'' In the end you can't judge a group by SMART goals. It's usually the indefinite goals that do not adhere to SMART rules that make a group unique. The SMART goals are just things people come up with because they have to. Also there is no way for staff to actually regulate the SMART goals. Group leaders would have to spend time on keeping track and updating a bunch of goals instead of focusing on roleplay, and even when they do they can just say they did something when they didn't. It's not like staff has any insight on whether or not the group actually achieved those things (for the most part).
  3. People generally just see cannibals as the creepy and crazy characters, because those are the ones you notice. That doesn't mean there isn't any 'normal' cannibals around. I have played with a cannibal before that wasn't like that, but noone knew about them being a cannibal. Which is kinda the point. Just play a cannibal however you want to play it. Just because there is a general stereotype of how cannibals are, does not mean every cannibal has to be that way.
  4. Why are so many people acting like OP is just salty about his friends being banned. He is not disputing the ban itself, he is just pointing out that the standard punishment for meme notes is too high. I agree with him for the most part. How is a note between friends that is then thrown into the forest to despawn worthy of a 5 day ban, but something like combat logging or an invalid kill (role-played) which can completly end roleplay for another party is a 3 day ban. If someone throws tons of meme notes around public spot then sure, aggrevate the punishment up to 5 days. But a single note between friends that will most likely never be seen by anyone else should not be punished more than killing someone invalidly and abruptly putting an end to roleplay for that person.
  5. Get rid of them so @DukeLR and the lr boys can build glorious raid towers.
  6. Just to point something out. Online base raiding doesn't really promote roleplay at all in my opinion. Whenever I have done online raids, or the owners logged in while I was raiding. It has almost never led to roleplay. Usually the defenders just tell you to stop breaking in, and then go quiet and into pvp mode. Even when they are severaly outnumbered they don't usually surrender. Normally this would be NVFL but due to the advantage they have as defenders sometimes one person could easily take on several attackers. Now I am not saying this is a bad thing, and if someone decides they want to defend their base rather than surrender then I have no issue with that. But to say that online raiding leads to roleplay just simply isn't true for the vast majority of the online raids I have done.
  7. This would just take forever in most cases. If someone wants to raid a base they shouldn't be limited because the owner is not online or at the base. Not everyone plays for 10 hours in a row, they don't have time to be waiting around someone's base for that long.
  8. I think blocking off such a huge and interesting area of a new map is just not good, people are excited to go there and when they travel there only to discover it being blocked off it will be a huge bummer. Sure you could be letting people in, but that's not the case when you are offline. Ofcourse you can go through the effort of raiding it but the problem for me is that normally when an area like this is blocked off, all the walls would probably be removed by others very quickly. But the griefing rule prevents that. So even if you break in the next day it will be blocked off again.
  9. But like, where are we going to draw the line here. I mean you got the Cold Winter group which also clearly a racist group I'd say. Should they be allowed? I don't think anything IC should be offensive to anyone as long as it is truly IC. If it is trolly or not done to further rp it has always been a rulebreak under badrp. But if someone pulls off a incredibly racist/homophobic character in a good way then I don't see why they should be limited, not necesarilly by not being able to say one of these words. But because their extremist roleplay itself is not allowed. Not sure why being offensive towards one 'group' should be worse than doing it to others. Racism/discrimination can go both ways, just because one is more common does not mean that way is somehow worse than the other way around. I don't think anyone is that upset about three specific words being banned. But 'extreme' playstyles around the theme should still be allowed.
  10. Don't remember ever using these in roleplay. But i wonder why we pick and choose words that are now just outright banned regardless of context or it being trolly or not. There is countless offensive words and i don't see where to draw the line. Why is faggot more offensive than retard and stuff like that. I hope this doesn't become some safe space where everyone has to walk on eggshells hoping that they don't accidentally slip out a bad word and get banned for it.
  11. Not to bothered about whether I can use offensive words ic. But I don't think it will change much, the people who stream dayz roleplay maybe have like 10-15 viewers, most of them being from the same community. I don't really know of any large streamers or youtubers who still bother with dayz roleplay.
  12. don't need this, just send them a dm or something.
  13. Just use the dzsa launcher and it'll tell you how many people are online. I get the idea behind it but honestly, if people have little spare time then it's completly understandable for them to rather play something else when there is only 5 or so people online.
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