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  1. Husky.

    ...Bunny ears

    Why did these go from being extra rare to spawnable for everyone . Not gonna lie I did run around with them for a bit.
  2. Husky.

    Dutch Takeover?

    Might just be that you notice the accent a lot more as a Dutch person. Every time I meet one even if they are using some fucked up accent I still notice it right away. GEKOLONISEERD
  3. groovy chernon

    • groovy chernon
    • Husky.


    1. Husky.


      happy dog GIF

  4. Husky.

    Remove "Cat Ears" from the loot table

    I have never seen these in game yet, and tbh i would like to have them in. forcing a slave to wear cat ears is my main goal now.
  5. Husky.

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    This, however the weapons one I think is reasonable and I use it myself (usually don't end up killing them if i do find a weapon though, just punish them with torture or something). But the definition of weapon is what matters here. People killing you for having a knife is plain stupid.
  6. Husky.

    The 5.0.3 [Open Recruitment]

    Not like we were ever truly gone, but good to have this page up and running again regardless.
  7. Husky.

    The 5.0.3

    *Joe Collins would press down his PTT* ''Lots of children out there scared of the dark. I heard little Tommy wants some NVG's'' ''Donations can be made by storing it inside your base, we'll come retrieve it on a weekly basis'' *he would release his PTT*
  8. Husky.


    @Korha Check out my new background music lol

    1. DuquesneLR


      Romania best Romania

    2. Korha


      woof woof

  9. Husky.

    What to do when someone/yourself crashes

    Ignore it, or what is see a lot is saying someone 'passed out' from vodka or whatever.
  10. Husky.

    Should offline base raiding be allowed?

    Poll is kinda unclear, should probably just make it ''Should offline base raiding be allowed?'' I think it should be allowed. I get that it can get really annoying for defenders if they get offlined a lot. But at the same time it is kind of weird when a group would prepare a raid and walk over to a base only to leave because the owners aren't home. I mean how do you RP that out. ''Oh I guess they are not home, well lets wait with breaking in until they return shall we.'' Also people are hoarding like crazy, all this stuff that is hoarded in tents won't respawn anymore so looting becomes tedious and incredibly boring when all you find is ammo, but no gun to go along with it. Also big groups would pretty much be safe from raids without offline base raiding. Just keep whatever loot you really want on your character as you log out and expect whatever you leave inside the base to be gone by the time you log back in, and be happy if it is still there. ps. If they scattered the loot for it to despawn you should report if for grieving. Having hostilies doesn't necesarrily matter for raiding. Simply being a bandit and wanting to steal whatever is inside is enough reason to raid.
  11. Husky.

    It´s me, Froschi...

    Chernarussian nationalists hate the Russians though. So better not to use that last name if you meet them
  12. Husky.

    S1: Griefing, Green Mountain - 04/11/19

    I was one of 5 people that raided the charity, the 2 others that I was on Discord with have never raided or attacked the charity before I believe. We took 3 lockers and a couple of guns, all of the stuff that was inside the lockers was transferred elsewhere (mostly into the Truck in the back). I believe one codelock was placed and as far as I am aware we never changed the code. We raided it because we knew you had guns inside since some people had just killed a bunch of corporation members. Also one of our members was not allowed inside. Furthermore yesterday Anarchy robbed one of us inside of the compound and not a single member of charity seemed to bat an eye about it.
  13. Husky.

    Seeking trader outposts

    *He would press his PTT* ''There is a trading outpost in Grishino and also one in Vybor, they are usually the targets of attacks though. So be careful around them.'' *he would release the PTT and lay back down*
  14. Husky.

    Addendum to griefing rule

    If there is space in other tents I get that you can't just despawn stuff. But loads of times the other 10+ tents are filled with junk with only 1-2 slots here and there. Having to sort it all out to place a big item back in is a pain, and people seem to fill their tents up with shit for the sole purpose of it being harder to take with you because if you do it's grieving. Also people log in plenty of time mid-raid, and apparently with KOS rights (happened to me earlier today). Chances are that after 1 person logs on to find you raiding people are going to start spawning in all around you. This rule is tedious and i feel like it should only involve items of actual value, like guns or plate carriers.
  15. Husky.

    Where am I most likely to find other players?

    For chernarus mostly around NWAF I guess. Vybor, Kabanino, Stary sobor and Novaya petrovka are the towns I meet people the most. Not sure about the coast, met some people in Chernogorsk before but in general the coastal towns seem a lot more died out to me.
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