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  1. Like what @Father Tiger said, does switching character work like the normal combat logging rule, e.g. wait 30 minutes and u can switch. Or is it like the server swapping that has resulted in some bans a while back, where you need to wait the full 2 hours for all killrights to wear off.
  2. So to adress some points, firstly the whole 'you life in the prison'-argument. So because we live there we are not allowed to bring up any issues that we see? I think there is quite a big difference between a prefab and a standard map building, as watchman pointed out. The prison is the only building like that on the map and anyone could take it over with some effort, it is far from impossible. Also there is quite a big difference between a bunker and a wall, as you can build over walls and chuck grenades in. Whereas in a bunker you are pretty much immune to everything if you slap some doors on. Also how was the council supposed to know the bunker was there, there is a lot of these buildings on the map and i have only seen 1 which had the bunker under it and that was the one in Tisy. Then there is the whole it makes RP sense, but there is literally a prop body hanging from one of the towers. That in itself alraedy makes no sense to me for a community base. Also the base was bombarded once or twice apparently but they managed to hit everything there that was civilian but somehow missed the main compound. It just looks to clean. Anyways the main point of this thread was that the base thread in my opinion is misleading and this whole bunker seems to have purposefully been left out, and even with the bunker being left out there was still three council members who dissaproved of it. It just feels a bit scummy leaving such an obvious part of the base out.
  3. So the other day i came across this clip from a stream inside An Pobal's newly added prefab. In the stream it shows a underground bunker/vault area that was never shown within their base request thread. I feel like this is quite a substantial thing and feel like the staff team should have checked to see if the base fits what was described and shown in the original thread. Does this not happen as of yet?, or was it simply discarded as insubstantial? Also why was this never shown in the thread, to me it just seems conveniently left out. clip: Relevant footage at 04:52:00 The base thread:
  4. *As he eats his last slice of pumpkin he hears some interesting news over the radio, he finishes the slice and presses down his PTT* ''We have encountered this individual twice now, but never got a clear view of him, he was both around the prison and in a town called Radunin.'' ''Both times trying to shoot us with a high-powered 5.56 rifle. We also found a booby-trapped shed with a body strung up inside in quite a disturbing way.'' ''You won't simply find this man, he will just find you, as he did with us. Leaving behind clues and notes for the individuals he is targeting.'' *He releases the PTT and grabs the killer's notebook*
  5. Don't think you understand the mechanics of the game. Because what you are asking for is alraedy a thing. You can only make a fence into a gate from the inside, so this is only a viable option if there is a way in by boosting. I don't think it's aogm nor should it be. And as a base owner i would rather have someone get in that way because it is easily reverted back. Whereas i would lose codelocks or materials if they broke in the normal way. Also why would everyone be able to build gates and compounds easily, but when you are raiding you suddenly need a carpenter for it to make sense.
  6. On Livonia there is a crazy amount of zombies, like at the prison there will probably be atleast 30 zombies. This on it's own is fine, but with the increased health and damage it just makes it annoying because the only way to effectively deal with them is to climb onto something and shoot them all down. Using melee to kill zombies is not even a good option anymore because of the insane amount of hits required to kill one, so you always get caught in a big group and just die by getting stuck behind an invisble hitbox or something silly like that. So i would like for the zombies to go back to their initial health settings.
  7. It should go back to how it was before. 3 hacksaws for each lock is fucking ridiculous. Digital codelocks need to stay though, the other locks are simply not save at all with people being able to see what code you are putting in from miles away.
  8. Not sure about pets, small ones could work. But i feel like a cat would alraedy be too substantial. And the roleplay around them has the be done very well in regards to emoting. Wouldn't like to see everyone owning pets, but at the same time i love the pet rat that @Alkis has.
  9. Husky.

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    rumours say this entire video has been made to highlight the erp at 1:19.
  10. 'Hidden talent: cooking'. Man you keep saying that you haven't eaten in a week so what's that about.
  11. Felt the need to make a response to this, even though I have not played in a while. Since i have had some interactions with you. First of all I would like to thank you for your kind words about the roleplay of the 503, especially about C-J because he is the main driver for the entire group. And personally he is like a mentor to me, and I believe this is true for a lot of 503 members. Now regarding your 'negative' feedback. I am grateful that you took your time to write this and it certainly does belong on the groups feedback page. However i would also like to ask you (and anyone else reading this) to contact one of the leaders if you feel like someone is close to crossing the line, or crossing the line in regards to this, or any other subject. Even if it might not have constituted a rulebreak, i feel like all of the 503 agrees that they do not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable with the roleplay they give. And sometimes people might not realise the OOC impact of their IC actions. So if you, or anyone else reading this, ever feel uncomfortable by the IC actions of 503 members, please let us know so that we can improve and make sure that something similar will not happen again. Because I do not think any of our members would intentionally try to 'harm' others through IC means. So if this does happen, please let us know so that the people involved can adapt and become better at roleplaying.
  12. Next time you should probably post group feedback, or approach the ones who did it/the leaders of the group. So it can be dealt with, If you want to have a discussion about rules or whatever then there is no need for name calling on a discussion thread. Because there is a lot of valid point in this thread, but a lot of it is also just senseless bashing of a group over the actions of two players.
  13. Having multiple plate carriers in game, some with protection, and some without would be really annoying. Also i don't think you necesarilly need all of that stuff to roleplay, it is 3 years into the apocalypse, just because your character was a marine does not mean he still has to look like one. And if you want to look like one then i think just the clothing and something like a beret is close enough. All the ither gear is quite easily obtainable, and it gives you something to do while you play. Which i like.
  14. Well it is alraedy a thing, but it is costs money. And i don't think the items are going to be made free. The money is needed to keep the servers running after all.
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