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  1. Kassander

    S1 NVFL Stary Sobor 05/10/2016 22:50

    OHello Everyone! Here is my POV. I was travelling with my friend Fedney Thiezen through Stary heading north when we were stopping at the small pond just outside the city. I had found an SVD at a barrel a few days ago and wanted to try it out, so I was shooting zombies with it when we were stopped and questioned by the OP. At some point the OP raised his weapon and told us to raise our hands. He started counting to 5 and I told him that I need to put my weapon on the ground first in order to raise my hands. While I was doing this, my friend Fedney raised his MP5 and shot the OP. I saw the OP fall and shots from his group followed. With shots flying around me I panicked and ran like a headless chicken. Thats where I was shot. While I didnt like what happened (especially my friend attacking the OP), I am okay with my death because it was part of the situation. I must state that I was complying with the orders from the OP and didnt have a gun in my hand and didnt fire a shot during the whole incident. I understand, from the perspective of the rules, that I died because I tried to run. Also no hard feelings from my side.