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  1. I personally enjoyed playing DayZRP when the Epoch server existed. The idea of base building on a roleplaying server has always appealed to me. A3 Tanoa Exile?
  2. As we approached the body on the road, the killer raised his M4 and tried shooting us instantly. However, his weapon was out of ammo and all you could hear was multiple clicking sounds. This clearly shows he intended to kill us right off the bat without any roleplay taking place. I understand this guy is now banned after killing several other players on the server but I am upset that my character had to come to such a pathetic death.
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist Why the verdict is not fair: I wouldn't say this verdict is fair at all, I used to roleplay here long ago since the RP Mod and was very mislead by a some of the questions, for example after my ban I spoke to a community helper about the 'sexual roleplay' question, in which I got confused with rape and sexual roleplay (very different I know, but after 4 attempts and personally my character just wouldnt do it). Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I've been a member of DayZRP for a long time, frustrated but compliant of the new whitelist as I see why its here. Furthermore I will admit I was underage in the past before it gets brought up, I can provide proof to show that I am now 16 as I am desperate to get back into the world of South Zagoria ASAP. Also in most/all cases I only failed the attempts by 1 wrong question. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Another chance as I would really like to extend my time at DayZRP as I feel I have done no wrong. What could you have done better?: I could of asked for support from a community helper and tried to read the questions more thoroughly.
  4. No way, I have searched to the point of uninstalling the game... You can try doing the grass thing if you're desperate, but where are you looking? Try north, and I mean -very- north, north as in northern villages near debug north. Thats where I found mine. You'll find plenty of food along the way to last you until you find that pot. Ok thanks, I will search the top portion of the map tomorrow.
  5. No way, I have searched to the point of uninstalling the game...
  6. I am close to clicking F11 in real life nevermind in game #CookingPotLove
  7. I have managed to come across 2 boxes of matches, Its just a pot I am struggling to find
  8. Right, I will try to loot in different locations. Thank you. ...I can honestly say I don't agree with the Rarity of the item.
  9. Ok, I have been looting towns constantly for many days now, coming across 0 cooking pots. Have I been looting the wrong places or am I extremely unlucky? If anyone has information on the spawn locations, the rarity of the item or any other useful facts, Please tell me. I give up on trying to dig up a pot, or come across one by fishing, Its just a grind. - Raymond Cutts
  10. Thanks for the guide! Really helpful!
  11. I don't have a favorite, but some of the new towns far north look far better than the southern ones. They generally look more overgrown, as a town would look like during an apocalypse. I would say one of my best ones is Khelm, however I am a huge fan of the Holiday camps dotted around the map, very unique!
  12. Hello and Welcome to the DayZRP community!
  13. Yay, spending hours picking apples will be a thing of the past To be honest, the chance of getting an apple every time you search for one is silly.
  14. Hello Cuthwulf! Welcome to DayZRP!
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