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  1. This is lit. thanks buddy I appreciate it
  2. ❤️ Welcome back Paint chip chomper 😉


  3. Its time for the return of the boys


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  5. Mack Dempsey, a Career military man hadn't ever had an easy break in his life. Growing up in the streets of Detroit an orphan and alone from home to home he became adept at theft to stay alive and fed. Learning early on that being bad was profitable but having no structure in his life he craved it, He looked for anything, he looked for it in gangs, in relationships and even spending years looking for his parents. None of it was able to create any sort of semblance of what he craved. It all came to a close though when he received a letter at his small apartment. Going no where, he looked at the small notice for the united states marine corps. He made a decision and went, quickly picking up and excelling as a career and a way of life. Afterwards he returned to what he knew, illegal actions. This time feeding off of his own life experiences, he chose gun running as his profession, loving the danger and creating chaos. When everything went to shit, he left to look for the few people he cared for in his past. Tracking all across Europe looking for some foreign relations he found himself now in Chernarus. Living on his own, looking once again for structure, for a family. (cut to) " What the fuck" Mack pushed the door open and looked around seriously confused after binging on the hooch he found in the house cabinet " HEY, ANYONE AROUND?!" He raised his rifle and got ready to earn his keep again.
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  7. *Mack spits his beans out all over the floor hearing the Ukrainians and Alex chatter over the radio He keys into the chatter* "You boys must not know about what happened yesterday morning, But ive got so many of your kids colors that ill never have to scavange for shit paper again lad their scalps look nice on my belt, No worries though I wont do you like the Ruskies did in 1922, I tell ya what ill just take a couple ears" *Mack releases the PTT and nudges the possible Ukrainian body sitting up against the tree stand "I'm gonna send friends to meet you in Valhalla, be grateful" *
  8. *Mack presses in the PTT giving a hard cough* "Alright then ill roll around with a few boys and well have a chat gent" *Pauses for a moment* "Be polite though, some of us have tempers man" "He releases the PTT*
  9. Mack Dempsey I was one of the two other players at the well. I was drinking. she ran in. blew us up and ran off. Was wearing all pink.
  10. *Mack presses in the PTT Smiling at the familiar voice* Good to hear from you Fox, I assume youll fill me in on what ive missed when we catch up. *Mack Releases the PTT Cleaning the bite from the wolf that snuck up on him*
  11. *Mack picks up the radio pushing the PTT and scratching his heavily bearded face* To anyone still around this is mack Dempsey, Ive come back for the friends and enemies I made it will be a pleasure to run into you lot again *He pauses picking up the old faded yellow arm band his voice sounding old and a little more tired* The Coyotes are back, its been too long boys. *letting go of the PTT he picks up the razor blade and begins to shave*
  12. *Mack crosses the border back into Chernarus hearing the broadcast he presses the PTT* "F-fox? if youre still listening I'm back. I found myself. Catch me up ill be around Kab" *Mack releases the PTT adjusting his AkM he wanders towards Kabanino*
  13. *Mack laughs and picks up the radio and he presses down the PTT* "I cant say ive ever been much of a cuddling type person man, but if you got black coffee ill catch ya compadre" *Mack releases the PTT* *Mack looks at the radio confused at the mans question pressing down the PTT he responds* Well ive killed to survive and I wont lay down and die for nothing. so, I guess thats an answer. I'm immune but I don't see why it matters *Mack releases the PTT* Mack hears this and presses the PTT instantly. "Yo, it's other Mack, from Outrun.. or I suppose, ex-Outrun.. Listen, I've got a project in mind. Myself and a friend or two are in on it. It's shit you should be good at. Should pay well too, if you're into that sort of thing. If you're interested, give me a holler and I'll give you the deets somewhere a little more private. It's good to see you're still alive, Mr. Dempsey.. It seems that most of your old crew have lost their heads. Sorry to hear about Barry." He releases the PTT, hoping for a response. *Mack Listens to what Mack has to say and plays it over in his mind pressing the PTT* Hey dude, I'm interested. Find me around kabanino or Stary and well talk about it, or contact me on the radio *Mack releases the PTT* *Mack takes a long drag off of his cigar and listens to what the woman says, he looks at the ash in the Dark room and presses the PTT* "I might drop by, and see what youre all about. and youd be right in saying that we were a rough group of individuals, and that we have done bad things to both good and bad people... *Mack pauses and realigns his wooden teeth* I don't suppose yall have any dental workers or anything do ya? got my teeth kicked out a while back and I should probably have some wounds looked at. if yall are good people and it sounds like you are and you need a man whos good with a gun, I can carry my weight and I have some decent medical experience from my time in the Marines. Nothing crazy but I can set an IV or treat a collapsed lung or set splints. so you feel free to radio me too if you're ever short handed or need rounds down range." *Mack releases the PTT after his long winded statement and wipes his brow*
  14. *Mack sighs looking into the empty bottle of whiskey pushing it slowly off the table so that it shatters he laughs to himself, picking up the radio he presses the PTT* Well I guess I knew it was coming, but I'm hanging up the coyotes name so.. I guess I thought I found a family but I was wrong. I was the only one to stick it out to the end. I thought I could keep the ideal alive. I suppose I was wrong *Sighs audibly* Well, *Pauses* I'm lookin for work, or a new family. someplace where I can earn my keep and find a new home. if that's even a thing anymore I can pull a trigger and talk shit with the best of 'em *Mack releases the PTT as he notices the sun is coming up "Fuck" he mumbles*
  15. *Mack hears fox and all the replies* Well fox, looks like ya stirred up some trouble, if you need any help just gimme a holler, I'm pretty much the last of the coyotes so that doesn't carry much weight, but I can hold my own, just give me a heads up *Mack releases the PTT*
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