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  1. We've apologized and admitted to wrongdoing, just give us the punishments already...
  2. No sorry however I have enabled my shadowplay now for this reason.
  3. Your in game name: Scott Nesbitt Names of allies involved: Caleb Ming, Joe Smith and Dylan Wazowski My friend requested the group to drop their guns on the ground, as one of them raised their weapon to my teammate I discharged my gun as I moved aim to the m4 hostile and killed Emily unintentionally who was standing between us in the crossfire. I can't defend my action as I killed a hostage without giving reasonable time. This was the first time our group was in game together and we were out of our depth trying to initiate hostile action. I replied to Tanner as he started getting abusive in voice chat which did not sound like the rest of his previous RP dialogue. Thanks Scott