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  1. Sarcasm

    Revisiting the "Abusing Game Mechanics" Rule for Survivor Camps

    "You may not under any circumstances exploit broken game mechanics or bugs to your advantage." First off, tents aren't a broken game mechanic as far as I'm aware. Secondly, people have actually used tents as a sort of barrier in real life aswell. It's a shoddy way to block people off but atleast it's something. Yes you can cut through them, but that's not in the game yet, plus if the camp wasn't deserted someone would most definitely see you cutting through the tents (They have windows) and would most likely question your actions. Thirdly, this is a game. Nothing is perfect. If there were walls that we could build to block off the areas we would've done so. Instead we used what was already in the game, tents, and created an improvised wall with them. In addition there is an entrance and an exit that people can go in and out from.
  2. Sarcasm

    Outrun Media Thread

  3. http://imgur.com/rsA6NzJ 10/10 on the video
  4. Me and Tyrone Jordan were walking along the road towards Vybor military base. Along the road we ran into someone on the road (James Wilkins apparently). After exchanging a brief greeting of Hi, me and Tyrone agreed to rob the person we just met. We approached him at the pond and Tyrone told him to put his hands up. Tyrone repeated this a second time and then James sprinted away from us without saying a word to us. Tyrone then said stop running and put your hands up or we'll shoot three times. After that I opened fire on James and hit him once. James continued to run and Tyrone and I decided not to pursue him too far into the town. (We didn't even know that we killed him until this report as we had only hit him once)
  5. Sarcasm

    Problems With People Griefing Camps

    I agree that they should be punished, as there was enough items inside the tents that actual effort to remove all the items from the tents would be required, and that is proof enough that it was done on purpose, in my opinion.