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  1. Me and my two friends Butch, and Cletus went to Stary to meet people and just interact with people there was about 5 guys around this bus so we talked to them for a little bit to get to know them then as we went to leave the 2 guys that were by the bus who weren't with the king we talked to them for a while, and they wanted us to help rob the three guys that were with the king as we followed there bus one of the kings men game crashed and he fell out of the bus and died then we talked for about 10 or so minutes and the two guys kept wanting us to rob them then there buddy showed up with them to apparently help us rob them then we told them to get on the ground and me and my buddy Jared who had showed up to help us were sitting by a wall just looking out for people who would show up and try to kill us then as we were about to be done with robbing the two guys who were with the king the three guys who wanted us to rob the king mens shot us all without saying anything