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  1. Under normal circumstances I would've accepted this explanation for what it is and end it with a personal note to next time log off if both of you plan to be afk for a extended amount of time and just hang in teamspeak. However, in the light of a recent report that involves you two on the very same day, I gind myself unable to leave it at that (together with the fact your friend has yet to come forth despite him having been on multiple times since) so I'll leave it to staff to give their fair judgement over it and will no longer post unless questions are asked. Completely understandable, yet the other report was based of a harsh themed, poorly portrayed, and immature RP situation. But it is your decision not mine, and Like I stated in the other report I have tried my best to be as Mature as possibly, but my friend has ignored my nudges to post his POV. I am again sorry on both of our behalfs.
  2. Bear in mind that we did not kill your character and that the people who executed you ingame for not complying to their demands as their hostage havn't killed your character. Your character dies when you seem it is right, you and you alone have that right to decide if you want to 'perma' your character. Bear in mind that stating that I'm an oldie in this community doesn't mean that I think I'm superior to you. I'm a member of the community and so are you, I roleplay under the same rules that you do. It makes me no different from you. I will not be dropping this report however simply because of the clear nature of trolling/badRP. Your friend decided that it was better to give a witty comment instead of a POV like he was asked this also gives me more of a feeling that you two still need to learn from your mistakes. If you want to express yourself in humorous RP be sure to it that you discuss with your friend to how far you want to go. Because randomly shouting out names of real diseases and then fakishly re-enacting them through ingame bugs/glitches is not the way to go. In that way, by not even knowing what diseases you are shouting out and claiming your brother has, you may just insult people who have those diseases. And I would also like to point out that your brother wouldn't even be able to carry a gun like that if he had Polio. The strain on him would be too heavy if he was misformed like he was 'RP-ing' out. Please do get your facts straight before you attempt anything with real-life diseases as it is a sensitive topic. Therefor I will not drop this report at all. I feel that all the needed evidence from my side has been given in the way it is supposed to be given. Therefor nobody else from my group shall be posting until staff has reached their verdict. I agree with you and understand that I was a bit harsh per se, I completely understand my standing and your point of view. I will take this as a lesson and learn from it. Keep in mind I have tried multiple times to get my friend to respond with his POVs, he is very immature and disregarded me when I gave him what I was going to post so he can formulate his version easily. I understand if you find us immature but I tried my best being mature after the fact, and I'm sorry on both our Behalfs. I will be awaiting until further notice and will accept the punishment which is deemed necessary. Unitl then Good Night.
  3. I have read your reply again later today, and can agree my friend didnt develop nor justify the use of his actions, I will in the future ponder more on how to develop situations, as you noticed were new in the whole RP scene. We have been reported for breaking the same rule twice, one for being AFK, and now this. They arent the same circumstance but I can see your point-of-view of this topic. Maybe to us it was humorous to see the blank reactions to each others remarks, and I can understand where the trollish side can be seen. I would like to formally apologize if I made you cringe (i personally would have as well by re-watching the videos), my friend and I were just trying to have fun (He went a bit far). So I know you didn't post the original report but I would like you to forgive me. I'm fairly new I am still getting used to it. The only people I had helping me develop character disbanded (I was a part of the Brotherhood.) I am Sorry. **EDIT: Im not even quite sure if what ive posted counts as a POV, im sorry if I havent please tell me if I need to. I will be sure to post my POV, which is roughly what I was trying to say in my first post.
  4. Hi. I'm one of those, as you say, "Experienced RPers". I fail too see where it is written in this thread and where we have called ourselves that, but that is not the point. I myself have played humours characters a few times, and it has always gone very well, I quite enjoy seeing humours characters that actually make me laugh instead of cringe. There is a clear line between "humour" and trolling. Your friends character was simply trolling repeating the same thing over and over, without it having any sense or being developed on. He was using actual DayZ glitches as part of the roleplay ("My head is in my knees"). Justifying all this by the simple means of "inhaling smoke grenades" is just a bullshit excuse. I honestly am astonished if you fail too see where and how this is trollish and do not have much to add, except that I would personally highly suggest you two aim towards more serious characters as you are newer members. Mentally retarded is very difficult to pull off seriously. I'm an oldie in the community but this is one of the worst cases I've seen before. It drained me from the want to RP so I just came here to report it. I said that because he stated he was an oldie there fore experienced.
  5. I agree with the top four posts about the Bad RP we were trying to make a more humorous and "different" RP situation, the other Keem known as Ben Keem was actually retarded, this can be justified within his character as his "RP career" has involved him inhaling many smoke grenades which are carcinogenic and he has lost many brain cells due to this unfortunate altercation. It may have been very trollish but we also did say that my brother was a WoW pro and that he was having flashbacks, that is where the term (which was cleared up several times) was stated "Put your cans in the air for your Counter-Pit League champions! Natus Vincere) His character which he was originally white-listed with is and was accepted stating he was living with our parents and he was traumatized during their death. I then began to apologize for his attitude, I was just trying to get a little laugh out of them, but as you can see the "Experienced RPers" in which they call themselves are not keen to understanding humor, human emotions are signified to laugh during another ones pain, that is why he was acting like he did. Now dealing with the last poster, which had a green armband (which me friend and I may follow up with reports) He had gone so far, I complied with them, I never changed my story on them. You can ask the other previous posters, we never asked for help he offered us help, then he has the audacity to say we tried scamming people by acting disabled. As I said I did everything they asked me, my friend on the other hand was a little too much and can agree had horrible RP in that situation. I listened to them and spoke when asked and only spoke out of line 2 times once before leaving the medical clinic, and when they knocked my brother out. I started to cry and one member said "ah hes gonna be ok" I then preceded to ask "are you sure?" and then the innocent little Kibuka Nanyonga killed me after only asking about the well being of my brother. He also went on to execute my brother instead of letting him live and going on their way. He was unconscious for a long time but that doesn't give them the ability to Execute them. I also followed my characters lore and never strayed from it, is it my bad that I encountered the wrong end of the spectrum for "RPers". I had met some very cool guys in Kabanino and they went with it fine. They actually laughed with us. I understand not everyone has the best sense of humor, but do not punish us for ours. I would also like to say I am sorry to those that felt that our RP was "Bad RP" the man in the airfield also was told that he was joking around with me and not to worry his gun was not loaded and that is how we joked around as brothers. I'm deeply sanded to hear that through your years in Chernarus you have not developed an sense of humor in ones pain, which is a basic human emotion especially in the brink of madness and anarchy which has enthralled Chernarus and its people. Now the only thing I personally see wrong with the situation is that my brother took it too far out of RP and can be warned but that is not my purpose, that is the chain of command's and therefore that concludes my POV. Characters involved: Aziz Keem, Ben Keem
  6. In our situation we were AFK for around 10 minutes because we were eating and didn't expect to be seen, for my part i was the one all the way in the bush, idk what my friend was doing out side his bush, he was supposed to be look out so we could interact with anybody that came by. At the time we were talking over on our TS and joking around while we ate, then this huge group came by. By re-watching the clip it is very childish and extremely inappropriate for a RP situation, but they had caught us in the middle of a joke and we couldn't help but try responding but we couldn't stop laughing. I would like to apologize for that and that shall be the first and last time anything like that happens. I understand if a punishment is put forth but id like to state that it was a very minuscule situation and as you can tell by the video they carried on with their day, so putting a punishment in my opinion would be stretching it too far. I'm speaking for my friend and I, but he will post since it is needed.