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  1. What my buddies did wasn't anything to do with me, i was already dead. And for the situation to turn out the best from my perspective 2v1 (me and Liang whos apparently your friend) vs one guy yelling at us with a pistol to get on the ground and not to move etc is pretty silly and seems like just shooting you straight up was the best way to stay alive.. For all we know you couldve tortured us to death.... If you're gonna rob someone with multiple people make the multiple people shown or atleast two because unless guns are away a 1v2 robbery is very silly.
  2. I'm fairly sure yelling get on the ground with your gun aimed at both of us is fairly hostile, not sure what country you're from but that sure would be a threat if that happened in australia! Your so called ally "Liang" seems to be telling the truth in his story and it matches up to my story more than yours unfortunately for you. Sorry mate, but telling your POV is usually what happened not what you wanted to happen or how you think of it... I've learnt the hardway before from not meaning to but having my story not the exact same as what happened therefore getting a ban for lying... It's not a good time so you're better off telling what really happened. For the people killing you, before you even got there i told them where you were incase the good lad from the saints that was apparently your ally was gonna try hold me up and I already had 1 on the hill ready to protect me and the other running down.
  3. MY POV: Me and a Bloke from the saints that i had just met were chilling by the water fountain in kabanino both with m4's and having a casual chat and a drink, after a little bit the player that I killed came around the corner and started screaming "on the ground" or "hands on your head" with what I'm fairly sure was a pistol. after he was aimed at the saints guy and me thinking there was only one of them i looked up at him and shot him because we definitely had the fire power to beat a 1v2 especially seeings I'm fairly certain he only had a pistol out and he couldn't aim at us both at the same time and hadn't forced us to put guns away yet. In the kill logs it shows i died around 20 seconds after to the next guy due to the fact that after having to deal with an attempted robbery i was screaming at this guy "Are you with the guy who tried robbing us" and then after a few seconds of waiting for a reply i desyncd really hard and dropped dead to who i assumed was the guy i was asking... Never did i see a third guy in my time being alive, nor did i even think there was two as he came after and acted like he was friendly until blasting my head off. I'm not sure what his story is about but if this is the whole robbery thing at the tap then i would love to see some video evidence of this whole shamozzle because alot of the stuff he stated definitely didn't happen and if there was 3 which i don't think there was only one ran next to us screaming literally infront of us when having our guns out and the only other person came from the other side of a wall which is quite a strange place to let someone know you're robbing them.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S3-BadRP-Killing-a-compliant-hostage-Possible-MG-in-Stary-21-07-2016-10-00?page=2 Why the verdict is not fair: Ok, so firstly i'd like to address the "Lying in a report" and then i'll head on over to the combat logging. So, as stated in the verdict I have apparently "lied in a report" now all the things that i had stated in the report were off the top of my head of pretty much what happened, it wasn't exactly what was in the video as i left the situation fairly quick and didn't really remember what he had said so i understand i exaggerated a bit. The problem is i wasn't trying to be a dick or lie my way out of a situation, as a matter of fact i wasn't even the one being reported i was just trying to back up my friend.. The stuff i said is pretty close to what happened in the video and i even said it after the video was posted not before just trying to get my point across that he was quite threatening and to show that we understood he was with the other people, and that we were not metagaming... Now i understand i exaggerated and do apologise for that and in the future i'll make sure to write what exactly happened and if i can't remember or wasn't there to witness the whole thing then i'll probably just keep my mouth shut... For the combat logging, I've always kept my nose clean on these servers and i never meant to break a rule... I know in the verdict it was said that it's word for word really whether it was an irl emergency but i legitimately logged out because my internet was going down and i didn't want to be banned so i wrote in chat // and then an apology and then jumped straight on ts... I only saw an AFK gamemaster and a community helper on which wouldn't of been able to help me contact the people so i did everything in my hand that was possible to try not break the rules but by that time my internet was out.. if you look at the ts logs from that day you'll probably see me with "connection lost" at that exact time for more evidence.. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Overall, i never mean to break any rules and the whole time i've played here i haven't had any problems at all and have kept a clean record.. I did everything i could to try and not make it look like combat logging and even tried looking for someone on teamspeak but at an australian time it was pretty bad to try find someone high up like that that was in an open channel especially with about 3 minutes before internet was out for 30mins+ What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like my ban and my warning points revoked as nothing here was ever meant to be what it turned out to be, i wasn't lying i was just going off the top of my head. There was no reason for me to lie as it wasn't my problem in the first place. What could you have done better?: I could've tried remembering the exact situation and stated that or simply kept my mouth shut. I could've not joined in a report on something that i was no longer apart of quite early. Honestly, for something i wasn't purposely doing wrong or didn't even realise i did it tbh and for always having my nose clean and this being my first offense which i personally don't even think it was i feel like removing my punishment is quite fair or simply given some sort of warning or warning points... I'm not gonna get myself into stupid **** like that again and havent in the past either. And for the combat logging, well there's not much more i could do but if there is something more next time with little time and something other than teamspeak then please tell me. Overall i do apologise to both parties aswell as the staff members dealing with the problem, if something i wrote affected them in anyway, or it did come across as "lying" as it never meant to be like that... For the combat logging there wasnt much more i could do but i'll do my best in the future to find a different solution. and if none of this made it any better than all i could hope for is that my whitelist be reinstated. Thanks, Brodie! I'm also happy to talk on teamspeak to any admins to try and get my point across more if this wasn't enough or to generally talk and understand the situation a bit more. Cheers !
  5. Brodie Lawson

    S3: BadRP/Killing a compliant hostage/Possible MG in Stary - 21/07/2016 10:00

    Alriget before I stop adding my 2 cents to this post ID just like to point out that Wushii you claim that we had insta killed the hostage after shots were taken yet in the video he posted himself it clearly shows that multiple times he was asked if it was his friends and from me running up to you guys and seeing you take shots after you assumed I had ran off far away it was blatant that not only was he lying to us but had been given multiple chances to admit it was his friends and Rp it out instead of guns blazing.
  6. Brodie Lawson

    S3: BadRP/Killing a compliant hostage/Possible MG in Stary - 21/07/2016 10:00

    I wasn't lying in the report at all.. I explained what happened what more do you want. You yelling at me and not giving me an option to go any other way clearly happened in the video and you had your gun aimed at me aggresively.... and you said something along the lines of asking if im with the guys being robbed + even in the video it shows you guys shooting at them and in was literally still in the area to see that it was you guys shooting at them so putting 2 and 2 together it's pretty blatant to show that you guys are indeed his friends... You can't open fire on us then as soon as you lose the fight make a report... You guys started the aggressive gunfire initiation in the first place.... Your own video contradicts what you're saying.
  7. Brodie Lawson

    S3: BadRP/Killing a compliant hostage/Possible MG in Stary - 21/07/2016 10:00

    The hostility was you yelling at me telling me to leave the area with your gun pointed at my head and not giving me an option to go towards stary even if i had wanted to meaning you were forcing me somewhere due to your weapon against my own will.... Fairly sure that's pretty hostile.. And we knew you were with them because of how aggressive you were towards me when saying "Are you with the people robbing the guy down the road" clearly it's going to be your friend as you guys scream for me to leave and then immediately flank up the hill aswell as me witnessing your friend shooting at them from the hill... There's no metagaming involved at all you guys are just being very salty about the situation. I heard ricky and michael both say to the hostage multiple times that if another shot goes off he's dead and even gave him an extra like 3 times of saying that as you can see in the video... He was blatantly lying to us in which we knew he was infact with the guys on the hill due to my encounter with you. He even mentions that he was lying to ricky and michael in the original post completely contradicting all the stuff you guys have claimed, so please try again next time when a rule is actually broken and not when you're salty that you lost.. I'm fairly sure it's not very good RP firing at us even after we have told him that if it keeps happening he's dead and you guys continued to fire upon the hostage takers obviously not valuing a group members life...
  8. Where were you when Ricky was initiated on and when did you find out that he was initiated on? He radiod to me as soon as he got in contact with them before they even tried robbing him, i was up past kamyshovo and he mentioned elektro but then the other guys robbing him also came onto teamspeak and told me they're in elektro and if a car was not brung to them then he would be killed so they gave there own position away. I was in elektro when the bullet of ricky being executed went off so it was kinda obvious where they were at the end especially when i initiated on the guy in the field and 4 of there boys shot at me from the roof of that building.
  9. In my opinion I dont think a lot can be done about this situation without video evidence, because otherwise its just word for word. I explained my side of the story, they can both sit there saying that what I said isnt true, but it is. I unfortunately do not have any video evidence but if any of them do please feel free to post it. Whether there's video evidence to backup the KOS or not, the logs and both sides of the story still prove that you didn't value your life the slightest bit..
  10. There was a single joke made about eating people never did i "Follow you around and say can i eat you" as you state in your reply. This was also around 10-15 minutes before the situation even happened, so why try bring this into it like i was trying to eat you or initiate on you, doesn't make sense The entire time both me and my friend had our M4A1's out, as i stated in the OP i questioned why you came back with your skorpion out and aimed it at me continuously for no reason at all, whether you wanted to kill me or not the way you did it was very bad RP and michael can back that up. Never did i have my gun pointed at you, the only one of us who pointed any weapons was Michael after you kept pointing yours at me, i didn't even get a chance to raise my weapon or shoot a bullet as I was dead to you before i even had a chance if you looked at the kill and shot logs. In part of your reply you state that my friend had his gun lowered but then as you go on with your lies you state that only I had my gun out so therefore you thought you could take us both. With that being said the kill logs clearly state 1-2 seconds after I was shot by you Michael had already killed you meaning his gun was definitely out. No you didn't get anywhere near any wall or for a matter of fact leave within 1m from where you shot me so that's another part that doesn't add up in your story. You also say that you "Thought you could take us" when he was literally a meter behind you aiming at you unless you have some sort of 180 spinbot hack then why would you even risk doing that as there's a very high chance you're gonna come out dead meaning you definitely weren't "Valueing your life" You also state that i told you to drop the gun or die, that's also very untrue as i clearly told you that you knew the outcome would be bad and that it should be lowered because I didn't want anything to happen, never "Dropped" and never was I initiating on you. Overall, the whole situation you were acting like a troll, laughing and just spinning your character around with the gun out trying to bait us until a single word was not what you wanted to hear and then bam instant KOS. Now for your own sake it clearly states in the rules that lying in a report will result in a longer ban than just accepting your guilt, so instead of trying to lie to make us look like the bad people when you clearly know that you broke the rules how about you write out what really happened? I would love for Tyler to provide video evidence of the whole situation as my shadow play wasnt on at the time. @Phoenix I don't, but if Tyler is willing to prove that his story was very false then he might have some himself.
  11. Brodie Lawson

    S3: BadRP/Killing a compliant hostage/Possible MG in Stary - 21/07/2016 10:00

    Hey man, just before logging i think i wrote something in //ooc I couldn't physically stay online because NBN was being installed and the internet had to be shut off for awhile for them to install it... I had no control over it. http://www.nbnco.com.au/
  12. Brodie Lawson

    S3: BadRP/Killing a compliant hostage/Possible MG in Stary - 21/07/2016 10:00

    MY POV: (I wasn't there for much after running away from his mates that aimed guns at me but i got a bit to write) You were killed as i had ran down to your friends before Ricky and the others initiated on you and they held me up saying "Are you with the guys robbing the guy down the road" to which i replied with "No" and then he continued asking me with where he ended up telling me it was his friend being held up (That being you he was talking about) and then told me to run away or die so i ran away from the situation like i was asked but then radio'd in that it was Infact the hostages (your) friends that were firing upon them. For the acog scope, I wasn't actually at the initiation of you or seeing the scope dropped but i've been told that if you do have your recording that you claim to have, rewatch it and you'll notice that ricky infact was asking the other bloke who we didn't have on radio comms and you instantly took it after it was dropped causing aggression between you two.
  13. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21/07/2016 - Unknown Server Time Your in game name: Brodie Lawson Names of allies involved: Michael Reach Name of suspect/s: Tyler Green Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: Me and Michael had just gotten to the airfield and saw a guy there who we talked with for awhile and chilled then exchanged food etc did all that stuff, we then started to run down the airfield where we stopped at a car and the guy randomly disappeared after having an empty in his hands then when he came back to us he had a skorpion loaded which we had seen him shoot earlier so we knew he had ammo for it. We knew something was up but didn't do much, until he randomly started aiming it at my head and being all jumpy... We asked him why he's aiming it at my head (as there was no RP reason at all and just randomly doing it laughing) my mate then aims his gun at him and Tyler Green skips the question and just says "Why is your friend aiming at me" We reply with the reason because of him being jumpy and aiming at my head for no apparent reason and he then goes "What like this? and points it at my head once again (We both had full kitted m4's while this Tyler guy only had a skorpion) and i say you know it's gonna be a bad outcome if you try and kill me so just lower the gun we're not trying to start anything (Something along the lines of that) and he then goes and shoots me straight in the head knowing michael is right behind him who if you check the kill logs killed him literally the second he shot me so ontop of the random KOS and Horrible RP he also didn't value his life at all.
  14. haha was good man, very enjoyable and hilarious RP ;D!
  15. I'm just trying to state that even if he was purposely breaking NLR which he clearly wasn't, you guys shot at him thinking he was me as i was obviously the target you were aiming to kill. I'm not gonna say much more on this thread as i personally haven't broken any rules.