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  1. Rocka

    New Moon Media Thread

  2. Rocka

    Rocka's Arts and Crafts

    My main man @Roland
  3. Rocka

    Rocka's Arts and Crafts

  4. Rocka

    What was your first job?

    Drew porn
  5. Tanner Rocka, born and raised in a polite honest conservative Asian family in Bangkok. Where young angst-ed Rocka struggled to adapt to most of the ideology from his family. Unable to satisfied his parents goal, Tanner took his life the opposite path to what his parents planned for him. Drug, violence and gangs were common back in the his early years. However, after years of struggling in high school and young adult hoods, Tanner came to realization that his whole life was a big giant mess where he soon decided to seek for "rehab" in the Royal Thai Army. However, mid way through his life of constant structure and organization in the army, Pvt. Rocka deserted, away from everything. Tanner kept it a secret and took a flight to Novigrad where his uncle's uncle who he's seen once in his life believe to lived. However, Tanner never met his uncle's uncle and hated the quiet and peaceful country. Tanner later settled and found himself a new job in Chernarus with Harrison Foulke, an American smuggler. Still wishing to get out this mess, Rocka wanted to save up to turn his life around but the world went to hell. Photo 1: Tanner on his way to Novigrad.
  6. Rocka

    New Moon Media Thread

    I will see you later
  7. Rocka

    S1 - RDM/KOS - North of VMC

    Me, Brandon and Dodge were in the creeks toward VMC when we got shots from multiple directions (No initiation). We hunkered down and shot/killed couple of people that were firing at us. I died but I have the feeling we were just caught in a battle between House and Kam. (it's ok thou)
  8. Rocka

    Real life picture Thread

  9. Rocka


    3 hours 11:00 US time Will paypal $5 to Jimrp if lose
  10. Rocka

    The Cowboy Returns to the Fold.

    Hello are you a Rough rider
  11. Rocka

    S1: KoS, Kabanino 2018-11-01, 01:48

    I was part of the firefight in grishino, most of us died. I waited a while and when they left i grabbed guns from dead people and went to kab to arm brandon and nihoo. While i was walking down the road they rolled up and talked and questioned me for a bit before surrounding me. i saw one man in front of me with a gun out while the rest had them on their backs so i decided to take out the hostile. the game bugged where my character was aiming way higher than I have, that led my aim to be clapped and my character wacked.
  12. Rocka

    "S1: Griefing In Grishno - 10/31/2018"

    Hi, I was also in the area during the gunfight and initiation in Grishino. All I heard that was relevant to this was after the fight ended, I heard multiple shots coming from the store, sounded like 1 type of gun(s?). I did not see who did it.
  13. Rocka

    RDM Zele/ Millitär Base 1:30 am

    Hi, Roki here. I just re spawned at Zele and met an IC old friend called Zain and two strangers talking to each other. I walked around looting for abit and came back to the two strangers who were Zain's old friends and definitely were cannibals from what they were saying. Zain pulled up a gun and initiated on them, told me to get behind his back and cover him. The captives were moved into a shed and told to put their weapons down, Iva crouched down drop his weapons but while doing it Damon raised up his gun firing at Zaine. That led me to clap Damon with a sledge hammer. I wasn't looking at Iva when she got shot so I didn't know if she was a threat or not. She died in the action.
  14. Rocka

    Rules Regarding Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, etc.

    Are you feeling alright ?... So me and my friends play as murderous heartless outlaws and I play as a psychopathic Chinese man, does that mean I enjoy being a blood thirsty Chinese man IRL ??? I think you think too much and have pushed this topic too far. People can RP whatever they like and you dont have to "understand" everything. This is making me OOC question so much if you are OOC serious or not.
  15. Rocka

    New Moon Media Thread