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    Hi do you like oats or hay
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: It is fair Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Hello, I was accepted back to the community on the 3rd OCT 2018 and it's been 3 months since then. I believe I have spent a decent enough amount of time contributing with posts and hours into DayzRP for the past 3 months (137hrs, 75 Beans, 83 content counts and 0 caution/warning/report). The past months have been a blast and I was part of many big settlement RP events that happened in game such as The New Grishino and The House/New Moon collab settlement. I also feel very obliged to see many people enjoy my very first art thread ! Lastly, I hope everyone enjoy my presence back, I will certainly continue to bring smile and giggle into the community. Thank you for giving us a chance and I'd like to have my points revoked please. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get my points from amnesty revoked What could you have done better?: No more feeling self destructive
  3. Tanner Rocka, born and raised in a polite honest conservative Asian family in Bangkok. Where young angst-ed Rocka struggled to adapt to most of the ideology from his family. Unable to satisfied his parents goal, Tanner took his life the opposite path to what his parents planned for him. Drug, violence and gangs were common back in the his early years. However, after years of struggling in high school and young adult hoods, Tanner came to realization that his whole life was a big giant mess where he soon decided to seek for "rehab" in the Royal Thai Army. However, mid way through his life of constant structure and organization in the army, Pvt. Rocka deserted, away from everything. Tanner kept it a secret and took a flight to Novigrad where his uncle's uncle who he's seen once in his life believe to lived. However, Tanner never met his uncle's uncle and hated the quiet and peaceful country. Tanner later settled and found himself a new job in Chernarus with Harrison Foulke, an American smuggler. Still wishing to get out this mess, Rocka wanted to save up to turn his life around but the world went to hell. Photo 1: Tanner on his way to Novigrad.
  4. Me, Brandon and Dodge were in the creeks toward VMC when we got shots from multiple directions (No initiation). We hunkered down and shot/killed couple of people that were firing at us. I died but I have the feeling we were just caught in a battle between House and Kam. (it's ok thou)
  5. 3 hours 11:00 US time Will paypal $5 to Jimrp if lose
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