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  1. Yes it's set to public. It probablly got deleted beacouse i was inactive for a long time.
  2. Aikoits best to read the FAQ sometimes, but did you whitelist on your other account? Was it accepted, also this is what happened with you. This is straight from the FAQ, it kind of depends on which account you want to keep. But most the time, they strongly say never make another account. Q: My account is gone, I can not log in and I can no longer recover password as it does not recognize my email address! A: Your account was most likely deleted because you haven't activated it properly. Please read the activation email you received when you registered for instructions on how to fully activate it. Premium accounts do not have to complete this procedure and will never be deleted. Nope, it wasn't whitelisted yet. So what should i do? I don't remember my old account either. Am i doomed?
  3. So basically i created a new account. I did everything good, but when i tried to connect it with steam it said that it was already registered with this steam. I did register a account with this steam about 2 months ago, but was inactive all that time. What should i do? I need help!
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    Hello, so basically i registered a new account. Everything went fine but when i tried to connect it with steam it said it's already registered with this steam. I did register an account about 2 months ago and was unactive all that time, probablly it got removed and the steam is still linked with that account. So what should i do? I need help.