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  1. *Broadcast starts again* Hello Survivors its Tom the farmer again Today was my first food giveaway and i met a lot of kind people of course there was some mean people who accused me for being some kind of poisoner or something. Im sure i will do it again when i will make some more pumpkins again But probably in another location in Old sobor is too loud too many shootings. See you next time *Broadcast ends*
  2. *Gently he picked up a radio and he started a broadcast* Welcome my dear survivors Tom the Farmer is talking Today is a special day for everyone If you are interested in a Free food from my Farm you are welcome to visit me in Old sobor 2 Pumpkin slices for everyone But if you want more we can trade 6 slices for Garden lime 1 slice for pack of seeds 2 slices for disinfectant spray See you in a Old sobor church *Broadcast ends*
  3. Im Jacob Rubic and im the best salesman alive ... or i was the best salesman alive, right now im only a shadow of a man i was before Who was I before the rise of the undead? Simple Man who work as a salesman in one of the Chernorusians Trading company i was good, very good After the outbreak occured i traveled around South Zagoria with my Sedan scavenging everything that people might want in today times things like food,weaponry, and other things needed to survive. "What is a currency in your shop?" *a traveler said* "Before the outbreak people only wanted money, right now people want Food and Bullets" Everything was perfectly fine most people was nice and they wanted to trade, some people tried a rob me a few times but i always manage to escaped. But a few weeks ago something happened, something that killed me and left on earth only a broken spirit. It was a sunny day over a black lake. I was there to meet with my old friend (he was mine informer) to exchange informations and drink vodka together We spared there a lot of time on talking and drinking but someone was there too A group of four man was hiding in the woods waiting for the best moment to rob us. They aproach us and they tried to rob us but my friend attacked them with his magnum He was killed and i was knocked down, they took my sedan and things from my shop and left me there with nothing I woke up next day next to my dead friend. I tried to find them i spent on that last week but i could't find them, i asked everyone i found in the road if they seen this group but no one has seen them Right now i think i will never find them, I need to get rest and rethink a lot of things Mayby someday i will reopen my Shop... // I will work on this more soon //
  4. Perun

    'Trade Routes' Event Series

    They said they will give a password when they prepere server
  5. *transmission started* Hello there I Jacob the greatest salesman in south zagoria will help you in this case *Transmission ends*
  6. Haha this gives me nostalgia to one of my favorite characters, Vadam, played by The Chief. He is an odds and ends trader that has an insatiable love for Nota Cola and Narshlub. ow i thought i was original thanks i will wait mayby in weekend they open again
  7. Dont worry i will play as a simple salesman who want to start (again.... my character lost his shop in a outbreak) a buisnnes in chernarus not actualy help people but offer them worthy things for food (specialy my character love nota cola and pipsi) mayby my character will hire someone to protect him while he sell things.
  8. Perun

    Whitelist status

    Hello When Whitelist will be open for normal users again?
  9. Hello Folks I now wait for whitelist to be open for applications This will be my first time Roleplaying in DAYZ