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    [53.6] To those who are worthy [Open]

    *Radio toggled on* *pulls out paper from pack* "Well Here we go." "8-5-12-12-15 13-25 14-1-13-5 9-19 5-12-9-10-1-8" " 9 20 15 15 23 15 21 12 4 12 9 11 5 20 15 11 14 15 23 13 15 18 5 1 2 15 21 20 5 3 5 12 1 4 21 19 2 5 6 15 18 5 13 1 11 9 14 7 20 8 5 4 5 3 9 19 9 15 14 20 15 10 15 9 14" *Code is repeated several times* *end transmission*
  2. Did anyone happen to get the name of the man who was repeatedly saying hello as seen in the clip provided by the OP? If so, please provide us with his name. Unfortunately I did not get his name sorry.
  3. Im Elijah Mordune here is my POV. Only names I can remember from the lot of people there is Luka Reznov and Lucious Mendez. I was also a bystander and did not participate in the "RP" that these guys were doing. Lucious began to call himself Mr.Mendez and would answer questions from his students whom asked "where do babies come from?" and that led to the "what is a *female genital*?" question. At the same time Hope was down the road, so Lucious decided to ask her to tell his student. She declined and ran off. As for the crotch touching, there was a man who was obviously checking everyone pulse to get names and this is when one of Mr.Mendez's students said "Get your hands off my crotch!".
  4. Oh... Its not over *Eli coughs* Got me good though.. Brothers if you're looking for me, I'm recovering from the attack deep in the bush. I will be in contact soon. Long live The Brotherhood. *ends transmission*
  5. Heretic4Prez

    King Joffreys reign is suspended [All]

    "Hello Bishop!" "You speak my language. I have called the so called 'King' a false one and this is the first time I hear someone else say it, even better from a holy man." "I have lost many brothers in our rebellion against the Kingdom. Many of those brothers were very close friends of mine. In The Brotherhood we see all our members as equal. Each and every one of us is essential. It gives me a piece of mind to hear your words." "Stay safe out there Bishop" *end transmission*
  6. "Hello Conor. I'm Elijah, an original member of The Brotherhood." "Due to recent back stabs, I will have to consult all my brothers before discussing a meeting with you but I do have a question." "Those men you mentioned.. Why are you interested in them?" "Also conor I advise, to keep your head low. We are high value targets for the Kingdom and just mentioning that you're looking for us could get you in trouble." *ends transmission*
  7. "The Saints can not be trusted" *Elijah sighs* "Pretty sure it was one of them or an imposter who ratted out my brothers location to them" "These guys will pretend to be your friend only to get themselves in a better position to back stab you" *end transmission*
  8. Heretic4Prez

    To Neil Waters and whoever he is affiliated with

    "Neil..." "Did you forget that the group that robbed and killed your friends first, wasn't us. I thought we discussed this all ready with one of your guys. Not like it matters anymore. You stained your own name in your mission of vengeance." "The Brotherhood is here to stay. You follow this false king blindly. Hell, I think a whole lot of you do. " *ends transmission*
  9. *Elijah Mordune picks up his radio after hearing someone mention white armbands* "Hello everyone... I'm Elijah, an original member of The Brotherhood." "I heard a familiar voice here. Is that you, Austin? You should not have let me go. " *Elijah takes a look at the 2 missing fingers on his left hand* "I haven't forgotten what you done to me.." "As for my Brethren. I cannot account for all their actions. However if you're part of The Kingdom... You're not safe from us. We do not like you. We will kill you." "We will parade the false King Joffreys head around Chenarus!" *Elijah releases the button and puts his radio back in his pack*
  10. Heretic4Prez

    S3: AOGM Kabanino - 12/07/16 01:37

    Im Arthur Maharis here is my POV. I was on the hill with Reece keeping an eye out on the hill behind the church at Kambi. I wasn't looking at my team mates while this was happening, but I knew they were trying to take Dima hostage. I didn't hear much, only what was on the teamspeak, and my friends who were near him were confused on why he wasn't responding. Only after he died while hand cuffed did they realize Dima's dayz must have crashed which resulted in him dying. As billy said this was all just very bad timing.
  11. [align=left]Hello everyone, nice to meet you all! [align=left] So excited to be a part of DayZRP and even more now since I got whitelisted! Hope to see you all in-game