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  1. If you go watch the video on how to Roleplay on a Roleplay server, chasing someone for 5 mins because they have better gear than you and saying "Stop or we will shoot you" isn't the proper way to rob anyone. If you properly roleplayed a robbery that would have made the chances of me saying "Okay okay" but chasing someone for around 10 mins because they have more gear than you strictly defines you and your group as people who are just looking to rob people for better gear. Quit robbing people for gear, and properly rob them if you're going to at all. This game isn't about gear. you want to shoot people for gear don't play on a roleplay server. You're new to the community you shouldn't go around robbing people much anyways hence why new people are commonly found on the forums in the report section.
  2. Reply on this thread with your full POV with the events that transpired. I was with my friend Viska when we were in kabanino when we came across Rikki. we talked for a moment then we left. we later see Rikki at a Heli crash we saw a SVD that he had. Rikki then said we could have his SVD if we don't rob his. Rickki then runs off, as we follow him he then threatens our lives. We asked if that was a threat and you replied with a yes. We didn't feel safe so we decided to try to hold him up. We are running about 5-7 meters behind him when we told him to stop and he continued to run. we gave him multiple warnings to stop or he will be shot. He kept running, thats when i take the shot at his legs. The shot hits then Rikki turns around to shoot at me. During this encounter rikki broke RP and said he would be seeing us in the forums as he continually fires at me. As I was running and sprinting for a good 5 mins you then say "Stop running our you'll be shot". I never said I would give you the SVD, I was quite ticked off that you're playing this game to just rob players for gear. Gear isn't hard and as I told you "SVD"s aren't rare go find your own". You playing the game specifically for loot and different weapons is the wrong way to play. You chased me for 5 solid mins without any words - then as we approach you're still running and say "Stop or I will shoot". You have terrible roleplay, and you playing the game for gear ruins it for everyone.
  3. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6:28 Central Time Zone - Server 3 Your in game name: Rikki Wyatt Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: I'm Running through Kabanino and I come across these two males - who are obviously more hositle than what I would enjoy. I began to proceed to run away, and after 15 mins of running the same two followed. I continued to run - we are a good distance away now at VMC, and the subject shoots me after saying "If I don't stop running he will shoot me" as he's 10+ yards away.
  4. Who said all 15 year olds are going to be Navy Seals or Military? Third world countries have militants who are literally 11+ years old. If a squeaky voice bothers you, I think you have a bigger problem on your hands - That's immature in itself.
  5. I have news for you. The sound of someone's voice doesn't matter. Secondly, your voice was high as a kite at one point in your life - all males go through it.
  6. Great to hear! I guess you could say I took time on it Thanks for the feedback & the warm welcome.
  7. That's agreeable. I completely understand where you're coming from. And please, don't remind me of mine-craft LOL. -Rebel-
  8. From a new member of the community to a new member of the community. WELCOME -Rebel-
  9. Well that being said it's understandable. I people's opinion at the end of the day is people's opinion. Good to hear, and thanks for updating me Charlie. Thanks! -Rebel-
  10. Well, as many of you may know by reading my introduction I'm fairly new to the server. As I was browsing the forums, I began to stumble on someone's topic about their ban appeal being "Under-Aged". Now as myself, I'm 16 soon to be 17 - and can say I pass the age requirement, but I came to the conclusion myself. Why on Earth should age have a restriction on roleplay? I feel that ANY player should have an equal opportunity to play on this server, as any other player no matter what age, or where they are from. We are all here for the same reason, ROLEPLAY, so why limit a few younger aged teens? Now I do understand, having some 12 year olds running around killing people, breaking the rules, and Meta-Gaming over a third party software would be a problem - but that's an easy fix for the administration team to simply, remove them from the server. Just because younger players, are younger than you - doesn't exactly mean that they shouldn't be able to have an equal roleplay experience on a server. I understand that if you were caught lying to the administration about your age, prior to a rule being changed you should stay punished because you broke a rule in the first place by being dishonest but I feel that age shouldn't matter - and if someone's age ruins your role-play experience, than you shouldn't be playing multiplayer games on the internet, because as far as I know - theirs like 6 year olds on the internet now. Please do note, this is just an opinion - so if you feel free to disagree please do so. I also, have passed the age requirement - I just feel that this is a topic needing to be discussed. Please feel free to give some feedback below! I will be indeed be keeping myself updated on this post. Enjoy Playing. -Rebel-
  11. Great to hear! I guess you could say I took time on it
  12. Hello good people of the DayZ RolePlay community! I am Rebel, an experienced role-player, comical fellow, and all around a sport of a good time. I enjoy roleplaying, hence why you've found me here on DayZ RolePlay. I've been roleplaying on quite the variety of games, and systems - starting from Grand Theft Auto, GMOD, then onto the Arma series, and now onto the DayZ series. I'm 16 years old, from the United States of America. I'd say I'm rather mature and handle myself professionally. I enjoy good encounters with many different people, rather that be their ages or the way they like to play the game. Questions: 1. Why do you want to play here? A: Well, good question. I've enjoyed roleplaying for 5 years now as I've stated. I started out on Grand Theft Auto which quickly got boring over time. I've played on the biggest GTA:SAMP community for the United States Region; Los Santos Roleplay. I've had an interest for roleplaying and DayZ took me by surprise because early onto getting the game I thought people were just going to kill kill kill, but I guess that quickly got old for me - and for most people so they looked into more enjoyable alternatives. 2. What do I do in my spare time? A: Exactly what you're doing now, playing games and interacting with people. I guess you could say I'm a huge supporter of having a good time, and enjoying myself in whatever way I can. I don't take things serious sometimes but can always buckle down if need be. 3. Goals for DayzRP? A: Try to create a character that will be known for the best roleplay. Rather that be bandit roleplay or a true hero roleplay - I havent decided yet. And eventually down the road, way along the road try to become a member of the staff. As of now, I'm trying to get white-listed - and come up with 5.68 USD to get premium. 4. Things that tick me off? A: People who bully one another, rather that be online or offline & people ruining other player(s) expierences. 5. Favorite Hobby other than gaming? A: Fishing and hunting 6. What do I enjoy most about playing DayZ? A: Well oddly enough, looting is a big part of it - I guess you could say the other part of it, is actually having a good interaction with other players rather than just being shot on sight from 500 yards by some fellow with a Blaze camping the airfield. 7. How would I express myself trait wise? A: Friendly, mindful, and careful. I know what it's like to have your day ruined, and how people's emotions work, so I'd prefer to try to negate anything regarding making them feel bad, totally not cool. 8. Other games I play right now? A: Off and on LoL, WoW, and CSGO. ------------------------------------------------------ Any other questions you want to know about me, feel free to ask under this thread - I will edit the post and add them ASAP.