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  1. I am here to play the video game known as DayZ on the community known as DayZRP I hope it'll be a pleasurable experience with you all For those of you who know me in any capacity, hello once again, it is I, the frenchiest fry For those of you who don't know me, hi, I'm isocade and I hope I make your day just that much more enjoyable :)
  2. I had no idea about that, thanks for letting me know!
  3. Hello, I was going to post a status update on my profile earlier today when I noticed I no longer had the option to do so. I looked up the issue using the search bar and I did find plenty of results saying that it was an option that you needed to activate, however, I'm missing that option entirely. Screencaps from other users have shown it to be in the "Edit Profile" section of "Settings" under the "Basic Info" bar, but it's not there for me.
  4. isocade

    I'm back 👀

    First you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.
  5. In his past, he was a troublesome little kiddo. He was born in Bristol, England- Born to an American father of Mark Crimson, who had re-married to who is now an English mother, Eleanor Grissom. As mentioned prior, he is no stranger to getting himself into trouble, doing minor things such as trespassing and littering to more major crimes such as theft, breaking and entering, and possession of illegal contraband and substances such as knives while in school, or having marijuana. Despite his parents attempts at getting him to be a law abiding citizen, Joseph continued to misbehave and act awry all through-out his teenage years, making friends with all the wrong kinds of people in school and university. One of his friends introduced him to a unique concept, a concept of being able to buy and sell things without taxes, government, and most importantly, laws. He was introduced to the black market. His dad had taught him over and over all about manners, being kind, listening and talking when it's appropriate, everything needed to be accepted in most groups of people. It's not that Joseph didn't listen, he merely didn't care or use those lessons when he didn't think it was needed. His surprisingly natural charisma, mannerisms, and way of speaking got him involved quickly, and soon he found there was no turning back. He assisted in the illegal works as best he could, doing what he did best, getting something from Point A to Point B. Joseph started as a runner, moving messages or small packages, and then became a local smuggler, moving small batches of drugs or tools to make hand-made weapons, as civilian ownership of firearms is restricted in England. Finally, he got an offer, an opportunity in the year of 2014 to prove himself as a valuable piece of the smuggling business. His job was to travel to the Slavic countries of Europe and become a sort of "supervisor-in-training" for their human trafficking ring. He hesitated at this offer. He was fine with moving guns, drugs, tools, even stolen vehicles and various other devices, at least they didn't struggle and ask for mercy, or beg for release. At least they were inanimate objects with no feelings, no potential to twist his heart or mind to do or say things he didn't want to. He accepted regardless, deciding that he's come this far, and that he shouldn't back out at this point. Thus, Joseph was sent to Russia to meet the people he'd be working with. His father was devastated, and went after him in pursuit. His father's location as of this moment is unknown. Through the remaining year of smuggling, before hell on earth was unleashed, Joseph went back and forth through the various countries that could be defined as "Slavic". Bosnia, Poland, Russia, Chernarus, Ukraine, the list goes on. He found the job to be much less morally demanding and disruptive than he thought. Most of the time, the "clients" were actually being transported themselves, being either prisoners who had escaped, people seeking asylum in other countries but unable to get a grant, illegal immigrants, or people who simply wanted a new life. Rarely, the "packages" were uncooperative or unwilling, but when they were, Joseph turned a blind eye and shut his ears, simply doing his job without much focus on the person in question. His last job was in Russia going to Chernarus, and it wasn't meant to be his last job. He and one other business partner, a Ukrainian man named Yefim, was to smuggle someone from Moscow to a small dock located at Krutoy Cap in southeast Chernarus. From there, the man was to be let go on a boat waiting for him- Then Yefim and Joseph would go their separate ways and become sleeper agents, as a "huge job" was promised later that year. Getting the man to transport wasn't difficult at all, neither was entering the country. Joseph and Yefim had both been to Chernarus both together and separate multiple times, this was their third time going in from Russia, other times having been from Takistan, but something felt... Off. Joseph couldn't place a finger on it, neither could Yefim. Regardless, they continued to Krutoy Cap, following road laws and the like before dropping off the man and sending him off where it was necessary. Yefim left, and then Joseph left. Joseph found himself taking over and remodeling a small, dilapidated cabin outside the town of Lopatino, located roughly to the southwest. He proceeded to live a quiet life, taking care of himself and no one else for the longest time. The isolation allowed him to think and wonder to himself, and soon he began to write down his thoughts, wonders, dreams, and other mental brainstorms he'd have from time to time. Everything was quiet, peaceful, and dare say, lovely, until hell on Earth was unleashed to the world. His phone rang. He picked it up. It was his contact. Each call was something different, Chernarus is getting some kind of horrible disease spreading around, make sure he has protection and can defend himself, the police are looking for anything suspicious and are armed, the military is coming, the list goes on. Joseph was beside himself in terms of whether it actually mattered or not. He was secluded and isolated, so he decided it'd be best to simply sit this out and wait. He waited, and waited, and waited some more. His phone rang, and rang, and one day, stopped ringing. Joseph noticed one night, his lights no longer worked. He frowned, and instead went to bed early to fix it the next morning. He had no radio or television, no real connection to the outside world aside from his phone, so he picked it up the next morning and noticed a new change. There was no more phone signal. He began to wonder, and then wrote down these wonders. Soon enough, he decided to leave and see what exactly had happened. Joseph encountered something he'll never forget. Joseph encountered an Infected. This was his first contact with the outside world besides his phone. It was the first time Joseph had fought something. It was the first time Joseph had killed something. He never did a single day of hard work in his life until that day, the day he found out what kind of apocalypse had really taken the world over. He retreated to his home, shaking, scared, and without anyone to turn to.
  6. isocade

    Tales and Times of Jedidiah "Papa" Jonson.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. I look forward to the further developments, keep it up.
  7. It's good for the hardcore roleplayer who wants more immersion and reality imposed on the general populace, as to weed out the weaker links of the community and strengthen the quality of roleplay by eliminating those who can't keep up to the demands. However this is not a hardcore roleplaying community. This is a casual roleplaying community. I'd love for it to be a hardcore roleplaying community, and I absolutely love this idea and approve of it, and back it 100%- However it won't function in the current state for this community. On other communities, yes, it'll absolutely work. In fact I have this kind of system in place for a tabletop campaign I'm running. However, for this community, it'll be detested and rejected- Not because there's anything inherently wrong with it, but because it raises the bar of expected quality and input higher than it currently is. A majority won't like that as they use roleplay to relax rather than to roleplay.
  8. isocade

    Meeting both sides. Perma/Dynamic

    I like this idea. It helps battle against NVFL and makes people actually think out their actions before they do them, putting a survivor mentality on them. There'll always be people who won't care and disregard because they're not here for roleplay despite what they claim. Mandatory character pages are also a good idea, whoever's idea it was originally- Kudos. I might sound biased but I'd rather the rules and systems be set in favor of a more hardcore roleplayer sense where things are realistic but not as heavily enforced rather than a more casual sense in which things may not be as realistic but heavily enforced.
  9. I'm glad you made this post, @Static. Meant I didn't have to. Individuals who share the same opinions you do are a key to the success of this community and the progression of roleplay quality. Keep it up. Maybe even write an official guide. I'll address your points in the beginning of the post since you said you wanted to hear people's thoughts. Point 1: This is true. I'm one of those people who rolls by themselves. People invite me to groups all the time but I've had with groups ended up leaving a bad taste in my mouth since a majority of groups are merely a collection of friends instead of a collection of roleplayers. This leads to subtle changes in behavior, character interaction, and favoritism. Keyword being a majority. I know it's rude and negative to generalize, but it's from my personal experience and observations. It may have changed as of late, but if so, I'm unaware of that. Certainly someone will reply saying something similar to "my group doesn't do that" or "you've just run with the wrong people". While it may be true, it doesn't trivialize or devalue the original issue at hand. tl;dr Groups should not necessarily be the go-to for players. Point 2: Lore wipe will hopefully fix this. I've seen some players say toward the beginning of the idea of a lore wipe that they'll continue roleplaying as they have been and not change because the lore changed. Hopefully the loremasters figure out a way around this. Refusing to improve your roleplay or change things up is a toxic and negative way of approaching roleplay. I like the ideas you present, and so might others- But there's always going to be people who go against it and are successful or get away with it, then others will see it as a way to roleplay effectively without putting in as much effort, then choose it over the former. While it may be easier to roleplay without caring about the lore, it won't help anyone actually roleplay. tl;dr People will take shortcuts to lazy roleplay even after lore wipe, it's important we try to suppress that or even punish those who do it (if it becomes a problem on a wide enough scale).
  10. isocade

    The death of The forums

    I barely lurk anymore because there aren't really any topics that come up that I find interesting to read or discuss or debate. Seems like things are at an all time high in terms of the forums being calm and collected. I thrive on reading conflict and debating/discussing sides. Doesn't seem like there's any interesting conflict though.
  11. isocade

    Group approval system

    I'd like to have Group Approvals return. It requires you to run by a standard and ensure you fulfill that standard rather than fulfill a checklist of things you're recommended to have. It promotes good roleplay and development, as well as allows WIP groups to be posted- Which in turn, creates more opportunity for criticism and constructive discussion about the group, their motives, goals, rules, et cetera.
  12. isocade

    Text RP Breakers

    I agree with the use and implementation of Breakers. Here's why. There are three reasons people use Text RP. 1: Playing a character of the opposite gender. This cannot be fixed unless you have a very androgynous voice or an impressive vocal range. 2: They do not have a microphone or do not feel comfortable using a microphone. You try telling someone with severe anxiety "lol dude just use a mic who cares". It doesn't end up well. Although I don't agree with accommodating people who have a microphone but won't use it because of their shyness or anxiety or otherwise, it doesn't mean you can bash them or trivialize their decision. 3: You're looking to add depth to your roleplay. This one will be the majority by far. If you use text roleplay and you shorten your actions or words, it has less substance and content. The more you shorten and simplify it, the less substance it has to it. Substance is important to roleplay, it's what makes the roleplay believable. If you make your actions and dialogue super simple and short, a lot of impact, significance, and general opinion of text based roleplay is lost. Really long sentences don't make the roleplay any better either. You need to find a sweet spot with the length of an action or dialogue line. I'm all for typing a lot of stuff, but I do that all the time anywhere I usually am. You also need to expand your vocabulary and consider small details, plus what the other character will see when you do your action. Here's an example of something that is often seen in text roleplay, in terms of complexity and length. *The man smiles at you.* *The man coughs a few times.* *The man reloads his gun.* Easy to follow, easy to read. Here's the issue though, it doesn't build any character or have any kind of substance to it aside from the bare basics. Here's an example of the same actions, but with different vocabulary, the words put in different places, and attention to detail plugged in. *The man blinks a few times, then grinning at the idea.* *A loud series of coughs comes from the man.* *He removes the magazine from his gun, replacing the rounds and putting it back in.* These lines are saying the exact same things, but they put in a bit more characterization. In the first example of simple roleplay- You can tell the character is amused. In the same example with some different words, you can tell the character is not only amused, but he visibly processed and thought about what it was that amused him. In the second example of simple roleplay- The character simply coughs. Nothing more or less. In the same example but rephrased, it draws suspicion and wonder that the character might have a chronic issue, is or was a smoker, or maybe is sick. In the third example of simple roleplay- The character reloads. Easy. In the same example, but with a bit more detail, you can tell exactly what he's doing in order to reload the gun rather than making a few arm movements, so it shows that the character knows what they're doing with a firearm. The important thing to take note of is that none of these actions were that much longer than the original ideas. They bring more character to the action and improve the quality a bit more. It merely takes an extra second or two to make a dialogue or action line turn from "*smiles at you*" to "*directs a grin toward the man, seeming enthused*". The more substance and effort people put into text roleplay, the better the overall roleplay will become. Believe me.
  13. I'm going to start doing it. Good idea my man.
  14. isocade

    Pro Wrestling Thread

    BUMP THIS GOODNESS UP NXT Takeover Chicago is happening tonight. Any predictions?
  15. isocade

    Calling Out To The New Alliance [Open]

    *An American accented male cuts into the frequency.* "Good luck making this new alliance. It's nice to have partnership and people you can rely on. Ignore those who say otherwise. Bitter anger gets you nowhere. Keep true to your values and your allegiances and you can make it far. I can't offer anything outside of verbal support and reinforcement. Keep your hopes high and stay safe out there." *The voice stops speaking, his transmission ending.*