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  1. I am here to play the video game known as DayZ on the community known as DayZRP I hope it'll be a pleasurable experience with you all For those of you who know me in any capacity, hello once again, it is I, the frenchiest fry For those of you who don't know me, hi, I'm isocade and I hope I make your day just that much more enjoyable :)
  2. I had no idea about that, thanks for letting me know!
  3. Hello, I was going to post a status update on my profile earlier today when I noticed I no longer had the option to do so. I looked up the issue using the search bar and I did find plenty of results saying that it was an option that you needed to activate, however, I'm missing that option entirely. Screencaps from other users have shown it to be in the "Edit Profile" section of "Settings" under the "Basic Info" bar, but it's not there for me.
  4. isocade

    I'm back ?

    First you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.
  5. Hey wait a second... Your name seems familiar.

    1. Elmo



    2. Jamie



    3. Elmo


      I remember him, he wasn't a nice fella

  6. I didn't realize you're back. I waited specifically for this moment.


    1. CJBB







    1. Player_FTW


      wow then again development of something like that must be a daunting undertaking in onto itself

  8. I like the effort you're putting forth to a more hardcore roleplay experience. Keep it up, makes the place worth visiting when I see topics like yours cropping up.

    1. John


      Thanks!  Glad to hear people enjoy it.

  9. It's good for the hardcore roleplayer who wants more immersion and reality imposed on the general populace, as to weed out the weaker links of the community and strengthen the quality of roleplay by eliminating those who can't keep up to the demands. However this is not a hardcore roleplaying community. This is a casual roleplaying community. I'd love for it to be a hardcore roleplaying community, and I absolutely love this idea and approve of it, and back it 100%- However it won't function in the current state for this community. On other communities, yes, it'll absolutely work. In fact I have this kind of system in place for a tabletop campaign I'm running. However, for this community, it'll be detested and rejected- Not because there's anything inherently wrong with it, but because it raises the bar of expected quality and input higher than it currently is. A majority won't like that as they use roleplay to relax rather than to roleplay.
  10. I like this idea. It helps battle against NVFL and makes people actually think out their actions before they do them, putting a survivor mentality on them. There'll always be people who won't care and disregard because they're not here for roleplay despite what they claim. Mandatory character pages are also a good idea, whoever's idea it was originally- Kudos. I might sound biased but I'd rather the rules and systems be set in favor of a more hardcore roleplayer sense where things are realistic but not as heavily enforced rather than a more casual sense in which things may not be as realistic but heavily enforced.
  11. I'm glad you made this post, @Static. Meant I didn't have to. Individuals who share the same opinions you do are a key to the success of this community and the progression of roleplay quality. Keep it up. Maybe even write an official guide. I'll address your points in the beginning of the post since you said you wanted to hear people's thoughts. Point 1: This is true. I'm one of those people who rolls by themselves. People invite me to groups all the time but I've had with groups ended up leaving a bad taste in my mouth since a majority of groups are merely a collection of friends instead of a collection of roleplayers. This leads to subtle changes in behavior, character interaction, and favoritism. Keyword being a majority. I know it's rude and negative to generalize, but it's from my personal experience and observations. It may have changed as of late, but if so, I'm unaware of that. Certainly someone will reply saying something similar to "my group doesn't do that" or "you've just run with the wrong people". While it may be true, it doesn't trivialize or devalue the original issue at hand. tl;dr Groups should not necessarily be the go-to for players. Point 2: Lore wipe will hopefully fix this. I've seen some players say toward the beginning of the idea of a lore wipe that they'll continue roleplaying as they have been and not change because the lore changed. Hopefully the loremasters figure out a way around this. Refusing to improve your roleplay or change things up is a toxic and negative way of approaching roleplay. I like the ideas you present, and so might others- But there's always going to be people who go against it and are successful or get away with it, then others will see it as a way to roleplay effectively without putting in as much effort, then choose it over the former. While it may be easier to roleplay without caring about the lore, it won't help anyone actually roleplay. tl;dr People will take shortcuts to lazy roleplay even after lore wipe, it's important we try to suppress that or even punish those who do it (if it becomes a problem on a wide enough scale).
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