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  1. I agree with the use and implementation of Breakers. Here's why. There are three reasons people use Text RP. 1: Playing a character of the opposite gender. This cannot be fixed unless you have a very androgynous voice or an impressive vocal range. 2: They do not have a microphone or do not feel comfortable using a microphone. You try telling someone with severe anxiety "lol dude just use a mic who cares". It doesn't end up well. Although I don't agree with accommodating people who have a microphone but won't use it because of their shyness or anxiety or otherwise, it doesn't mean you can bash them or trivialize their decision. 3: You're looking to add depth to your roleplay. This one will be the majority by far. If you use text roleplay and you shorten your actions or words, it has less substance and content. The more you shorten and simplify it, the less substance it has to it. Substance is important to roleplay, it's what makes the roleplay believable. If you make your actions and dialogue super simple and short, a lot of impact, significance, and general opinion of text based roleplay is lost. Really long sentences don't make the roleplay any better either. You need to find a sweet spot with the length of an action or dialogue line. I'm all for typing a lot of stuff, but I do that all the time anywhere I usually am. You also need to expand your vocabulary and consider small details, plus what the other character will see when you do your action. Here's an example of something that is often seen in text roleplay, in terms of complexity and length. *The man smiles at you.* *The man coughs a few times.* *The man reloads his gun.* Easy to follow, easy to read. Here's the issue though, it doesn't build any character or have any kind of substance to it aside from the bare basics. Here's an example of the same actions, but with different vocabulary, the words put in different places, and attention to detail plugged in. *The man blinks a few times, then grinning at the idea.* *A loud series of coughs comes from the man.* *He removes the magazine from his gun, replacing the rounds and putting it back in.* These lines are saying the exact same things, but they put in a bit more characterization. In the first example of simple roleplay- You can tell the character is amused. In the same example with some different words, you can tell the character is not only amused, but he visibly processed and thought about what it was that amused him. In the second example of simple roleplay- The character simply coughs. Nothing more or less. In the same example but rephrased, it draws suspicion and wonder that the character might have a chronic issue, is or was a smoker, or maybe is sick. In the third example of simple roleplay- The character reloads. Easy. In the same example, but with a bit more detail, you can tell exactly what he's doing in order to reload the gun rather than making a few arm movements, so it shows that the character knows what they're doing with a firearm. The important thing to take note of is that none of these actions were that much longer than the original ideas. They bring more character to the action and improve the quality a bit more. It merely takes an extra second or two to make a dialogue or action line turn from "*smiles at you*" to "*directs a grin toward the man, seeming enthused*". The more substance and effort people put into text roleplay, the better the overall roleplay will become. Believe me.
  2. I'm going to start doing it. Good idea my man.
  3. BUMP THIS GOODNESS UP NXT Takeover Chicago is happening tonight. Any predictions?
  4. NXT Takeover Chicago starting, let's get bananas!

    1. jamieV_


      Its going to be a GLORIOUS show. 

      I'll see myself out.


  5. *An American accented male cuts into the frequency.* "Good luck making this new alliance. It's nice to have partnership and people you can rely on. Ignore those who say otherwise. Bitter anger gets you nowhere. Keep true to your values and your allegiances and you can make it far. I can't offer anything outside of verbal support and reinforcement. Keep your hopes high and stay safe out there." *The voice stops speaking, his transmission ending.*
  6. This shit. All the goddamn time. Anytime I ever show a shred of being nervous or uncomfortable because a dude wearing a plate carrier and carrying an AKM drum mag and his buddies who are dressed similarly all have their guns out and surround me, I get practically interrogated and ridiculed. I remember one scenario in particular. Ran through Kabanino and heard folks talking up ahead. Decided to go around them because I didn't want to encounter "The Triangle Thrift Store Special". They caught me running through the apple trees and had seven guys surround me. Went "Ah shit" as they did so. Immediately got surrounded even closer, genuinely unable to move, "Why're you saying oh shit? Do you have something to hide? Are you afraid of us? Why are you trying to avoid us? Are you with any group?". I feel people like this do it on purpose because they're itching for someone to initiate or act hostile/irritated so they have an excuse to initiate. Luckily that's no longer the norm. Thank God.
  7. Honestly the closest I've ever been to getting in trouble was when a thread got deleted due to the situation growing out of control, and leaving the thread up despite being locked would've done more harm than good. People might call it censorship, which in a way it was, but it was also very effective damage control. In terms of why people are more cautious/afraid to post now- It's got to do with past experiences. Some people still have the mindset of how it was during the worst times though, that they have to tread lightly and beat around the bush otherwise they might suffer a fate akin to that of some of the more disorderly members we've had among us in the past. That's not the way it is anymore, but it takes time to get used to. Things on the forums have changed quite a bit, actually. There's no longer chaos and disorder happening all the time. Loremasters have been acquired, groups and factions are progressing along well, radio chatter isn't a shitstorm, general discussion is a pleasant place to browse, and suggestions section is being used effectively. This is one of the best recoveries I've seen a community go through, because I've seen more than enough fall due to the problems that were happening before. Other might have a strong dislike for specific staff members or for how they've been treated in the past, so they base many things off that. One thing to keep in mind, something many of us often forget including myself, everyone here on DayZRP, on staff, in the community, we're all people. Y'know, those things that can have good days, bad days, make mistakes, make good decisions, react accordingly to how people act toward us. Yeah, we're all that. Just treat people like people, not like a political leader or some kind of army general. Being a normal person will get you a long way.
  8. I'll bite. 8 years ago I began roleplaying on ROBLOX on the forums and in-game. It opened up a world of imagination and intuition for me. Despite being born and raised American, I learned a lot of the English language through roleplay, a lot sooner than most other kids. Gained a much larger vocabulary as a result. My grammar sucks shit, but that can be fixed with time. As time went on I expanded through different avenues. Made my own forum and did exclusively forum RP with a small group of friends. Eventually one of my friends got Garry's Mod and he told me about this new thing called Garry's Mod RP. I joined into OpenAura, a serious roleplay framework. This specific server was based in Half Life 2 Roleplay. From that point on I basically got addicted, ran through various communities, became staff on some and stayed as a player on others. Garry's Mod 13 update occurred and almost all roleplay servers died, the developers of OpenAura had to recode a framework from an old one to work on the new Gmod engine. It was a huge mess. The community I was part of recovered and continued onward on Clockwork. I eventually became their developer, then branched off into other communities when it was less active to help develop and administrate for them too. Mid 2016, one of the people I met through Gmod RP, @MikhailKiwuu, directed me to DayZRP. He said it was a fun thing to do, and since I had DayZ installed since like 0.34 and never played it, I thought I might as well give it a try. I went in, applied, played, complained to him that I never ran into people, got into a verbal clash, then made up six months later. The entire time, I still played on DayZRP. I made a few leaves here and there, but I've returned every time. I'm basically addicted to roleplay, in a way. It's escapism from reality into another reality, one you have much more involvement and importance in. It sounds narcissistic and weird because it is, roleplay itself is weird. It's a book that is constantly being written, and you're a character in it. Incredible. But why do I play DayZRP? I've met a handful of genuinely nice, interesting, and positive people on this community. @JAMMIELAD @Loops @Phoenix @GUARDtheHAM @Jade @kiwienne @JohnnyZhu and a handful of others I'm unable to tag or mention because they've been removed from the community permanently. They've not only helped me improve my confidence in roleplay here on DayZRP, but helped me develop in roleplay quality and produce new and interesting ideas for both myself and the community. Especially you, JohnnyZhu, you absolute memelord. But why am I still here? You can thank people like @Chief @JakeWalford @Lt._Grimstein @Brady @Coda852, people who have more recently than others- Stepped up. I didn't tag these people because I'm friends with them or because I can. Everyone I tagged has been an absolute blessing to both myself personally and to the community as a whole from my perspective. Some of these people work tirelessly with the community and with others to ensure the true feeling of community is felt, others work to improve the quality of the roleplay we're given on a day to day basis, and some are just utterly wholesome, good people who deserve a hug and a pat on the back simply for being great. I'm still in this community, I'm still in DayZRP because of these people. These people give me hope that even if DayZRP's forums can sometimes look like a constant flamewar, even if DayZRP drops in terms of roleplay quality, even if all hell breaks loose and DayZRP is reverted back to square one with everyone having to start over again, then everything is going to be perfectly okay and it will improve and get better. People like this motivate themselves to change something for the better. That motivates me to help motivate them.
  9. IGN: (In - Game Name) Christian Serpentine Country: United States of America English skills: I got a mumbling problem. Otherwise I'm fluent. DayZ Mod Experience: Played on 4chan's /vg/ server. Never once anywhere else. DayZ Standalone Experience: On and off for a while. Played as early as 0.38 and am still playing now. Roleplaying Experience: 8 years of experience. Been roleplaying since I was 12 starting from ROBLOX and moving up to Garry's Mod RP then into Serious Garry's Mod RP. I still host, develop, and play on that. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Neutral. Maybe even creepy and awkward. My voice and living conditions restricts much of what I can do. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Overhaul. Unchained (When it was a dynamic). Camp 101 (When it was a dynamic). Outrun. Additional notes: I work Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I go out every Friday. I try to play when I can, but when I am available the server is typically at 30/60 people or less. I will cherrypick the absolute hell out of any groups or people who contact me. I'm up for dynamic groups too. Best way to contact you: Forum PM. Backstory:
  10. I'd love to have much looser rules in terms of murder and killing while simultaneously having stricter rules in terms of permadeath and permanent injuries (Scars or otherwise). However a lot, and I mean a lot of people WILL abuse it in that case. The only way to fix this is to have a much smaller community, meaning to force everyone to rewhitelist and make the application process even more strict- Denying people who are inexperienced roleplayers from joining. That means the community would also become fairly elitist by nature- Because at that point everyone is held to a high standard of roleplay. The realistic you try to get the rules to be, the smaller the community will get if you want it to remain a roleplay community, because you need to force a standard of roleplay once it becomes "too" realistic, rather than the standard of roleplay being set naturally like it is now.
  11. 10/10 I can now say I live in the same state as both Jerma and Based Buddy. Today is a good day.
  12. Western Massachusetts. Nice mountains and valleys but terrible for near about everything else. It's got Westover Air Force Reserve, biggest USAF Reserve base in the US, I live practically right next to it. Springfield is getting a MGM Casino built in it so I'm excited to see how the area develops further as a result.
  13. @QuinQuam Good roleplay today lad. Enjoyed your Text RP, you type maddeningly fast. Reminds me of when I used to do text RP. Gotta get my WPM up to challenge you.