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  1. Hello...again

    Thanks! Thanks! G-D goblins are annoying! Thanky mate!
  2. Hello...again

    I confess, I hate the Penguins Thank you kind sir! I have an Ed Belfour jersey on my wall and a signed Roenick stick Guess
  3. Hello...again

    Tis a fine sport!
  4. Hello...again

    Rather than revive my old thread, I wish to say hello. I was here briefly but had some things go down personally and really wasnt in the mood for RP since August. Now I am back and ready to roll. I suppose I should re-introduce myself. I am a former police officer in the states and am now a graduate student. Likes: Stannis Baratheon, books, traveling to Europe, Scotch, rugby, hockey, my mom Dislikes: Khaleesi, Manchester United, tequila, goblins I will take some time to update myself on new rule changes and whatnot. Anyhow, just wanted to drop in to say hello before I start again. Cheers
  5. Battlefield 1 Beta

    Yea, I was a bit saddened with the methodology they are using with an alternate timeline/universe for the setting. Not as saddened as I was watching Liverpool this morning. Good Grief
  6. Battlefield 1 Beta

    Battlefield 1 takes place in an alternate universe or timeline so its not meant to be a carbon copy of WWI combat.
  7. Battlefield 1 Beta

    I still prefer BF4 to any COD game after MWII
  8. Battlefield 1 Beta

    As long as I can do a senseless cavalry charge against massed machine guns I will be happy with this game
  9. What do you listen to ?

  10. Whitelisting is a bit unfair

    I see why it may seem a bit disheartening for some but I honestly believe when it comes to developing good RP, attention to detail is a must. This process screens out those who do not have that characteristic. Just my 10 cents