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  1. Thanks! Thanks! G-D goblins are annoying! Thanky mate!
  2. I confess, I hate the Penguins Thank you kind sir! I have an Ed Belfour jersey on my wall and a signed Roenick stick Guess
  3. Rather than revive my old thread, I wish to say hello. I was here briefly but had some things go down personally and really wasnt in the mood for RP since August. Now I am back and ready to roll. I suppose I should re-introduce myself. I am a former police officer in the states and am now a graduate student. Likes: Stannis Baratheon, books, traveling to Europe, Scotch, rugby, hockey, my mom Dislikes: Khaleesi, Manchester United, tequila, goblins I will take some time to update myself on new rule changes and whatnot. Anyhow, just wanted to drop in to say hello before I start again. Cheers
  4. Yea, I was a bit saddened with the methodology they are using with an alternate timeline/universe for the setting. Not as saddened as I was watching Liverpool this morning. Good Grief
  5. Battlefield 1 takes place in an alternate universe or timeline so its not meant to be a carbon copy of WWI combat.
  6. I still prefer BF4 to any COD game after MWII
  7. As long as I can do a senseless cavalry charge against massed machine guns I will be happy with this game
  8. I see why it may seem a bit disheartening for some but I honestly believe when it comes to developing good RP, attention to detail is a must. This process screens out those who do not have that characteristic. Just my 10 cents
  9. Entry 3 Every knock and noise has me flinching. If you find this journal and are reading it, I was never like this before. I was not jumpy whatsoever. Unless there was a spider, I was cool and collected. I have only slept, truly slept, a handful of times. I am just tired. Not in the lack of sleep sense, or rather very much that way but more in a sense of I am not sure if I can keep this life force; the drive, going. It has been too hard. I am making mistakes out of indifference. I have done my best to act with care. Yet, I cannot always do so. I found a wrecked ship in my newly ordained coastal exploration. It was a massive freighter which had broken her keel on the rocks. There was almost nothing on board but there was a sense of true death about. This massive and seemingly relatively new freighter met its end just like the world. It seems most of the equipment was stripped long ago. I decided to leave Olsha after a huge armed group came in. I avoided them but they seemed intent on robbing whoever they could based on what I heard. Now I will circle my way back and pray that they are gone.
  10. Entry 2. I did my best to make it to Olsha. I was nearly robbed by a group of 3. I approached cautiously and asked if they had anything to trade. They proceeded to put me at gunpoint. They proceeded to question me and accuse me first of being a nationalist, then a communist, then one in blue tracksuit pants approached and tried to cuff me. I fired all six rounds from my magnum and ran. The crack of the rounds flying past my head filled my ears. I made it into Olsha, the ancestral home of my family. Every time I visit I see what communism has done to the town of my people. The homes are rat holes. Even the small chapel is in disrepair. It was once a great and beautiful Catholic chapel until the Tsar ordered its conversion centuries ago. The Russians have to touch everything and turn it to shit. My father says this town was once beautiful and was void of destitution. Now the wallpaper in the nicest house is utterly disgusting. Ive heard foreigners in general get blamed. Ive heard communist scum get blamed. The only ones to blame are the Russians. They brought communism here and now they bring disorder. I will try to stay here as long as possible. The well still functions and Ive seen nobody since entering the town.
  11. Entry 1. It has been some time since everything went black. I have been surviving on the fringes as lone survivors and groups hungry for power mill around me. Up until recently I have stuck to the coast. Until only recently, my equipment has been pretty scarce and contact with others minimal. I look at these houses, empty, and wonder what dreams and hopes were vanquished. The cruelty and decay of humanity continues. I was robbed at gunpoint by some communist scum near Vybor as I made my way to Grishino airfield. I was finally able to get some military equipment. I have ditched my peacoat which I so dearly loved when I first joined the fleet. I have not handled a rifle since my military academy days. The gun metal feels cold and heartless. I spent an evening becoming intimate with the AK rifle, pulling it apart to clean and inspect. It has a Takistan military mark so who knows what strange journey this had. My magnum is in good shape but I fear some of my equipment is substandard but it has served me well. Tomorrow I will go to my ancestral homeland of Olsha. I pray that it is not overrun by Russian vermin or groups who would defile my lands.
  12. Background The Dubcek family is/was a minor noble family originating from Olsha. An ancient family, House Dubcek first was rewarded with noble title midway through the Kozub dynasty's reign. The family maintained status through strategic, albeit minor, marriage alliances. The family suffered moderate suppression due to their status as Roman Catholics. However, by the very end of the 16th century, the family managed to gain influence once again. Though sometimes criticized for protecting Jews, the family maintained healthy respect thanks to impressive service during the Turkish-Russo War. This was due to the actions of Cyril Dubcek (d. 1583) who led several cavalry charges and became an important commander. During the war, Cyril gained the title 'Ironfist' when in battle he was thrown from his horse and lost his sword. Witnesses noted he attacked a mounted knight only with his fists. A modern interpertation of Cyril 'Ironfist' Dubcek With the death of Cyril 'Ironfist' in 1583, the family fell into disorder and infighting when some attempted to convert to Eastern Orthodoxy. The family appealed to the Tsar to intervene as an independent arbiter. in 1603, the Tsar's decision was still forthcoming when the heirs whom followed Eastern Orthodoxy died of disease. The family began investing in business ventures in the 1620's and began a small trading firm. By the mid 1700's the family was wealthy but remained in relative disfavor due to their Catholic background. Despite disfavor at the Tsar's court, local influence remained moderate and the family even was able to obtain a brief Ambassadorship to the Court of Joseph I of Portugal. The family again served honorably during the Napoleonic Wars as part of the Russian Empire and Marian Dubcek was one of only a few Chernarussian generals. General Marian Dubcek Marian Dubcek was at the time well known as a field commander but was only moderately effective and ultimately was blamed for several minor defeats. However he remained on staff throughout the conflicts and became an adviser to Tsar Alexander I until 1818. Returning to Chernarussia in 1820, Marian Dubcek excelled in business and opened several mills and workshops. In 1822, he opened a winery which ultimately failed by 1827. Dying in 1835, Marian built a solid business empire. His son, Pavel was less successful and ruined the business empire by 1856 when the family found themselves in massive debt. Pavel Dubcek was also a drunkard and was suspected of murdering his wife in a drunken rage. By the end of his life in 1862, the family was again fragmented and was losing influence. By the 1880's, the family sold and left their ancestral lands for Novigrad. The 1890's found House Dubcek in stagnant but not dire straits. World War I was in many ways the breaking point for House Dubcek. Many died fighting for the Imperial Eagle and the family fled in late 1916 as the pro-communism movement took hold. In exile, the Dubcek clan began to become leaders in the exiled Chernarussian community. By 1950, the family became well established in London and were not only fiercely anti-communist but also anti-Russian. Blaming the Russians for both the war deaths of family and the communist movement, the family made it a mission to return to Chernarus to help the people. With the blessing of the Chernarussian government in 1989, some of the family was able to return with the understanding they would not engage in public life. With the fall of communism in 1991, the rest of the family returned and was led by Cyril Dubcek who had worked as both a banker and activist in London. Merek was born on March 10, 1987 in Munich, Germany. The family, with the grudging government approval, returned to Chernarus in 1991. Merek’s father was briefly the Minister of Education before 2 year long stint as the ambassador to Slovakia (1993-1995). The Dubcek family remained influential in politics throughout the 1990’s. This allowed Merek to pursue a quality education. First attending university for a year in Munich, Merek was admitted to the CDF academy where he pursued a commission in the CDF Naval arm. Merek excelled in CDF military sciences and history courses and competed on the academy hockey team as a defenseman. His abilities were described by his coach as “delightfully mediocre”. Upon graduation in 2009, Merek was assigned to CDF intelligence. During the conflict in South Zagoria, Merek acted as an interrogator and as a general intelligence officer. He became well respected with those he worked with and remained in service following the conflict. When the outbreak began, Merek was deeply confused as to what was happening- both from a military and scientific stance. As the outbreak began to break the military, one of the final orders sent Merek to a patrol ship- the St. Theodosius which sat in port. Merek only found chaos as the public, in panic, fought to climb aboard the small ship. After fire hoses did not work, the captain ordered lethal force which angered the crowd as several children were shot. Merek arrested the captain but after a few days, the loyal crew freed the captain. With no orders Merek was left ashore with nothing but a pack of cigarettes and a hammer which the crew had promised to be 'generous'. He watched as the ship sailed off. He had heard them talking of Australia. Though not a 'line officer', Merek doubted the ship would pass through the Bosphorus and even if it did, Australia was many many miles of sailing away. Merek has done his best to make his life more simple through simply creating goals for himself. He remains fiercely Catholic like his family and inherited a burning hatred for Russians and communists. Though he generally dislikes foreigners, he has a generally positive view of Brits and Slovaks thanks to his former Slovak girlfriend. Captain-Lieutenant Merek Dubcek leaves a briefing only days into the outbreak Journal entries and more lore to come