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  1. I was born in 1990, I grew up in the mid-western United States. I was raised by his Grandmother. My Mother and Father abandoned me at a very young age. I was a troubled youth but I worked hard for everything I have. I wanted to prove to everyone I was destined for greatness. My Grandmother passed away because of complications with cancer. With no other options I joined a PMC based out of Takistan at the age of 18 as a urban sniper. The following year Eric's PMC was deployed to Chernarus as peace keepers in an effort to extinguish riots flaring up in major cities during the civil conflict that occurred in 2009. I grew to love the landscape of Chernarus, it reminded ee of my home but without my troubled past. In 2011, I left the PMC he was contracted to. I settled down in south eastern Chernarus with the love of his life Yana. I was, for the first time in his life, happy. BUT a few years later it would all come crashing to an end. At the start of the outbreak, I saw my wife brutally torn to pieces by the infected. I had no choice but to run helplessly to safety. After getting to safety, realizing my life as I knew it before was gone forever, thus sending his mind in to darkness. I now wonder Chernarus just trying to stay alive.
  2. So i have to adult...Ill see you later people. I had a lot of fun but i dont have the time to play like a did. So this is bye for now!
  3. My friends and i want to play more Path but need people and maybe a DM. We started a game and would like to use the same characters if possible. Just msg me if you are interested. We have been using roll20 but we can get TTS if we need to.
  4. bigman0192

    S1 Bad RP @ Lonely House

    i would also like to add we Rp the entire time. when i told them to be quiet or i would shoot it was only when they would try to take control of the conversation or where just spouting BS into there mic's. Its hard to rp when you have there friends running inside a house with an active hostage situation "NVFL in my opinion" then you have jack who just screams to his friends downstairs when they get inside to get some f11 guys to kill us. Then when i bring up My group in the questioning "the Saviors" he says oh i know those guys there allied with SOF which we have told no one and i just updated the websuite with this information lastnight. Then they start to get salty near the end of the encounter and try to get me to say we are the saviors, leading to jack not following my commands of being quiet after many many many warnings and then a final warning were he says "so you dont want me to talk" then i blast him for testing me a 5th and final time. Then a dope gun fight =P
  5. bigman0192

    S1 Bad RP @ Lonely House

    My pov. We are partoling around stary and we see two people. They see are group and just start taking off for the hill. We catch up with them start talking casualy and then we initiate on them both. We tie them up and they as what is this about i reply i need information so if you answer all my questions honestly you will leave with your supplies and your lives. While im saying this my guys are searching for radios and taking them. We move the to the house south of stary but about half way tgere jack just runs up and say yo what are you doing this is my friend. I tell hime im going to question him and jack dislikes this idea and begs for his release. I tell him it will be cool i just need some infomation and lead all three people i to the house. When we get inside we make jack put his hands up and we take his radieo. At this point a third guy is found and brought inside the house. I start by escorting the female captive downstairs and outside and ask her about any groups in the area and then about there leaders if they have one. After this i let her go with all of her gear. I go back inside the house to two screaming captives and the third guy with and orange bag. I start asking him questions like what is your name are you in any large groups do you have any information that would help me out. He answers very politely and i move to the other two. Jack at this point is yelling why are you holding me here i thought we were cool and i tell him to be silent im asking questions. Then people magicly show up to the house and say something along the lines of whps in there are you being hurt and jack yells go get floor 11 i threaten him is he says shit like that again he wont live for very long. The second guy ill call blue bag he is answering some of ky questions to the best of his knowledge and i ask jack about floor 11 and what kind of group is it. Is he in the group who is the leader what do they do are they friends things like that. Then more random people show up and just walk in the house as im trying to talk to my captives. As this is happening i yell at my team to scare off anyone who comes by or detain then untill im done. I have the orange bag follow me down stairs and i ask some follow up questions as we are talking he lags out of the server. I move back upstairs and am berated with why do you have us you said that we could leave after we answered everything and i get a msg from my team saying floor 11 want to have negotiate for the captive prisoners. I tell jack that is outburst earlyer just made my job harder. The insult me a bit and proced to talk i tell them to be quite while i try to bring up ky coms. Jack continues to speak. I warn them both and jack speaks again so i shoot him in the body alot. Blue bag is completly quiet at this point so i move down stairs i try to bring blue with me we start taking shots blue gets hit and is calling out for help. Sniper fire is coming thru the windows and ar15 shots are coming thru the doors i yell at yury to bandage blue bag as we begain to fire back. I see i guy right outside the house and try to shoot him but he kills me then i go silent on coms and wait. I will have video up soon i hope i use shadowplay and saved right after i shot jack and after i died.
  6. We are going to let the admins ask the questions because of past IC and OOC encounters between are groups. Please do not poke or msg my team anymore on ts or steam. Thank you.
  7. My guys and I were taking shelter from the rain in a small shack. Moody brings a guy over to the shed. As they come over all of use but George go into the small green house. I go back out to light the fire for them and return to the house after i say bye. We wait and just listen to see if the situation would escalate. We hear both Moody and the other guy talking about grenades and moody throws one outside of the shed. He yells don't go out there and the guy runs out and gets blown up. We run out yelling at moody saying what did you do. Moody and this guy were playing around and just messing about. He did not intentional kill or harm anyone for gear.
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-S2-Meta-gaming-at-NW-airfield-10-18-16?pid=1616440#pid1616440 Why the verdict is not fair: I did not lie in the report. This first video has text overlayed. The second is unedited and just uploaded under the request of the admins. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: In my video at 3:05 Min i began to alt tab to join the new moon open coms. I use shadow play to record and have it only set to record the game. So when i alt tab shadow play has nothing to record. When i Alt tab back in, shadow play picks up the game and continues. Thats why we have that cut in the video at 3:06 and why i didnt hear the gunshots or in game talking because i was not in game and if the game is not open shadow play wont record it unless you have it to record your desktop. I have recreated this on video and have multiple recording to prove no tampering was envolved. New - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoqieOIFtFE&feature=youtu.be New - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PchlcxV8Xiw&feature=youtu.be New - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHK3t3IPBhU&feature=youtu.be In the three videos listed i use OBS to record my desktop and i use shadow play to record my gameplay like i normally do what the videos show is when alt tabing with shadowplay it freeses then cuts out 3 seconds of video. So when i alttabed in the original video Link Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6gGfDZbEEo - i was out of the game about 20 seconds so the first few are frozen then a chunk is cut out the i come back. I did everything i was asked in the report. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unban and no strikes on my profile
  9. Sure ill put up the "un edited video" when i get home from work if i have the time. Like i said it will look the same all i added was text
  10. No. This is our report now. Smh Okay. Enjoy.
  11. I request that this report be closed if you have any issues with our RP make another forum report Thanks.