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  1. That indeed was me, I realised my mistake when re-watching PsiSyndicate's video and I understand I broke the rules. It was my first initiation and I was extremely nervous so made a clear and obvious error for which I accept all responsibility this had nothing to do with the other players in my group. ***DETAILED POV*** We had bumped into Lewis at the NWA where a few hostile remarks were shared and then we split up. A little while later we coincedentally bumped into Lewis alongside Katt at a heli crash where hostilities rose but there was no initiation. We made our way into Stary and a member of our group was on the hill and told us they were following us. I was then asked to initiate on them as a part of my trial. Obviously I was nervous and as I was about to initiate Katt moved to the wall i was behind and it caused me to panic and use the name I know him by from the videos. F+Obviously this was clear metagaming and a fuck-up on my part so I'm very sorry to Katt and Lewis and accept any punishment that will be handed down. Thank you for your time.
  2. Politically Inc

    96.9Hz Contact Frequency [Open Broadcast]

    Joey finally reaches Vybor, low on equipment and morale he turns on his almost lifeless radio and tweaks the dials until he's sure. "Uh.. Hello? This is Joey, located in Vybor right now, dark, wet and scary. Nothing like that little sea side town Stone Bridge back in Sunny England, ahh I miss that place..." He puts down his radio, hoping his message got across and he would find help soon.