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  1. just cause i see mouse hasn't archived it yet ya the black roses are gone again
  2. Theyodaguy12


    Anyone interesting in Joining Legacy If you don't see mouse's small message him at the end of the 1st page just message him or me
  3. Theyodaguy12


    @Randy Thanks for the message Randy we currently have more people in the group but mouse has had irl stuff to deal with so hasn't been on to add them or change our status to Open Recruitment
  4. Ivan Was born in American but when his mother died his father moved back to Russia not long after Ivan father died Ivan grew up in poverty dodging foster home to foster home stealing to survive at the age 18 Ivan joined the army after several years of service Ivan became dismayed by the Russian army and left after leaving Ivan met a man in a bar and little did he know he would become a member of the Russian Mob. after the long initiation the mob put Ivan through he was one of them Ivan then went on his first real mission for the mob to collect a large debt owed by a government official after the collection went bad Ivan became a wanted Man and had no choice but to flee to a small country called Chernarus Ivan bought a house and layed low unitl rumors began of a strange affection started spreading after the CDF, UN and NATO failed to contain the virus banditry was rampant and thats where Ivan's story started, but how will it End.
  5. *Rick Picks up the radio and hits the PTT yawning* "you guys got anything better then that rape accusation made up by people who hate moody cause they don't like civilization" "NO i didn't think so all u dirty commie fucks want is blood" *Rick releases the PTT letting out a massive yawn before doing so*
  6. POV: was not ingame for the first half of the incident i was only on ts due to multiple crashes beside that the video entails what happend and then i went to NW Airfield then on my way back to base my computer completely locked and i had to restart. no hostile action was taken on my part
  7. this is all that happens they bait us into initiating on them every chance they get than when then can't find us they sit at our base and wait for us to show up or log in. I have never had a successful rp conversation with Luke Krey or any of his allies even before i joined the saviors and anytime we run into them all they do is send someone to try to bait us into initiating.
  8. until

    yea im curios as well i hope its good cause i have to run from tisy
  9. *Rick Picks up the radio and gives a bored yawn* "surrender nice joke considering you never would have had the balls to take the factory if we were there" "All you and you're people do is wait till we leave then pop out of the ground like vermin means nothing for you to take a building WHOOPY FUCKING DOO FOR you" "YAWN have a good day" *Rick releases the the PTT
  10. Server and location: S1 near devil caste Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-11-25, 2:50 Your in game name: Rick Lague Names of allies involved: Saviors John Toby Alan Brian and others cant remember Name of suspect/s: The house possibly the Irish group Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): yes a video/stream showing the meta gaming Detailed description of the events: me and a group of the Saviors initiated on a group sitting ontop of a car east of Grishino after disarming them and taking their radios we then went far east to a barn southeast of devils after only a few minutes a group showed up and immediately shot us there is no possible way the group involved could have found us without meta gaming and it was confirmed after the event that one of the hostages was streaming which is most likely how they found us
  11. Server and location: Server 2 KOS at Stary Lonely House Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-11-23, 00:40 Your in game name: Rick Lague Names of allies involved: Saviors, Riko Joey and Miguel Name of suspect/s: No Buachailli Glasa group Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no Detailed description of the events: we were at stary lonely house we stopped so i could re log a couple of time and restart my internet as we were doing that a group initiated on us and shot me once before realizing i was afk i then returned and got my friends to type to them that i was unable to do anything they didn't care after a relog i dropped my gear even though still lagging got knocked out then shot for no reason same with one of my allies
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