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  1. Two years ago. Two years like an eternity. But it was love at first sight. Nobody wanted to understand us. You and me against the world. They came to get you. They did not find you. No one will find you, you are with me! We have traveled so far, always feeling chased, I remember it like yesterday. When you hurt, I hurt and you know that. That's why you will never hurt again. Now you are telling me to walk and I am walking. You are telling me to bring you company and I will. I am here, you and me. I want more, you want more, I need more. Is this place void of what we had? All this chasing, this hiking, this driving to find nothing? Maybe we can go back home one day. After they forgot. Do you think two years is enough Jeanny? Do you think they will punish us again for our love? Maybe Vienna is gone anyway. I don't know anymore. (WIP) Injuries: - Scars: Old wound behind the left shoulder Alcohol Cigarettes (WIP) (WIP)
  2. Snow

    To those impersonating us.

    *A man presses the PTT, you hear an extremely distorted voice, barely understandable:* "The only rats here wear blue armbands and call themselves contractors. Snake or exterminator I don't care, as long as the pest is controlled." *The man releases the PTT*
  3. Snow

    To those impersonating us.

    *A man presses the PTT, you hear a cigarette being lit in the background and a voice that is unrecognizably distorted by some device:* "I am still disgusted to have worked with that scum. By day they are mercenaries, by night they are thieves. The world would be better off with most of them liquidated. *The man releases the PTT*
  4. Snow

    Freemen Security [Strict IC Recruitment]

    Enjoyed playing with these guys, if the group starts streamlining their RP and gets more consistent IC they really have huge potential, especially with some of the people they got.
  5. Snow

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    I guess Base RP will be gone for good (feels like 70% of the Server).
  6. Snow

    Komarovo Ghosting/Griefing

    Leopold Schwarz POV -- I kneeled down and boosted Kirby into the base. There is a gap in the right corner of the fence (facing the house). Once he was in he tore down the lower part of the wall which allowed us to crawl through.
  7. Snow

    S1: RDM in Severograd - 2019-06-11, ~20:40

    @Dew I can confirm, I was shouting through a megaphone from the mechanic shop. I told everyone who wasn't involved to leave, I also used this to communicate with people at the gate. I never heard your guy with the megaphone though.
  8. Snow

    S1: RDM in Severograd - 2019-06-11, ~20:40

    POV: I only woke up after Fredrik Johansson got killed. When I woke up I didn't know who was engaging us nor did anyone else. We only found out later that the Muslim group also attacked us but we settled with them.
  9. Snow

    S1: KoS near Severograd - ca 2019-06-07, 07:20

    @Onyx After having spoken to @Keeeru I am certain the KoS was not done with intent to KoS. I am happy to drop the report despite the mistakes he made as he owned up to them. If I would've known people were still about to actively fighting each other there I would've never done what I did and despite me not showing any hostility I can understand the tension that must've caused that mistake.
  10. Snow

    Metagaming rule trial

    Reminds me exactly of the rules of the GTA RP Server I used to play on. Worked very well there and I am happy to see it here
  11. Snow

    S1: KoS near Severograd - ca 2019-06-07, 07:20

    Server and location: Server 1, (North?) of Severograd, at a Base Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): ca 2019-06-07, 07:20 Your in game name: Leopold Schwarz Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: I don't know. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was moving north to explore the area as I have not been there before. I have heard before that Novaya and Svetlojarsk are very active towns so I decided to head to Svetlojarsk. Having crossed through Svetlo in the night I decided to head north. I soon arrived at the end of town and spotted a huge base I did not know of and I was curious who it belonged to. I met some people earlier that told me that radical Muslims wear green and I knew some people that wear orange armbands. I, therefore, wanted to check out the armbands the inhabitants are wearing and scouted the base from a distance. I stayed in a cabin relatively close to the compound but far enough away to be able to get away if someone came for me (150m). Using my rangefinder as binoculars once in a while I occasionally saw some people in the towers but wasn't able to see their armbands. When it turned day I decided to head around the base to possibly get a better view onto it and assess the inside/ see their armbands, but on my way around it, I was spotted as I was running in the open and got immediately fired upon and killed. I know I didn't do the best job in trying to be stealthy but my character is not trained in that. The entire time I was there everything seemed relatively quiet with the exception of occasional shots which sounded like people taking out Zombies. I would've been happy to have gotten captured, talked to or ignored, but instead I just got shot which I just find very disappointing, especially since I didn't even have my gun out for the entire situation.
  12. Born and raised in the suburbs of Frankfurt, Leopold was always a boy who disliked instability. From an early age on he tried intervening when his parents fought or mediating when his friends argued.His preference for stability manifested especially during high school when unlike almost everyone else he preferred not to join one of the many cliques but rather preferred having friends in many groups, gaining the respect of a lot of his classmates. After finishing his A-Levels and working at several different places including a fuel station and a grocery store, he found a job at a small trading company close to his hometown which solely focused on doing contract work for US Military Installations around Europe, supplying the different bases with everything that wasn't weapons. During Operation Harvest Red the company was contracted with delivering tents and field furniture to the various FOBs in South Zagoria. In 2017 following several successful years, the company managed to secure yet another contract to supply multiple locations in Chernarus with field equipment. Due to the difficult situation in Chernarus, the equipment was to be delivered to Ramstein Air Base and escorted by a company employee in order to train soldiers on the ground on how to use it. Leopold was assigned this task and therefore flew together with the equipment into a country he knew little about. Arriving in Miroslavi he went from military base to military base, training the soldiers on how to use the equipment supplied, until one day suddenly he was detained and brought to an airport in the South Zagoria region. Being detained for around one week with several other westerners and with no flight had left for 3 days, the guards suddenly abandoned them, leaving the people inside the airport confused. People started forming groups and left the airport, but Leopold decided it was best for him to stay independent and left on his own...
  13. Snow

    S1 20:10 Near Vybor MilitaryCompund RDM

    Hello Hermann here, So first of all I havent placed any Landmines, I wouldnt have placed them randomly anyway, the only thing i wouldve done with them is trade with em, which I know now isnt allowed. Allright coming to the accusation : The Video is only showing half of the truth. The argument we see there was going on for about 10-15 minutes turning more and more dangerous over the time. Not only did my character make clear multiple times that he will fight everyone who stands in his way, he also asked them to leave multiple times which they rejected shouting. The argument not only got totally out of control with Marek and Bogdan constantly shouting at me it also was obvious that it would leed to a bloodshed if no one would stop the argument. "Killing another player must always be justified by the role playing and the actions specified in this rule; You have to make contact with the target before initiating a hostile action against it. You must make your hostile intention clear and unambiguous and state each demand before you can harm the victim(s) for non-compliance." Justification : Marek and Bogdan showed their obvious intention to stop Hermann from executing his plan. When he tried to stop the whole conversation with advising them to leave, they rejected it by shouting, which obviously made him angry. While the conversation went on Marek and Bogdan got more and more hostile towards Hermann with shouting and argueing which made Hermann not only feel fear but also the will to show strength infront of his two newly gained companions. Initiation : Hermann made clear multiple times that he is willing to kill anyone who tries to stop him directly. He also made clear that Marek and Bogdan are trying to stop him and advised them too go before it turns dangerous. So Hermann made demands (go away and let me execute my plans) and he showed the hostile consequences clear enough so that they can be understood as threat. They denied his demands multiple times, even with the last warning in the video ("I will not say it one more time"), which obviusly results in him beeing allowed to show hostility. PS: I am new to this type of roleplay, maybe my intentions weren't as clear as I think they were, so you could sue me for having done a bad initiation but not for no initiation like Uriki demands.
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