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  1. i think it is a good idea, also for socialising with other people on the server this could be a nice feature
  2. i think the game looks good but, we have to give it some time for bug fixes etc.....
  3. I think it is a good idea to mod the server , this could add some more realistic things in the game or expand the game with new stuff , and could also help for having a more realistic character maybe with more customization options.
  4. maarten_07

    UN Evacuation Zone Event - 21:30 server time 9/15/17

    looks like a nice event , hope i can be there.
  5. maarten_07

    Where's everybody gone?

    i don't always play dayz-rp, I also play other games like csgo etc....
  6. Dayz story: Martin shallow Martin has an age of 30. He was born in Leuven and lived in Brussels. he studied technical sciences in Belgium. He wasn’t a really good student and didn’t like studying but he passed his 6 years without doing much for school. Martin liked sports : he jogged a lot and he swam often, so his body was in good shape. he tried to do exercises like push-ups etc. To keep his shape. After school he did something completely else , he dicided that he wanted to work with the police. He looked up to his older brother who already was a policeman in Brussel at that time. At first Martin was a normal policeman , but he was really good in his job and trained a lot for it. 1 day he received the chance to work for the belgian SWAT team. He didn’t think twice about it, and so he joined them. He came to Chernaurus to meet up with his older brother William shallow . William is 34 years old he came to Chernaurus because he didn’t like the life in Belgium. There were to many people and loads of traffic so he decided when he finishd his school he wanted to go to a foreign country where there is more nature less people and traffic. William really liked nature, so he went to Chernaurus. William thought that there was a chance he won’t be allowed because he was foreign, so he trained all day. He was focused on his goal he absolutely wanted to become a policeman that he already was in Brussel. His hard work paid of and he became a police officer in Chernaurus . Martin missed William at home so he decided that he wanted to visit his brother in Chernaurus. They had some contact with social media and made an appointment with martin at his apartment. Martin took a plane and landed at the airfield located in the north-east. After that he took a taxi from the airfield to Berezino. His brother had an apartment in Berezino. The first day martin arrived with William it was an emotional reunion. After that they drank some beer and talked the whole night. They both woke up with headache on the couch. William struggled to get out of the cough while Martin was still waking up. William walked over to the TV and turned it on to watch the news. They both then heard about this strange infection developing in the north. Martins brother William was tasked to help in the north after the all bombardments. Martin spent 5 days in his apprtement but there was still no word from his brother. Martin decided he would go to the police office in Severograd to search his brother. He took his brother's motorcycle and immediatly left Berenzino. He was suprised to see a roadblock at Novy lug. The soldiers at the roadblock ordered him to turn around at once. Martin protested a bit but Iafter being persuaded at gunpoint he turned around and went back in the direction of Berenzino. Martin did not drive towards Berenzino, when he reached Dubrovka he turned right into the woods, trying his luck offroad. He was about halfway until he ran into a patrol. They immediatly opened fire on Martin. Martin nearly got away until a bullet hit his back tire causing him to fall of his bike. Martin quickly started running and he managed to outrun the patrol. a little bit later he arrived at Severograd. The place was quiet... He went to the police station. There were 2 dead agents in front of the building they were covered in blood and there were flies on the body’s when martin came closer there was an awful smell so he covered his mouth and nose. Martin panicked a bit he was overthinking the situation where his brother could be. He then opened the front door of the police station there was blood on the wall and under the blood there was a man shot in the head. He kept searching for his brother despite all the gory things he saw. When he reached an office there was a man crouched in a corner at another corpse when martin took a closer look he crouched man was eating from the corpse his belly. He was shocked and stept closer. He accidentally ran against the bureau and some books and papers fell of. The crouched man turned around when Martin saw his face he stepped back. It was his brother, his brother was still chewing on some meat from the corpse his belly and there was blood all around his mouth. Martin tried to talk to his brother but this didn’t help, his brother walked towards him with groaning/panting sound. Martin was scared at first instance so he stepped back but his brother started to walk faster with his both arms in front of him trying to grab Martin. Martin ran out of the office and closed the door. his infected brother was slamming on the door desperatly trying to open it. Martin decided that he would block the door and leave his brother in the room. He shove a desk in front of it after that, he searched some other offices and found paper some duct-tape and a pen. He wrote on the paper :’’DANGER DON’T ENTER THIS ROOM’’. Then he stuck the paper in the middle of the door. To Be Continued...
  7. i don't notice any diffrence in my fps, it runs good for me
  8. maarten_07

    Who Listens to Profiles Songs?

    sometimes i listen to the music on a profile if it sounds great otherwise i don't
  9. just walking into a fire station.... i wanted to go upstairs and just fell trough the floor. I think this is a worse death because it is just stupid i cant do anything about it
  10. maarten_07

    "It looks like you're blocking ads on DayZRP"

    i have the same problem
  11. maarten_07

    Thoughts on Ghillie suits?

    i think they bring a new thing to rp but can be overused and if you are talking with a guy with a ghillie suit is looks strange i think
  12. i ran down the stairs in the fire station and just fell through them and died
  13. maarten_07

    Thoughts on Ghillie suits?

    you could use the ghillie suits in your rp or for camouflage. But i think people can exploit them so they dont have to rp and just lay in a bush and rob people, and if a whole group is wearing them ik looks strange i think.
  14. i think it is allowed to move like that and it is fine, it could mean bad rp maybe if you are just walking/running around like that the whole time.