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  1. fiaboi

    Poll to remove Prison Island

    Thats a no from me folks.just deal with it. who did you trigger Dante...to close to the truth
  2. I am fully behind banning Rape RP...it has no place here and should never have been allowed to manifest here..
  3. Server and location: S1 US Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-01-11, 00:32 Your in game name: Yaromir Kavolsky Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: 4 green arm bands and one red arm band Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no Detailed description of the events: I was near the VMC crouching watching a player running along a road when i heard a voice behind me say "hey man"..i turn around with my binoculars in hand and say "hi" one of the green arm bands says "can i have your M4?" i say" pardon me" he continues saying can i have your M4 ( there were five people there) I said "what am i supposed to defend myself with" he says with the bat on your back..so they take my M4 and leave me with a pistol and run off to Kabinino.IMO i fell this is just Gear RP and has no place in our community.thank you for your time.peace total time of event was approx 1/2 minutes
  4. fiaboi

    DayZ Standalone Experimental 0.63

  5. Yaromir Kovalsky was traveling home to his wife and daughter on the day the infection broke out in Chernarus.but of course he had no idea that this had happened along with the entire population on the country as the infection wasnt evident at this stage,on returning home to his home town of Krasnostav (KpacHOCaB) he was recieved as a hero,you see Yaromir was a fighter in the war that ravaged there tiny country...been a humble man he had no time for this because all he wanted was to see his wife and baby daughter. Over time life seemed simple and basic,he would awake in the morning kiss his wife and daughter good bye and go to work at the Police station where he was simple police officer.after work he would stop by at the local pub and have a drink with his old friend Nikolai. this is how it was until one day he heard over the police radio that there was rioting or something to that effect in Stary Sobor...the imformation that was coming back to him was vague but what he could gather from what he was getting is there was some kind of sickness that was making the people go crazy. This was troubling Yaromir as he had a small child and worried about her all the time and the news was getting bad,people were starting to behave strange in his town now.paranoia and mistrust started to raise its ugly head,he couldnt really blame the towns folks seeing as this was a dangerous time and all they wanted to do was protect there familys and belongings. Then it happened,he heard a scream from his wife from outside,he rushed to see what was happening and when he got to where she was the sight that greeted him was like out of some nightmare from hell,all that he could see was his wifes head looking out from under a hoard of infected,they were tearing her apart and he could do nothing but watch in abject terror as she was carried away in deferent directions.after he had managed to pull himself together his mind flew straight to his daughter,where was she?he searched every where for her whilst avoiding detection from the zombie hoard.after what seemed like an eternity he saw his little girl,her mother had placed her inside a barrel that he kept for rubbish,she must have known what was about to happen and saved there bayb daughter,he scooped her up and ran...he had no idea where he was going as long as he was running from the infected.then it dawned on him,he was a cop that meant guns and lots of them so he back tracked to the police station,when he arrived it was like he assumed ...no body there,they would be out helping the people in need,this was his chance,he grabbed as much gear as he could and stole one of the police cars and drove as fast as he could out of there. he must have been driving for about 10 minutes when he rounded a corner and right in the middle of the road was a crashed bus...he it the brakes and turned hard right but he wasnt fast enough and hit the bus side on causing the car to bounce right and hit a tree.thats all he remembers.when he awoke he had no idea how long he was out for and felt like death,then he remembered his little girl and looked to where she was sitting,gone,he crawled out of the car he new he was enjured but that would have to wait ...he needed to find his daughter. Nothing...he looked for days and found nothing not even a item of her clothing.which led him to believe that she had been taken.so now he spends his days searching for her in the wastelands that is chernarus,a man with one goal.to find his daughter and the people that took her.
  6. fiaboi

    Dress Code For Dummies!

    well in my opinion.if it keeps you warm and dry and looks stupid..then it isn't stupid
  7. +1, Agreed! Welcome to the community. thank you for the advice.im trying to apply to whitelist but keep going around in circles for some reason.i try to log into steam but it just takes me to my page or i log on and it says pass then i go back and click on white listing app and says i havent logon to steam...its like that kids song "the wheels on the bus"...lol
  8. howdy folks..names Ray aka Fiaboi,im very new here and just saying gday to you all.as some might already know im from New Zealand not that other place AUSTAAAALIA..lol.i hope to be white listed some time soon and say hi to you all soon.peace
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