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  1. Ok, I will provide a detailed POV of what happened in the situation. I was rolling with woody and Gerald as a sniper/cover backup. I was hanging back as they talked to the guy that they were going to rob. Yes, I agree that the robbery was very bad RP as Woody and Gerald provided minuscule roleplay to accompany the situation. They did take the gear off of the guy and brought him into a house nearby. I was stationed across the street watching to see if the man we were robbing had any other people that were going to show up and potentially try to kill us. As for me, though, I had very little interaction with the hostage himself as I was outside covering Woody and Gerald. The time that I did walk into the building that they were holding him, it appeared like yes, they were just getting his gear. (Sorry guys, but it's the truth). Then, they decided to play a game of Russian Roulette when I walked in. The hostage did in fact give Woody and Gerald permission to play the game. However, I do honestly think that Russian Roulette is not really a good way to rp seeing as it is currently broken as of 0.60. I did not hear anything other then that though because I was stationed across the street. If you need anything Nath, please let me know. If you need comp, please PM me and I will get you what you need. Thank you!
  2. Well, what happened was that the Sparten Order robbed a bunch of people at Vybor Military base, but it ended up being a giant clusterfuck. Some people were found out to be allies, some weren't. Honestly, we should have avoided that whole situation entirely. First off, I had 3 saline bags in my backpack, but I did not know that he was on low blood. He wasn't injured/shot in the robbery, so I assumed he was at full health. I honestly have no idea why he was even a hostage in the first place because the whole robbery scene was so unorganized. Anyway, yes I did take 1 blood bag from him which caused him to die. I even said in comms, "Oh Shit, what do I do, what do I do?" and my other team members said "Yeah, it was good that he died" etc. I had a defib on me, but the battery was dead on it and no one in the group had a spare one. I could have revived you with the defib if my battery wasn't dead. I'm sorry about the whole hostage incident in the firstplace, it was BAD RP from the Spartan Order as a whole. If you need any compensation, please let me know.